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  1. We were just on a cruise where the prices dropped dramatically after final payment. We're in the US so we were able to upgrade from an SS to a CS for 300.00. Two days after doing that, the CS dropped several hundred dollars below what we paid. They happily gave us the 300.00 back as refundable OBC. It then dropped again, I called about maybe some extra OBC, and was very friendly, polite and with no expectations. The first time I called the agent actually said something about they wouldn't ask for extra money if the price went up, so why should they give us credit if the price went down. On a subsequent call about something else, I asked again, and they gave us a little more OBC.
  2. I was in a situation where I'd finish our January cruise 10 points short of Elite. We live on the west coast, so a short cruise for status would have been hard on X (easy on Princess since they have about 6 ships in California, and lots of short cruises). However, a month after final payment, the price of a Celebrity Suite (we were in a Sky Suite) dropped to within a couple of hundred of what we paid. So we upgraded and now I'm elite.
  3. On our cruise in January the prices on the various suites dropped a lot after final payment. We were able to move from an S2 to a CS for no more money.
  4. Good point. I believe somewhere I read that the nearest distant port to Hawaii is Fanning Island, adding about 3-5 days to a cruise to get there and back. Hence probably why our cruise in 2021 goes Honolulu to Vancouver.
  5. Oops. Realized that it can’t go the other way either. A ship can’t go one way between Hawaii and Seattle.
  6. Now I see what you are saying. However, they can't get on the ship in Seattle and leave in Hawaii. If that's the case I'd like to see the thread. They can do it the other way, ie start in Hawaii, leave in Victoria, and then get back on the ship in Seattle. But that would be at the start of the Alaska season I think.
  7. In my case, no. The cruises were round trip Seattle once, and and a coastal from SF to Vancouver - neither of which had been near Hawaii for months, if at all. How would that work? If the ship started in Hawaii it would have to end in Vancouver (I don't think Victoria is set up for a full embarkation and disembarkation). And it can't start in Seattle and go to Hawaii, unless it's Round Trip with a stop in Victoria, but I don't know of ships doing that. We're doing Hawaii on X at the beginning of the season, but it goes directly to Vancouver.
  8. I've only been to Victoria on Princess, but every time I've been in Victoria with disembarkation in either Vancouver or Seattle, there are lots of people disembarking. I've always assumed it was because most live in Victoria, and it's not worth getting back on the ship just to sleep one night and then have to take a ferry back home.
  9. I came from Princess to Celebrity, and even though going the other way, had pretty much the same experiences. "This is better on X" or "This is better on Princess". And as far as entertainment, I've now done 5 Celebrity cruises, and in my limited experience, the entertainment depends to some extent on the cruise director. I've had two with no real dance music, and only one production show, and three with decent entertainment. The two mentioned first had the same cruise director. The other three had different cruise directors. I hope to never be with the first mentioned again.
  10. When we booked our August cruise last year, it was going to Punta Cana. The itinerary now has Tortola instead. There was a thread about it a while ago.
  11. I'm on what I think is the same itinerary in August, so following.
  12. We did Chacchoben with Native Choice through one of the shore excursion companies, followed by a lunch with at a native house - it was great. As others have said you have to get out of the port area (their document said not to exit where the cabs are but you can), and over to their office.
  13. And so, continuing. It’s Tuesday, and our second sea day. Today was the cruise critic slot pull after breakfast. We had breakfast, and then I headed to the meeting at the martini bar for the slot pull. There was quite a crowd there, but Kristi and Pat had done a great job with organizing it. I gave them my name, and my 15.00 and we headed to the casino. They’d picked out a 1.00 machine, and fed a lot of small bills to it. We each took our turn, and by the end, we were up, to about 20.60 total each. We agreed that everyone would get 20, and the person with the best spin got the extra 19.00. Jacqueline and David then decided to cash in their Elite 3 match plays. I did too, and decided to try to cash it out on roulette. It turns out I have to put the coupon and 5.00 on something. I put it on Red, and tried to put another 10.00 on black, but he wouldn’t let me do that. So I just watched David and Jacqueline play out theirs. At 12:30, we met Mike and Kathy for lunch. Apparently, they had 1:30 spa appointments, but an hour should have been enough. We were seated and ordered. And waited. Apparently, everyone had arrived at about noon, so the kitchen was backed up. At about 1:15, we’d been served appetizers (K had ordered from the main menu and that ended up delaying things a bit), but they had to leave. Mike had ordered Risotto, and Kathy a turkey panini. They left and I asked that two paninis and their desserts be sent to their room for after their spa visit. I heard later that that was successful. After lunch, I came back to the room and found a few messages from CC friends. I set up a couple of meetings and helped Carolyn find a couple of singles for Volunteer point. Wee had made up to meet our friends for a game of Catan. We headed to the card room and set it up. Fortunately, there was a table available. We realized that we’d forgotten our rule book, so I’d pulled a pdf up on my laptop (need it if we haven’t played in a while). It worked but not well, so I decided I’d ask John to print one for me later. We played, Donna won (a reoccurring theme has it’s turning out), and we agreed to keep doing it. Our next venue was to meet our Ft. Lauderdale CC friends up in the sky lounge. We’d had dinner with them when we were in Ft. Lauderdale in November. We quickly found them and met the friends they were traveling with. We were there for about 45 minutes, and then had to head to Qsine for our Petit Chef dinner. We joined Kathy and Mike, Jacqueline & David and also Ed and Judy, who’d decided to join us for this dinner. For those who don’t know, the Qsine menu has been replaced by Le Petit Chef, a four course meal in which each course is accompanied by an animation of the chef projected onto the table, making the course. I have video, but it’s easer if you google it, as it’s on you tube. While we all enjoyed it, (and I did think the steak was very good), I can’t see repeating this again. We’d also done it on the Edge, and we’d enjoyed it, but it was a different show, so we did it on this ship as well. It’s really a once and done thing for each show. They claim they will update each ship yearly, but I’m still not sure I want to do it again. The sad thing is, that on the Edge menu, I’d do the menu again, but not the experience. The other effect of is is that it’s pretty rushed, as you have to eat at the pace of the show, not your own. After dinner, we gathered our jackets and took a walk around the upper decks. We then headed to Michael’s club, where we ran into our various friends. Jacqueline was preparing for silent disco, which tonight was at the Disco on 4. She left and I followed. I didn’t see her when I first got there, but I did see some of my other CC friends. I danced with them for a bit, and then went back to get Glen. I did tell him it was less crowded than when we went to the Sky Lounge on the Reflection, so he came back. I had him do a swing with a fellow CC member who dances, but no partner on the ship. We danced a bit and then went back to Michael’s club for a while. Another fun day at sea in the books.
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