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  1. Our first cruise in an SS was on the Reflection. We asked about Blu but were told it was too busy and the only time we could go was right after they opened. (Too early for us). We had friends in Aqua who liked to eat around 8, they always had to wait. Several months later, my sister and I were in an SS and ran into some friends who were on the same cruise. (No idea they even cruised until they found us in Key West.) We were able to have breakfast with them in Blu, and we took them to lunch in Luminae (20.00 per person). In 2021, we're on a cruise with 4 friends. Four of us are in SS, the other two are in Concierge. I'd like to use some of our OBC to invite the Concierge friends to have dinner with us a few times.
  2. Yes, I know. I usually have the drink package on Celebrity, so don't need the free drinks, but I do enjoy sitting there. I've also been in a few suites on Princess, and their suite breakfast has a full menu. We've also ordered off the menu a couple of times. The Elite breakfast on X is also very nice. On Princess, no Elite breakfast perk.
  3. I tend to agree with much of this post, but I wanted to point out that the Mimosa breakfast on Princess is for suites - not for Elites, unless they are in a suite. And the drinks in the Elite (and Platinum so after 5 cruises) lounge aren't free, but a special menu of discounted specific drinks. Also Elites on Princess get unlimited free laundry and a few other perks. It's also much easier to reach, I think.
  4. We got a downgrade offer on a 3 day cruise. 50% of our fare as OBC (base fare) to go from a mini to a balcony. We jumped on it. We have some other OBC (stockholder, fcc, etc) and did get a check back, even with 2 nights of specialty dining. We had some issues with how it played out (long story short the room was still set for the original occupants) and got the other fare as OBC on a future cruise.
  5. We've had a couple of times on Princess where we've been at a shared table, and no one showed up. The first time on X I was with my sister, and we had a table for 6. It was great, and the only night we weren't all there was the night in San Juan and no fixed seating (we made that our specialty night). Since then we've been in Luminae or Blu. We're a little nervous about going back to traditional, as we may never have that good a situation again.
  6. I was on the Edge in November, and the balcony cabins don't really look anything like the rooms on the Edge, at least in Aqua, so maybe new mattress only (new mattresses were loaded in San Juan on Monday). As mentioned no changes to Sky Lounge, and pretty empty much of the time. As far as the TV - apparently, if your device connects with HDMI - you turn off the tv (on the bottom, and plug in your device. Then turn it on and hold the power button. A menu will come up and keep pressing to get to source. Then select HDMI one and away you go. Apparently a universal samsung remote can do the same.
  7. Nope - I didn't bring anything to hook up this time. My friend did, and I think I'm taking a look at it tomorrow. Will post what I find out.
  8. We're on the Equinox now. We're in Aqua, but it's been 2 years since we were in a balcony cabin. Our friends who were in Aqua last year said that the carpet is new, the coffee table and balcony table both smaller (haven't had room service yet, so I don't know how practical they are, but the room seems to have more space because of it) and he said the couch is reupholstered. The TV is also new, and I was told easier to connect your device to, but there was storage next to it that is gone. It doesn't seem that any storage was added to the room, which is a bit disappointing. Ocean View looks the same, and Cellar Masters is now Craft social. The food menu looks a bit smaller. They did redo Michael's Club - I was able to take a quick peek. Does look like the one on the Edge. And they put in the Retreat sundeck, but I haven't tried to take a quick look.
  9. We're on the Equinox on 8/3. Would that count? If so, wanna go with us?
  10. I think maybe the other advantage is that last time we did on the Equinox (two years ago) it was open until 10:00 and I don't think Blu was.
  11. Thanks. I got help and apparently that somehow got unchecked. When I was trying to figure this out, I never even saw it.
  12. We were in a Sky Suite on the Reflection. We never could get into Blu because it was always crowded (and that was understandable and the right thing to do). We were told it was because Blu was the same size as on the other S ships, but there were a lot more AQ rooms on the Reflection.
  13. It's still happening. Are most people still getting one email until they log in again? What's the email address for cchelp? Thanks
  14. Let me know if that works. We were able to get them to set up our DVD player, but we were in a suite and had the MC concierge arrange it. My sister and I will be in Aqua in August, and I might bring it there too, so it would be good to know if it's worth it. (And the MC staff thought it was hysterical that we came with the complete: Harry Potter movies, Star Wars movies, and Lord of the Ring movies.)
  15. Trying to identify the Starbucks, while sitting at a Starbucks in Sunnyvale.
  16. They were what I wanted. I want a notification when new content is posted, and no more until I log in and check. I woke up to 65 emails from cruise critic this morning. I want it to behave the way it did last week. I would prefer not to go to a daily digest, but I might have to do it. I've got email on my phone and this is sucking up my data plan.
  17. Hi. Since I've been with Cruise critic, when I've followed a topic, I get an email when there's a new post. It's always been one notification until I log in and check the thread again. Starting a day or two ago, I get an email for EVERY new post - even if I haven't been back on. I'm currently out and about most of the day without the ability to log in and look and by the end of the day I'll have about 80 email from cruise critic. What happened? I don't recall changing anything. Thanks.
  18. I seem to remember that about 2 years ago, Celebrity made an announcement (probably before they announced the Revolution) that in the next few years, all their ships would get better closet space. I assumed that it would be part of the next, ie Revolution, dry dock. I'm on the ship in August and kind of bummed about that, since to me, that was the biggest problem in the balcony rooms.
  19. Have a great trip. And when you mention the weather here, you forgot to mention that we had a lot of rain in the last few weeks. Very rare for May. I want to be you when we retire.
  20. I was on the Eclipse in January and I seem to recall that Katya wasn't sure what she was doing next. And John, thanks for all your help with my assorted issues throughout the cruise (we were the first people to ever stick a DVD into the control computer?)
  21. I once transposed to letters on DH's last name on a flight from SFO to Vancouver (I think). I should have figured out when it wouldn't add his FF number, but I didn't. I called United the night before and they pretty much offered to cut a new ticket at today's much higher price. Bottom line, went to the airport the way it was and he got through security just fine.
  22. DH said he now really appreciates our pilot who during the off season flies for Delta (so a full time professional pilot). DH sat up front and noticed that the pilot was watching his surroundings at all times.
  23. Very sad. In 2007 we'd booked a float plane, but cancelled after there were 2 accidents earlier that season. We eventually did it in 2014. So very sad for all.
  24. Disregard above. I can't get CC to remove the quote I did to read the whole thing. I've done LPC on both the Reflection and the Eclipse. I enjoyed it both times, but see no reason to keep doing. The food was good, and the presentation amusing once. I could see going back to Q'sine again and again, and maybe other restaurants to try different things. But to have the same menu and show over and over again? I don't think so. Also, friends pointed out it does make the dinner very rushed. Your mileage of course may vary. This is my opinion.
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