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  1. My cruise shows the old price of 109 for a 3 pack.
  2. I was on a Princess ship tour and learned that helicopters are more the last resort. The patient has to be so sick that they would die of the ship headed to the nearest port, but not so sick that the ride would kill them. So, used as little as possible.
  3. But the big orange contraption is a nice handle that you can use to put it in the shopping cart that's the Star and Golden Princess. Shopping bag in shopping cart.
  4. My experience on the Reflection with Luminae was that when we went around 8 or so there wasn't a wait. The one exception was the night we were in Sicily, with a 7pm departure and then it was full. Katya (hostess) sent us to Michael's club and called when a table was ready. She said it was because everyone came around 7:15 because of the late port departure. My sister and I also one wait night on the Equinox but I don't remember why.
  5. I was a bit surprised to read this - glad for the OP but surprised. I thought that a willful violation of the PSVA (ie, not something unavoidable such as a mechanical problem -Grand Princess Hawaii 2016) could result in the cruiseline being denied entry to the US in the future. I could be wrong on that. In July, we were to board the Equinox in Miami. Our flight the day before got cancelled, so we rebooked on another airline, and that fight was almost cancelled too. The day was a mess, but we got there. The first stop was Key West, and I was wondering if X would let us board there the next day. Our case would have been weather.
  6. On our cruise, the control panel said it was disabled, but we were able to open and close it from the buttons at the window itself.
  7. I believe they have stated that passengers would not be on it when moving.
  8. We were in an S2 on the Equinox last year. We heard occasional noise but not much, and it wouldn't stop me from booking an S2 again.
  9. I found the IV to feel tight on space, but our bed was against the balcony so maybe your layout is better. And I didn't like the bathroom - the toilet seems to be right up against the shower, so it seemed tight. But I've been in Sky Suites and on Princess in mini suites for the most part, so my expectations might be skewed.
  10. And of course families with kids often also eat early. I went in April/May and September, so probably had the age skew at both ends.
  11. The first because it was 12 days and Alaska. Alaska tends to have a lot more older cruisers who like to eat early. I was trying not to say that.
  12. On ours, the anytimers were few, but recently it was Alaska, and that tends to have more cruisers who like to eat early.
  13. I don't think so - I think it's when people want to eat. Our last two cruises we were in Club Class. The rest of the dining room was early traditional/ late anytime. It was almost deserted by 7:30.
  14. I ordered mine for the January 20 Eclipse cruise. I hope they'll show up sometime in the next week. I think I ordered them last Sunday or Monday.
  15. I'm thinking that maybe they'll do what they do in Blu - add some basic always available items. Though if they did, it would be nice if they did it like Princess does in their dining rooms (or used to) - each night there was a different preparation offered on the basic items.
  16. oops - repetition of information.
  17. I was on one of the preview cruises, so I'll be interested in hearing your thoughts.
  18. Mine on Eclipse for January shows 109.00 for the 3 again, but if I add it to the cart it asks for time on the first night and it shows all times at 129.00. False advertising? I'm debating calling Captain's Circle and asking them to honor it.
  19. I asked about ordering from other restaurants and the hostess confirmed (we weren't eating there, just wandering the ship) that you couldn't order off the main menu as the galleys were decks apart. I asked what you'd do if you didn't like the Luminae menu - she said they'd call down to the dining room (I guess of your choice) and make a reservation for that night for you. So I guess it's either or.
  20. If the ship goes to Costa Maya, the Chacchoben ruins are interesting. It's fairly easy to get to and you can still climb some of the pyramids. They also have an example of a wall with original pigment.
  21. We ate there last week - and while we ordered all from the show menu I noticed several people having both the salad from the show menu and the onion soup from the alternate menu. Hope this helps.
  22. Not a problem for me, as it seems to be back to only occasionally needing me to log in. One thing I did notice is that while the Go to Post button takes me to the post, once the login happens I move up the page. That may have been happening before the switch over though.
  23. I once sent customer relations email saying pretty much the same thing. It's a good start, but an extra dish is not the same as a private menu.
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