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  1. Thank you! Maybe towards the end of my PT I might be comfortable enough to do a cruise and use the gym, etc. I appreciate your time answering me.
  2. Thank you! Second rotator cuff surgery coming up soon and was just thinking how nice it'd be to be on a cruise ship part of the time. I sure appreciate your prayers! It's a very painful experience!
  3. LOL! So true...this is my second rotator cuff surgery and I'm promising myself I'll be more diligent this time.
  4. Maybe the more elite ships but I agree with you. Thanks!
  5. My PT said that it is possible to have therapy on board a cruise ship. Has anyone ever received physical therapy while on a cruise? If so, which cruise line? I've tried googling to learn what cruise lines might offer this service but with no luck. I'm looking at rotator cuff surgery AGAIN and it might make it a little better to spend the recuperation on a cruise.
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