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  1. I had an airfare change incurred by me when they told me the cruise was leaving from Auckland instead of Sydney. I received a refund (minus about $30 something) in the form of a check from Seabourn even though I paid for the extra charge. I filled out a form as well. My TA inquired about the missing money but who knows when they will hear back.
  2. On 6/24/2020 at 12:31 PM, Paulchili said: Well, well - after 124 days the missing $360 (difference between $2556 & $2196) has appeared on my credit card as coming from Seabourn after I challenged a prior settlement by CC in favor of SB. I don't have a formal decision from Citi but the $360 is from SB. The drama finally ends and justice is served.. Shouldn't have to be that difficult or take as long as it did nor require 2 disputes from the CC company if SB did the right thing from the start. Glad you finally settled this matter but you are correct, it should not have taken so long.
  3. Zimflyer... I also had money out with Virgin Australia and other hotels in Australia that would not refund my money. I filed a claim on my Amex and got all of my money back. I told them I had not received the services. Good luck.
  4. I think Astride got both refunds. Astride posted this on page 20. Good news mates! A $41,510 refund from SB appeared on my Visa card this morning. The transaction was authorized on June 4th & applied to BTB cruises scheduled for April 29th & May 16th. I wish everybody good luck with their refunds & thank JPH814 for all the time & effort he invested in this roll call.
  5. Thanks Paulchili. I hope you receive yours very soon.
  6. I did not file a CC dispute. The refund was from Seabourn back to my Amex. I requested the refund on March 30. I was told the refund was processed on 5/29. The refund showed up on Amex on June 4. This was the total refund for the cruise fare. I received the air change refund via a check from Seabourn on May 30. It was for about $30 less then requested and my TA wrote Seabourn a letter asking for an explanation. Who knows when they might reply. I do not care about $30 but happy I received all of it.
  7. WELL IT FINALLY HAPPENED I checked my Amex this morning and my $31K+ was refunded last nite June 4. I hope this means means many more will follow soon. Seabourn said the process date was 5/29.
  8. I received an email from my TA yesterday saying she once again called Seabourn and they told her my full cash refund was processed on 5/29 back to my credit card. So far nothing has showed up. Hopefully soon.
  9. The refund I received today in check form was from the Guest Relations Dept. The cruise money comes from someplace else (not sure what department). I agree they should have offered you a refund and not a FCC. Perhaps call the Guest Relations Dept and ask why I was offered cash and you were not. If you need any letters from me let me know. swaxxy1@gmail.com
  10. Hi Paulchili, I purchased the extra airfare and immediately filed a claim for reimbursement. This was in February when they thought they were still going to sail. The offered me the choice of a FCC or a refund. I asked for the refund and they agreed. The cruise itself was cancelled March 30. That is when I requested a refund for the price of the cruise. Still waiting for the big money.
  11. Today I received a check in the mail from Seabourn for the extra airfare I incurred when the departure port of my April 29 cruise was changed from Sydney to Auckland. Of course the cruise was later cancelled by Seabourn on March 30. I am am still waiting for the big money for the price of he cruise. At at least a start.
  12. I was quoting Happy Hoppies.
  13. Happy Hoppies just posted this on the other board. I do not see them on the list but they should be added. Refund received .... we had booked and paid in full via a US Agent to sail on Encore out of Sydney on March 22 .... Seabourn cancelled us on March 14 and we requested the full refund option on March 17 .... never heard another word or any confirmation other than the Pop-Up that confirmed we'd submitted a request ... and then 67 days from request the refund appeared on our Credit Card direct from Seabourn Cruises .... a great relief ... so hang in there, it appears the wheels are turning, just very slowly!
  14. 16 hours ago, Paulchili said: zimflyer & swaxxy - I noticed that both of you are still waiting for air compensation. I am listed only for Tax refund (approaching 90 days) but I was also waiting for air compensation. SB finally recognized my claim for $2400+ but wants to compensate me in FCC rather than CC refund - not acceptable to me. Have either one of you received such an offer for air compensation? My TA called Seabourn since it is approaching 90 days. Same old story of please be patient. The only offer of a FCC was when the original claim was made and I choose the refund. I do have a letter from Seabourn agreeing to the refund and will file a claim with my CC at the end of the month when my second claim is at 60 days.
  15. Thanks so much for doing this JPH814. One error as to my extra air to Auckland. I requested it on 2/27/20. Thanks
  16. Cruise Date: April 29, 2020 Cruise cancelled : March 30, 2020 Requested cash refund: March 30, 2020 Still waiting. TA spoke to them last week and they said by end of May. Request for airfare to Auckland since Port was changed on February 26, 2020 Requested cash refund February 27, 2020 to which they agreed Still waiting
  17. Potentially bucking the trend other cruise lines are setting, Carnival Corp. (NYSE: CCL) still hasn't decided whether it's on board with keeping its ships in port after the 30-day cruise suspension, which began on March 13, expires. A post this morning on the company's Facebook page said that the decision is still up in the air, but promised a final answer by this Friday, March 27. Does anyone know if a decision was made?
  18. Seabourn is working on it. I filed this claim on March 4 and this is the reply I received today. This communication is to serve as a follow-up to your email and your Change Fee Reimbursement request. After reviewing the information you included, we would be pleased to provide you with a refund in the amount of $ 817.80. Yet, we would like to take this opportunity to offer you an alternative. In lieu of the refund, we would like to provide a Future Cruise Credit for 125% of the refund value. As such, we would like to extend a Future Cruise Credit in the amount of $ 1,022.25. Kindly let us know which of the options listed below you wish to choose and we will proceed with your request. A refund in the amount of $ 817.80 or A Future Cruise Credit in the amount of $ 1,022.25 We thank you for choosing Seabourn and we hope to see you again in the future. Kind regards, Shawn Davidson Guest Relations
  19. Sorry but I hit the wrong quote. I meant to refer to the couple who said they only received a FCC. I do not think they have replied to that but wish they would since I am still booked on this cruise.
  20. When did you receive the phone call and email about the cancellation of this cruise?
  21. Glad you are on dry land Westmount. Following you travels gave me comfort. I looked forward to meeting you when I joined. Until they sail again ... swaxxy
  22. I am still booked on that cruise and hoping they will cancel. A few days ago I got a notice canceling all my shore excursions. Today I got a notice saying it was an error. If you look at the cruise online there are hardly any shore excursions to book at most ports. They also cannot enter Iles de Pines, American Somoa or Fiji. I am clueless to what is going on.
  23. As to the April 29 sailing which still has not been cancelled, I am sure they will have to cancel it. New Zealand has just issued the strictest policy of all. Anyone flying in has to self quarantine for 14 days. On top of that cruise ships have been asked not to visit any NZ port until June 30.
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