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  1. 17 minutes ago, drakes2 said:

    How lucky to have a sky suite. Best I've ever had is a SV and concierge class. On my upcoming Mediterranean just booked regular verandah as too port intensive and cant see us using it much. I've made friends and still keep in touch with many people from past cruises.

    Yeah - the only problem - it's a cruise I do every summer with my sister.  That one was the 2018 one.  In 2019, we did Aqua.  For 2020 she decided Aqua and Concierge were nice, but she now wants only the Sky Suite.


  2. 6 hours ago, drakes2 said:

    On my March 2018 cruise I had booked an obstructed verandah. Someone on my roll call said the CC had dropped to same price so I was able to upgrade at no additional cost. Met same couple on March 2019 (not planned) cruise did a shore excursion with them and we still keep in contact regularly.  

    We once upgraded from a Concierge to a sky suite because someone on the roll call pointed out a price drop.  (About 4 of us did that - and ended up becoming friends).


  3. An assortment of comments here ....


    I live on my roll calls - I've made lifelong friends.  Some I just stay in touch with via email or facebook.  Others much better.  Some examples.

    We met a couple from Seattle at a roll call meet up on a California coastal on Princess.  They were on a cruise a year later with us.  A year after that, we did a cruise with them, and a couple they knew from a different forum who lived near us (but also on our roll call).  The friends who lived (they've moved) near us are some of our closest friends.  When they come back to visit, we're the top of their list after family.  


    I was visiting my sister in New York last summer, and she decided to have a debate watch party.  She invited a roll call couple friend of mine - now they are her friends.  


    The list goes on.


    I mostly book tours set up by my roll call.  Almost always they are perfect.  Although ...


    About 10 years ago I set up a tour in Montevideo of a local winery.  I think we had 12 people, and the tour could take 15.  A couple of months before the cruise, I got an email from the winery asking if a couple who had contacted them directly could join us.  We said it was fine.  (We met them on the ship simply because quite accidentally, we had lunch together).  Come the morning of the tour, at 7 am I get a call from them saying they were sick and not coming.  Fortunately, the tour cost was combined with the winery tour/lunch, and transportation/city tour.  The winery graciously only charged us for their share of the city tour/transportation.    (Funny thing - 10 years later - next time I was in Montevideo - did the same tour, with 19 people.  Two days before I get a call from a group of 3 that they had to disembark in MV to get a flight home.  They covered most of their transportation cost, giving me cash). 


    I'm also good at meeting roll call people in advance, either local to me, or if I'm traveling.  So, I'll start many cruises having met a couple of people.

  4. My sister and I had about 75.00 left in OBC on our last cruise.  We each put close to the max into a slot machine, and played for a bit.  I lost about 5.00 of mine and cashed out the rest.  She won, (10s of dollars - don't get too excited) and we cashed that out.  

    Am I not supposed to be able to do that?

  5. 1 hour ago, TeaBag said:

    Which did you like better, the Star or the Eclipse?

    The Star had a better itinerary - ie 16 days vs 14, so one more in Antarctica and we got Pueto Arenas and the Beagle channel.  h


    I like the Eclipse better a ship, though, and the X experience slightly more.


    The Coral right now is my favorite Princess ship.


  6. I'm following.  I've done 2 Antarctic big ship trips.  Star Princess in 2010 - got to most of what we were supposed to, and then last year on the Eclipse - we had great days in Antarctica, but it was shorter than the Princess version.


    We had so much fun on the Star that we had to go again.  We had great tablemates on that one.

  7. Last time we had friends join us in Luminae it was, 10 for breakfast, 20 for lunch and 30 for dinner.  We're on a cruise in 2021 with two sets of friends.  When we booked, we were in concierge with friends A, however a few months later friends B booked a Sky suite and we promised we'd go to a sky suite with them, abandoning friends A in the main dining.  Because of that, we plan to treat them to dinner in Luminae some nights.  I believe that you have to clear it with the Maitre'd for space.


    A couple of years ago we ran into some friends we knew on the ship, and since we were in a suite and they were in Aqua we had breakfast in Aqua together one day, and we brought them to lunch in Luminae another day.  It was 20.00 per person then.

  8. 7 hours ago, awhcruiser said:

    Many more people have not had luggage lost.  Ill take my chances with the free service.

    We used it in September of 2018.  Worked fine, in that we got our luggage in SF and our friends got theirs in San Diego.


    That said, one of the friends reported her suitcase was damaged.  She had no way of getting the damaged paid for, as who knows where the damage occurred?  Room to dock, dock to airport, SEA to SAN?  Could have been anywhere.

  9. We did LPC on the Edge when it first launched.  DH thought it was one of the best meals he'd had on a cruise (it was the Petit Chef and Friends menu - NOT the original menu).  


    I've now done it 3 times, and still think it's a once and done.  Each time, I went with people who'd never done it before.


    I might be talked in the the Edge menu again (and theyd have to do a lot of talking), but not the steak and lobster one.  Personal preference.

  10. We were in 2131 on the Equinox a couple of years ago and heard noise a couple of times, but not bad.  I've got on two more cruises - on on Eclipse and one on Solstice.  

    I don't understand why cruiselines (not just X) put the high end rooms directly under the buffet.

  11. On my post of my husbands mistagged luggage?  The story doesn't end there.  When we arrived back in San Francisco late at night (after spending a few hours in New York with my sister), we pick up the bags and are about 20 minutes after leaving the airport when we get a call from United baggage services saying that they have my husband's bag and we have someone else's.  


    Yup, we turn around and go back.  Identical bags.  

    And FYI, the bag was not black and an Eagle Creek bag, so not that common.  


  12. 47 minutes ago, Bemidji Ty said:

    I had one bag go missing and checked everywhere in that color group (orange, I think).  After about half an hour I decided to look in other colors and discovered it in the pink group.  The colors were either way too close or a worker wasn't paying close attention.  Hope it makes its way home. 



    We had a similar situation disembarking in New York.  My bag was there DH's not.  He finally, after all the bags were off loaded, had a luggage area worker walk around with him, and he found it in a completely different color group, with different tags attached.


    We had a car service picking us up (along with another couple) and they charged us for waiting.  I contacted Princess support to try to get them to reimburse us (it happened in their hands).  They wouldn't but did give a refundable OBC on a future cruise that more than covered it.


    Best of luck OP.


  13. I've been in 3 suites so far.  First one with DH, we didn't quite know what he could do, so we didn't ask for anything.  Our butler came down to Luminae one morning to see if there was anything he could do.  He later gave us a bottle of wine.


    Next time, my sister and I upgraded from a balcony.  When I told her the butler could bring morning coffee,  her comment was "you already have that"  (the previous year she would get up before I did due to living in different time zones, would go to the pool and come back with coffee for me).  We did once ask for 4 wine glasses and cheese and crackers instead of the usual afternoon treats, as we had friends coming who'd never seen a suite.  He brought the glasses, a bottle of champagne, a shrimp plate, chocolate covered strawberries and a cheese and meat plate.  


    Last time, we had coffee most mornings, occasional lattes and snacks and a few other things.

  14. 33 minutes ago, TurboFlex said:

    Abbydancer - here’s the original link I had for the Eclipse to be in dry dock in April 2020, before it was rescheduled a number of times.




    Thanks.  When I click it, I just get deck plans.  Nothing about dry dock dates.  And I'd like to know what you used to determine it was going back to 2020.  Nothing I've seen says it's going back.  

  15. 7 minutes ago, TurboFlex said:

    We’re on this cruise - back to back with the return to Vancouver. Our travel agent knew nothing about the possible change & got in touch with Celebrity & it was confirmed departure is 2 days later out of Vancouver. Credit will be given for the 2 missing days as well as some OBC - but she couldn’t get full details as the people @ Celebrity didn’t have all the info. As we are driving from Calgary to Vancouver it won’t effect us much for a later departure.  Did Vancouver-Hawaii-Vancouver a year ago on Princess. Good cruise but Celebrity seems to be a notch higher (did Vancouver-Alaska-Vancouver a couple years ago on Celebrity). Ship was originally scheduled for drydocks in April of 2020, but was changed to 2021 & now for some reason it’s back to April 2020.  I assume it’ll be drydocked in Victoria as that pretty close to Vancouver. We haven’t booked any shore or boat activity yet - guess we’ll hang tuft until we find out what’s really going to happen. 

    Gary & Margot

    Where did you see that it's back to 2020?  Everything I've seen still says 2021, and if it went back to 2020 that's rather annoying as we had to change our cruise (although, we did get an extra day for the cost of port taxes only).  And on the plus side, I'll be on it with my sister in August 2020.

  16. The Eclipse  goes to drydock for the X revolution (AKA Edge-ifying) in April of 2021.  It was, I believed moved because of the incident with the Oasis of the Seas in drydock - it threw off a lot.  They changed the later cruises completely, cancelling the cruises to Hawaii and then onto Vancouver, instead doing some Asia and then from Japan straight to Vancouver.  (We were on the 4/22/21 to Hawaii) and got moved to the Solstice a couple of weeks later, with price protection and some OBC.)  So I don't think it would be in dry dock twice a year apart.

  17. 6 hours ago, silkismom said:

    Hummm the cheese on that burger really looked like the little wrapped slices at home. Hope it tasted better.


    My sister and I have modified the burger in a couple of ways.  She asked for it to be a grill cheese sandwich ie, a cheddar grill cheese with onion jam.  I have them cut the burger in half horizontally so it's thinner.  (Or put a kids burger in)


  18. 19 minutes ago, Jim_Iain said:


    I decided to hold off posting pictures of the new Menu's for Luminae until the second cruise.  

    I have to say we have been impressed with the food everywhere on the ship from the Ocean View to Luminae.   One aspect missing from Luminae is the ability to order from the main dining menu.   On the first day we were told by the Luminae Manager that we were welcome to visit any of the regular 4 restaurants and Blu.   I am sure we will try out some otheres.



    We talked to the Luminae staff about the main dining menu thing.  The reason, of course, is that Luminae is miles away from the main dining room (ok, maybe not miles, just decks).  So, they don't have easy access to the main dining kitchen.  I was told that if you didn't want the Luminae menu, they'd call down to the main dining and you could go there.  Not the best solution, but understandable.  


    They were less clear about special requests made the day before.  I suspect at that time they just didn't know.


    Enjoying your reports - it's fun to revisit our cruise of 2017.

  19. I'm not sure the problem isn't with the Big Box Agency.  I know what the contract says, but we had a ship redeployed from under us and X was quite reasonable.  Full refund or price protection onto a similar cruise.  (and it was for 2021, but the price protection included 2020).  


    I know it wasn't completely cancelled, but I still think there's something wrong here.


  20. Our first cruise in an SS was on the Reflection.  We asked about Blu but were told it was too busy and the only time we could go was right after they opened.  (Too early for us).  We had friends in Aqua who liked to eat around 8, they always had to wait.


    Several months later, my sister and I were in an SS and ran into some friends who were on the same cruise.  (No idea they even cruised until they found us in Key West.)  We were able to have breakfast with them in Blu, and we took them to lunch in Luminae (20.00 per person).  


    In 2021, we're on a cruise with 4 friends.  Four of us are in SS, the other two are in Concierge.  I'd like to use some of our OBC to invite the Concierge friends to have dinner with us a few times.



  21. 2 hours ago, Tatka said:


     On Celebrity you have 2 hours breakfast for Elites with all mentioned drinks and 2 hours Happy hours for Elites daily except for the first day with limited menu in Sky lounge or any bar except for World bar and MDR.


     It is similar to Royal which is parent for Celebrity. But there you don't have a breakfast with drinks, but your happy hour is 3.5 hours at night and you have access to lounge whole day with breakfast (no drinks) and specialty coffee throughout the day




    I do not see brandy or cognac, but my husband was getting Hennesy or Courvoisier

    Yes, I know.  I usually have the drink package on Celebrity, so don't need the free drinks, but I do enjoy sitting there.  I've also been in a few suites on Princess, and their suite breakfast has a full menu.  We've also ordered off the menu a couple of times.  The Elite breakfast on X is also very nice.  On Princess, no Elite breakfast perk.  

  22. 16 hours ago, Tatka said:

    For us both of them are #1 out of 8 lines we cruised with although due to logistics and not a large presence in Northeast we only have 6 cruises with each. (At this point our "leaders" are Royal Caribbean with 14 and NCL with 9. Both of them beat Princess and Celebrity in entertainment, but lose at refinement)


    • We are Elite on Celebrity (via Royal Caribbean) and perks for Elites are amazing and better t what we saw for Princess Elites (Breakfast daily with Mimosa/BM/Bellinis in special restaurants, Happy 2 hours in special lounge and any bars from limited menus etc). Princess provides 150-250 Free minutes at Platinum level (but internet is so cheap we just bought unlimited for upcoming cruise. Actually our TA gave it to us for free for 4 devices, but at that price we would buy it without second sought)



    I tend to agree with much of this post, but I wanted to point out that the Mimosa breakfast on Princess is for suites - not for Elites, unless they are in a suite.    And the drinks in the Elite (and Platinum so after 5 cruises) lounge aren't free, but a special menu of discounted specific drinks.  Also Elites on Princess get unlimited free laundry and a few other perks.  It's also much easier to reach, I think.

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