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  1. We have a Celebrity cruise ex Sydney to NZ and return booked for departure 9/12/21. Celebrity are still promoting this cruise (at about 40% more than we paid at time of booking) have got our fingers crossed that this is going ahead - but I wouldn't bet on it!!
  2. And there was me thinking this was supposed to be all about Cruising! How wrong I was.
  3. Yes, me for one! - I wouldn't even contemplate getting on a cruise ship unless everyone was required to be vaccinated - Passengers and crew alike!
  4. The way I read it is if they cancel you will receive a full refund of the deposit in the form of a FCC not cash.
  5. I was looking at the following cruise, 11 Nights Sydney To Auckland Cruise from Sydney, Australia | Celebrity Cruises
  6. I, personally, wouldn't cruise unless EVREYBODY on-board was vaccinated.
  7. I've got a cruise booked with Celebrity in December 2021 and have my fingers crossed. As a back up I have a B2B with NCL booked in January 2022 - fingers are still crossed!!
  8. Sorry, BUT You have to be an Aussie to get it!
  9. What comes after Beyond? Back of Beyond!
  10. I certainly hope so - it only takes one unwell passenger to turn the ship around and ruin the cruise for everyone.
  11. I think if cruising does re-start in Australia in the near future it should be in a Bubble with NZ & South Pacific nations. The ships re-positioning should come down to Oz without passengers so that the only people on board are the crew, who will all be in quarantine and ready to take on passengers in Australia. As far as the MDRs and Buffets are concerned I don't think capacity will be a problem to begin with as I would imagine only a limited number (say 50%) would be allowed on board. Time will tell
  12. LOL - I can imagine my DW's response if I tried that a home!
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