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  1. I will be boarding Vantage’s River Splendor tomorrow afternoon headed towards Maniz. I’m hopeful the levels will stay good.
  2. I’m leaving Bratislava in the morning heading for Budapest by land. The Danube here in Bratislava looks good to me with quite a few River Ships coming by. I’m staying at the Grand Hotel River Park and this is what the Danube looked like today.
  3. I’m still getting the hang of posting on this board. So I just replied to GMT I think. My post should have read 10-17-19. And yes I’m headed towards Germany. As it is my trip will be 23 days counting the Pre Trip and travel. But I’m looking forward to the nice fall weather. It was 85* here today and humid. Thank you again for keeping us up to date on the water levels. land of boz
  4. That should have read 10-17-19. I’m heading to Germany. Looking like the water levels may be in question again. I’m looking forward to my trip and all that the beautiful fall weather.
  5. Starting on 9-17-19 for Prague on a Vantage pre cruise with Bratislava Slovakia and then to Budapest for two days, then on the Danube for 15 days. I am so glad to hear the water levels are good. Will start the Vantage River Cruise on the 23 of October. I want to give a big shout out and Thank You to Notamermaid and GMT for all the information about the water levels. I am cruising Solo for the first time. I have cruised with Vantage before and have been very happy with them.
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