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  1. I once sent customer relations email saying pretty much the same thing. It's a good start, but an extra dish is not the same as a private menu.
  2. Yup, and now I actually have to log in to post.
  3. I've noticed that if I click the "go to this post: it does say not logged in. If not a roll call, I see the thread, but not a reply box, and a rolll call says I don't have permission or something. However, in about 5-10 seconds, the load finishes and I'm logged in. Once in a while, I do have to log in. In the scheme of things, a very, very minor annoyance.
  4. We were in an Infinite Veranda Cabin, and it did strike us as an Ocean View with a really, really nice window. About the only advantage was we decided we didn't mind the natural light in the am, so we put the window down a bit to get some fresh air while we slept. It was better then a partway open balcony door. Actually, this to me was probably a very nice french balcony.
  5. On our last cruise in a sky suite, our butler told us that since we had the beverage package, he'd keep us stocked with water. At first he had Evian, and I guess he noticed we didn't drink it because later in the week we were getting the smaller bottles.
  6. Our keys were outside the door. In the terminal we showed the express pass and passport and straight onto the ship. I was able to use my iphone 6 to open the door, DH couldn't use his 5. He could, however control the lights and window.
  7. I can't see the full questions, if the bathroom question is about little bottles, there aren't any. Shampoo etc are in wall mounted bottles in the shower, even in the suites. (and in the IVs, inconveniently placed.
  8. Because sometimes dinner does take two hours, and for Princess shows, you do need to get there about 30 minutes early. When late seating was at 8:30 it was almost impossible for those diners to see a show. 8pm shows finished after dinner started, and 10:00 made it hard to get there without rushing dinner. We've done a couple of cruises on Celebrity and they have 6pm and 8:30 dinners. The shows are at 7 and 9. I don't know why Princess doesn't do this. What I've always found is that everyone one in early and anytime goes to the 8pm show, and only late seating people go to 10 when they can make it. Thus, you have to get to the 8pm show about 30-45 minutes early. You can just walk in to the 10pm. The earlier times would balance it better, IMHO.
  9. I've seen both - Come From Away in NY and Hamilton in San Francisco. We saw Come From Away second, and all four of us (including my friend who is a total Hamilton freak) thought Come From Away was better. Best play I've ever seen. And I get to see it again in January, and Hamilton again in February. Also, thanks for the great and balanced review.
  10. Yup. If you look at the deck plans of deck 14, it shows them. They are along the walkway where the Magic Carpet sits. They are seating areas along the walkway. If you look at Onboard Experiences there's a picture. It's by "Discover Why Celebrity Edge is truly reinventing destination travel".
  11. We saw the Edge version, and will go once on the Eclipse because the show is different. While the food was great, I don't need to see the same show again. I think the original plan was to run it a couple times a week, and leave it Qsine the rest of the time. I wonder what's going to happen once their loyal base has seen it, and few are booking.
  12. I was on one of last weeks preview cruises, so I'm following this to find out what you think. One note for you - the cabanas are not free standing like the ones on the other ships.
  13. We just upgraded on the Eclipse from S2 to Celebrity Suites. (great price after final payment). We needed two next to each other, preferably with balcony dividers that can be opened). We're currently on deck 11 in 1620 and 1622. I selected those because they are the furthest away from the lobby. 1110 and 1112 are also available. They are on the hump. My concern would be the proximity to the atrium - I've been on cruises where the library is unusable because of the noise from the band and party in the atrium. But they are on the hump. So the question - should I move? And if so, how do the rooms compare? Thank you!
  14. Sounds like a small group tour we paid extra for in Naples last year. It's good that you contacted them on the ship. It was our last day so I wrote to Celebrity after the cruise. I got a nice phone call with an apology, but nothing else. So, you're 13.00 ahead of me.
  15. The copy on my laptop probably won't help you. I think it's available on pbs.org, though. We actually met him earlier i the evening at the Lawn Club Grill. My friends recognized him and one started waving. He came over and chatted with us for a little while. He seemed interested in the fact that we'd only known each other in person for a few days, but online for about a year.
  16. Getting a rental car is one of the most frustrating travel things there is. We're renting through Budget on Monday and I got a loyalty number, but since it's the first time I'll use it, I might have to wait in line.
  17. I enjoyed your blog a lot, and am glad to hear about the rain for a lot of reasons. (we're in Cancun, so different weather). I'll email you when we're back from our preview cruise on the Edge next week.
  18. What strikes me as really bad about this is that they are selling the beds (as do most hotel chains). If they wear out after 18 months, that's ridiculous, since a mattress should last a lot longer than that. Ours is "if it still has the don't remove tag it's way too old", so we are debating between Princess and Marriott. I think we'll go with Marriott if this is the case.
  19. We were there in September 2017. We arranged an all day tour with a private guide, and saw all of the main island. I highly recommend that. Others on our cruise enjoyed going to the Blue Grotto, but that's a couple of hours at most, including transportation I think.
  20. Just FYI - Esquina Carlos Gardel website now says "This site is unavailable due to unpaid bills. I guess it really is gone. Apparently the police showed up at the end of October and took the furniture.
  21. We did this kind of cruise in 2010 on Princess, and felt we got a great experience. So good that we're doing it again in January.
  22. The show was actually based on at least two different cruises. The Reflection cruise was the first week of September 2017, and was RT Rome, eastern Med. Didn't go to Barcelona or France, so I know that was a different cruise. How do I know this? Remember the scene of the Full Moon party? That was on the Reflection and the people dancing with Rick was us and friends. DH was the only guy, so that's why Rick is high-fiving him. You can briefly see me in it. We're spending Thanksgiving with family, and it's downloaded to my laptop so everyone can watch it. BTW, I thought the show was very balanced and fair. And fun.
  23. One night we went to the Show (Magic to do) at 8. It runs about 50 minutes, so we arrived at CC dining at around 9 - and yeah, we also were the last to leave - in the entire dining room. The staff was mostly gone by the time we were eating, but our waiter, assistant waiter an the headwaiter were there throughout, and gracious.
  24. It turned out that my email provider that I use for the address her was down last night, so I think that was the problem. Overnight, all my missing notifications arrived. My apologies.
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