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  1. On our first cruise back in 2007 we were sat with another couple from Honduras. We have actually become quite close over the years, and have even been to Honduras twice to visit. Now that their kids are older, they hope to come to Canada too. We've also made great friends who happened to live in the next town over, we met them on our most recent cruise, not at dinner, but on an excursion! So you never know. We always go into a cruise hoping to make new friends, lifelong or otherwise!
  2. Bonaire. Crystal clear water, amazing snorkeling, not commercial at all. It felt like a small town. The first island I've instantly wanted to stay.
  3. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/odyssey-of-the-seas We are booked on her in Jan 2021. She looks exciting!
  4. We were just wondering this exact thing. That's really a bummer. DH wanted the raspberry coke 😞
  5. Without the windscreen the balcony would be unusable. Ever been on the bow in high winds? It would not be my first choice. Have you looked at the panoramic oceanview one deck up? They are lovely.
  6. I feel you. We felt the same way about Bonaire. We thought about not getting back on the ship for a moment.
  7. No worries! Hope you got to try some of the Genuine Blue Curaçao liqueur. It's so much better than the blue colored triple sec we buy at home. So good in a margarita.
  8. Glad it worked for you, no way I would risk it. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as they say. With the cost of a same-day flight change, there's no way I'd chance it. One little thing goes wrong and you're screwed.
  9. Great review, but FYI, it's spelled Curaçao (or Curacao). Just in case someone is searching they won't find your review.
  10. The oceanview panoramic are lovely rooms, we've had them twice on the Navigator. Floor to ceiling windows, and we loved watching the ship pull into port in the morning. We are not in the room much, so we have never chosen a balcony, so I can't say if it would be worth it.
  11. No they are not. Maybe in their home country but they work in international waters. Licenses are locally issued (by state or province). A Royal massage therapist saved our vacation after my husband hurt his back. It was worth every penny!
  12. We stayed in Promenade cabins on the first two cruises and it was fine for us. The only time we ever heard noise from the promenade was the evening of the parade, but it was fun to watch. We loved the little bay window to sit and people watch. We had more noise from our next-door neighboors! (kids across the hall from their parents most likely). We were on deck 7 both times (Freedom and Independance) so we were not directly above the venues. I would totally do it again if it meant the difference between cruising and not cruising because of $$. We have never had a balcony so we don't know what we are missing.
  13. I think this everytime people post on Royal 's social media posts with the date they are leaving on vacation, under their real name.
  14. I'm glad to know that they offer shoes,. When we went on the Freedom it was the first year it sailed and they didn't have shoes. They didn't have chalk either, and it was hot and sweaty climbing. It kind of turned us off since we didn't want to truck our own shoes with us on vacation. Maybe we'll consider climbing on the ship again now that we know we can borrow shoes.
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