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  1. I'm on the Eclipse in January, so following. I'm sort of a neighbor, but we're in the South Bay.
  2. Glad you enjoyed it. We thought the food and service were great, but there is way too much food. The style is similar to Share, but the portions are much bigger so by the middle of the meal we couldn't really eat anymore. (Maybe we had too much of the delicious bread).
  3. They've had the upsell items on the Ruby for a while - along with a new menu. The items are listed as Crown Grill steaks and lobsters. In general the response hasn't been bad, but most people are saying they won't order the items, while a few liked the idea that they could get a Crown Grill steak without going to the Crown Grill.
  4. It's the ability to order from the MDR. I've never seen a special menu, although maybe there's more on the breakfast hang menu.
  5. I doubt they were in CC for lunch on port days since it's not open. It has the same hours (more or less) and days as the dining rooms. I'm surprised no one caught this.
  6. I'm laughing because the night it was on the menu on the Equinox, I asked for it with romaine instead of kale. We had a bit of trouble getting our outstanding waiter to understand, but he came through with it. Maybe next time I'll try it with kale, although when I deal with raw kale in a salad, I massage it for about 20 minutes first.
  7. So I clicked through on a thread I'm subscribed to. I saw what's below. I think I'd have to log in again to post a reply, but i was able to go here and post this without logging in. And yes, I followed the instructions on the sticky above, and it works some of the time. Sometimes, I get the reply box and sometimes I get this (Notice it says I have to login to comment, but the upper right says I'm logged in.
  8. I'm just happy that barring any changes, I'll make Elite next year. Zenith is way out of reach.
  9. So back from the movie (really, really good movie, btw) and I had 1 notification from each subscribed thread, and it matched the notification list here. So I think all is well. Thanks so much for fixing this.
  10. We received our email at about 7:30pm pacific time last week, so could still happen.
  11. So far, it appears to be working. I have checked the one notification, and I'm getting notifications. I may have got two on one thread, but that often happened before the switch, so I'm guessing it has to do with maybe still having the thread open when the notification came in. I'm going out for a movie in a couple of hours, so we'll see what happens when I'm gone. I'll update after I get back (Bohemian Rhapsody on a giant screen).
  12. Then try the built in text editor. CC doesn't play well with formatting.
  13. What kind of computer are you using? I'm manaaging a google doc roll call on Celebrity and I paste into the thread all the time. I'm on a Mac and using text edit or text wrangler to compose. IIRC, i tried Word early on and it didn't work well at all.
  14. Bob, I was on the Star right after the last dry dock. I don't think they did everything they wanted to, but it looked pretty nice. I believe they improved the internet (we think we saw a router in our room) and the Horizon Court got a nice facelift. We also had dinner in the new Sabattini's - if you go, I'd be interested in your opinion.
  15. Can't figure out how to edit below an image, but yes, I am aiming for that behavior - same as I had under the old system. To get these, I rechecked the box, reloaded the boards, and went back to notification settings. I have just logged out and back in, and it still looks like that. Thanks!
  16. Nope, still all or nothing. I don't think (based on a previous thread) I was the only person.
  17. I was going to post yesterday Am that Friday night I thought to try clearing my cookies, but obviously that didn't happen. While I was busy figuring out what was wrong with MY computer that I couldn't post (figured that it wasn't me reasonably fast) I did clear them for Cc so we'll see what happens today. Stay tuned.
  18. I did a facial on my last cruise, mostly to burn OBC. The person doing it at the end said "You're not going to buy anything are you" and I confirmed so she left me alone on that.
  19. Oh, one other thing I've noticed. When I go to cruisecritic.com I'm not logged in, but when I go to the boards, I am. When I click through via an email notification, I do show this: (sorry if this looks terrible -it's the first time I've tried adding an image). So I think I'm Ok on that.
  20. Thanks. Yeah, my first thought was about being logged in, and I am. I did tweak a couple of things to match yours - and for others - I turned off the other two notification check boxes and the New Content notification was off. I'll let you know if it works.
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