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  1. I'm in the same boat for a sailing in November. I called up and they told me that they determine the options available when they cancel, but did share that they have offered L&S even on casino comped cruises in the past.
  2. I'm hoping this isn't true. I'm bored for a late November cruise on Equinox. I did call and confirm that the story from celebrity is still that they are sailing starting 9/15.
  3. Can we roll that back a week, i'm booked for 11/27 🙂 Still holding out hope!
  4. My bet is that it goes back to nearly the same-- and sooner than expected! To that end, I just booked a November cruise. There's not as much to worry about once more people get the antibodies.... by then there won't be as many vulnerable people or risk unless there's a new mutation.
  5. I got the email and submitted my preferences, no call back yet. Can anyone confirm if they give you any perks (beverages, etc) with this offer? Also, what is the cancellation policy should things get crazy again from covid? It's also worth mentioning I checked off the "willing to pay to upgrade" box.. any idea how much this could cost me to move up to Aqua or Suite? Thanks for any info -- this is my first time seeing anything like this.
  6. Met Teddy Atlas (trained Mike Tyson and several other boxing champions) on NCL.
  7. A few more observations today for those who are following: First off, while i've seen some negatives (which I'll note below), I'd say we are still having a great time. If you have an Eclipse cruise booked, i would not be too worried (the reports i saw before boarding concerned me as well). We started the day off with blu breakfast. it did seem like staff was limited and very busy. the experience was acceptable, but where it was short of being a great experience was small things like the fact that when our first cup of juice was done the waiter quickly collected the cups and we were not asked if we wanted more. Seems to be a new procedure where things like bread and juice are given at the start of your meal, then you are done unless you go through some effort to procure more. waiters are pretty good, but they are very speedy and don't give you much opportunity to ask for things (or ideally notice what you need without asking - like more juice). like i said - adequate, but missing detail. the blu maitre d' is a stud - I've literally seen that guy zipping around doing every job - definitely not the lazy maitre d' we many times see. the snorkeling excursion we booked through celebrity was great.. and while expensive, they had a nice breakfast and lunch spread, and the crew was fantastic. we did dinner at murano (first time). literally everything was perfect, from the food to the sommelier, to the waiter. nothing more to be said.. might be the best meal i've had in 15+ cruises. HOWEVER - my parents dined in blu, and said it was awful. they are not complainers usually, but they said the meat was awful, service was slow (understaffed), food was not good. i was pretty shocked.. they usually think everything is good. entertainment was wonderful - there was a violinist, which isnt my thing but i enjoyed it eith an open mind, then a late night adult comedy show. i like our cruise director (alejandro). it seems like the agenda for tomorrow is pretty good too. I'm pretty psyched that the entertainment is on point, as it was pretty sleepy on our summit cruise last year. FINALLY - our stateroom attendent is fantastic. extra towels, anything we need, and a fun great guy. not one complaint here, he's perfect. So - overall having a good cruise, but there are definitely some blu issues (which seem to be cost cutting - low staff and cheap ingredients - the actual staff is good). I'd say it's still a b-, with the ability to go up or down. Once again, hope this attempt at an objective review helps someone!
  8. Folks - just got on the eclipse a couple hours ago in Honolulu, and figured I'd report back. Observations so far: Absolutely stunning ship. Crew seems nice, many nice greetings. AQ room has nice balcony with footstools. Buffet was fine, well laid out, choices were just ok in my book. The two concerns I've seen so far: 1) for whatever reason my go best promotion doesnt seem to have registered properly, so we are spending too much time at guest relations 2) I'm reference to above notes about things running out- i ordered a mai tai (we ARE in Hawaii!) and the server came back with them and mumbles something about no more pineapple juice. i ran into him again and he said something about "we may get some more, we may not". A little weird, and I'm hoping it's not a sign of things to come in terms of availability based on what has been previously mentioned. So - based on everything mentioned above, i'd grade it a B- with a lot of upward potential if things go well.
  9. I'm betting we are on the same sailing (8 days!!!). We are also in AQ(perhaps you are our neighbors), but I've been pretty worried. If you read the reviews on CC about the last 2 or 3 cruises on the eclipse, they are scathing. Still hoping for the best!
  10. Thanks folks.. sounds like I'll get what I expected when I booked. It's definitely reassuring that it's most likely that it's just the complainers making reviews. Thanks for sharing your experiences!
  11. We sailed on the Summit last year and had a great experience in terms of food and service, with the notable downside being entertainment. Based on that experience, we booked a voyage on the eclipse out of Hawaii later this month. I've been reading reviews on this site for the eclipse, and it seems like every one cites bad/tasteless food, nickle and diming, high prices, and bad entertainment. Other than the entertainment, this is why we moved to Celebrity from NCL. We are in AQ (and did the same on summit), but does anyone know if celebrity is really getting worse in this regard, or is this just people being commissioned? It is kind of concerning me with my upcoming cruise to see such a high number of negative reviews. I understand that it's not the same as 10 years ago, but can I expect good food and service, or has this gotten worse even in the last year? Is the Eclipse the problem (bad staff on that particular ship)? Any feedback is appreciated! Just hoping we have a great time.
  12. Hello all! While we love the service, food, and pretty much everything else about Celebrity, I find the daily planners to be EXTREMELY snoozy on this line. It seems like your choices in general are trivia, music geared toward older folks, and "classes" where you pay for booze even though most of us have a beverage package. Does anyone think this will ever change? Do others see the lack of real "entertainment"? I'd really love to see more mini shows or active activities like dance lessons. I *will* say that i come at this from the perspective of someone in their 30s, and I know the demographic of celebrity tends to be older. However, this just really seems stale to me in the modern day of cruising. If the ships could get just a little more hopping, celebrity would be the ultimate to me!
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