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  1. The ship tracking app has it just slightly offshore at 10pm on 8/18. CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!!!
  2. Good question. I read somewhere that Sept is normally a slow month, but nothing is normal anymore, so there's that. I'm hoping <50%.
  3. Spoke too soon... looks like check in is available online for 9/12 Bayonne Oasis sailing!
  4. I can't agree more! Being extremely nearsighted, I never got the appeal of snorkeling until I spent $50 on a prescription face mask. Where before I saw a gray/blue mass of dense water, now I could see the multicolored fish, coral, and so much more!!!!
  5. Is CATS still the show even after it's amplification? I've been hoping they would have updated it by now.... anyone have any ideas?
  6. Oh it's been much more than 24hours. For me it's been weeks.
  7. Yup, I've been getting that for EVER! Sailing on the same date.
  8. I guess so... Having heard horror stories about the Cust Svc hold times, I was trying to avoid it and count on y'all. 🙂
  9. We posted at the same time. Guess it's time to call Cust Service
  10. I was just online using 2 different browsers (Chrome, Wave/IE) for my cruise leaving Sept 12 (76ish days out) of Bayonne. I've gotten the same response all week - 15 minutes, etc. Has ANYONE had any luck checking in or planning on the Cruiseplanner?
  11. So how does it work? Is it worth going from balcony to suite?
  12. How will they handle capacity control out of NJ? We're booked on 9/12 Oasis which seems to be looking good, but if capacity is an issue, why are they still accepting bookings? Will they bump people off?
  13. But don't you think they need the income now more than ever? (She said hopefully as she was booked on Oasis for Sept. 12)
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