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  1. wo5m

    What is your favorite cruise "hack"?

    If you have a cabin with a Balcony and need to quickly cool the room or quickly purge the... um... fumes from a recent bathroom visit, prop the balcony door fully open and then open your cabin door for a few seconds. The positive pressure from the inside part of the ship will blow your cabin air(and lose papers if your not careful) out the balcony.
  2. My bet is they will be announcing what will be replacing the IMAX on Panorama. Don't put too much stock in this but, my co-workers's collage friend's sister is dating a guy who's mother's Pastor's fitness trainer said the Panorama will feature the first Whirly Ball at sea!! What is Whierly Ball you ask?? Well its best described as "a combination of lacrosse, hockey, basketball, and bumper cars". Google it! Just imagine if it were true(its not), its just as fun to watch as it is to play.
  3. wo5m

    Carnival Breeze Internet

    Was on the Breeze for the 14day repossessioning cruise at at the end of September. I purchased the premium package. Overall I rate it as poor. Social Media sites seem to work well, I could even make phone calls on FB messenger but beyond that it was very painful to use. Some site took several mins to fully load on my laptop and android tablet. I couldn't login to my bank account as I keep hitting the security timeout before I could get to the main page load. On the last day it took me over 30mins just to get checked in to my southwest flight.
  4. I was just on the the two week repossessioning cruise on the Carnival Breeze and before the cruised I opted for the AT&T unlimited talk and text cruise plan and I also had the premium internet package The WiFi on the ship was just too unreliable. While I was sometimes able to make VOIP calls on both google hangouts and Facebook messenger it was buggy at best and I couldn't rely on it for incoming calls. The AT&T plan in contrast worked really well. All the ports we visited were covered on the plan. The only condition was I had to make at least one call from the ship before any of the islands we visited would be covered(to prevent non cruiseser from abusing this plan I guess). The plan was $100 and covered you for exactly 30 days from when you activate it. It also gave me 2 or 3 gb that data that I didn't really use. There were really only two negatives I experienced. The first was while at sea there was increased delay that sometime lead to two people talking at the same time, but it minor. The other issue was anytime you were leaving or coming into port the cell service on the ship would be turned off so you would have no signal from inside the ship. Even when docked, unless thee was a cell tower right at the port, you still had to go outside to get a signal. While at sea, there was not anywhere on the ship I didn't have coverage. The only other annoyance(small) was I had my phones timezone set to sync to the cell provider. When they first turned on the cellular at sea after we left Galveston my phone switched from central time to GMT so I had to hard set the time zone on the phone. Normally I would not have gotten the phone plan, but it was a 14 days cruise and I was cruising on my own and we had two family emergencies(why my wife stayed behind) just before the cruise and wanted to stay in touch with the family if something bad happened. .
  5. wo5m

    No network TV on the Horizon

    Don't forget the live bands for the shows, the chocolate mints on your pillow, or straws when you order a drink.
  6. I really haven't has a problem booking an Aft Balcony for Alaska. We went in 2015 and booked less than 6 month before and had several still available. We are going again in 2019 and have two next to each other. Now about the aft balcony in Alaska, its the best decision you can make. I like the aft in general, but found in Caribbean they can be hotter than the usual balcony, but in Alaska this is a huge advantage. For the most part the ship blocks most the wind so for us it was very conferrable(I had on shorts everyday). In contrast, while in Fjord I did venture to one the front observation deck(in my shorts) and froze my butt off so the difference is night and day. On top of that your view is not limited just one side of the ship. When we transversed the Tracy Arm Fjord we got to see everything twice(once going in and again coming back). Now, the one negative about the aft balcony is its a low pressure area. This means if anyone and I mean anyone in a normal balcony is not following the rules and smoking you are likely to smell it from time to time. You also may see some soot from the ships exhaust collect on things.
  7. wo5m

    New ship in 2020

    Galveston will have the facilities in place within the next year. In addition, they just won DOE approval on a plan to expand LNG capabilities even further with the goal of becoming a major LNG export port. https://www.hydrocarbons-technology.com/news/galveston-bay-gets-lng-export-permit-doe/
  8. Same thing happened when we on the Magic a few years ago. We had left Galveston the day before on are way to Roatan, Early that morning I knew something was wrong as I could see Cancan port side as we sailed past. We watched the morning show on the TV and the cruise director mentioned that they were going to make a special announcement in the next hour. The announcement said someone was really ill and needed to be disembarked on the a hospital ship in Cozumel A day or two later I talked to one of the family member who told me that they had a massive heart attack. So on that cruise we visited Cozumel twice and even with the diversion we still arrived in Roatan on schedule
  9. wo5m

    FTTF vs Priority markings

    Here is my story about FTTF labels on our last cruise. When carnival changed to the new boarding pass for a few hours they had a bug in their code that printed FTTF labels for those who didn't have it and normal labels for those who did. I was one of those that got the FTTF labels without paying for it. Later that day carnival acknowledged the mistake said they would have terminal workers with a list of FTTF passengers so people wouldn't take advantage. Fast forward to our cruise on the Freedom, when I checked in the terminal. I first got in the regular line only to be redirect to the VIP line when she saw my FTTF logo. Even when I got to the the counter the lady checking us in even saw the logo and said "oh your FTTF, your cabins will be ready when you get on board"(it wasn't).
  10. wo5m

    Which ship in Alaska 2020? Guesses?

    My guess in Galveston or they will eventually get one of them. I say that only because I remember reading an article a while about the Port of Galveston getting regulatory approval for infrastructure to support CNG ships. The article didn't mention cruising directly, but renovations were slated to be in place prior around the time the first CNG carnival ship is delivered. Sorry I can't find the article now.
  11. wo5m

    No FTTF on Journey cruises?

    This is exactly right. We are going on a Journey cruise(Breeze in September) and I posted a poll in a very active FB group for our cruise asking what level they will be on the upcoming cruise. The number that replied either diamond & platinum out numbered the the others combined. Keep in mind the FB group is only small fraction(~600 members) of the total cruise and the number of diamond & platinum passengers is already several time more than a normal cruise(based on the numbers JH posts on various cruises) Here are the number I got from my poll 81 Platinums 51 Gold 20 Diamond 3 Red 2 Blue 1 Milestone
  12. wo5m

    Carnival Breeze newbie questions

    What was the price difference between the one-time ticker vs the pass?
  13. wo5m

    Cruise consultant onboard?

    We were on the Carnival Freedom in February and attended what we were told was probably one of the last future cruise seminars. The person giving the presentation essentially told us his position was being eliminated and everything would be taken over by the excursion desk. I was already upset as it was a week or two before that they did away with sleeper cruises(I had planed on booking one). I also miss the future cruise certificate you could get several years ago. Now a days I skim the internet for gift card deals and grab them in bulk if I can. So far the ebay is was the best deals paying only $80 for a $100 gift card. I snagged 6 of them before they sold out.
  14. wo5m

    From Galveston in June

    From what I understand Galveston island rally didn't have much problems. It was getting to Galveston though Houston that was the problem. While it did get a lot a rain, it just ran into the gulf unlike in Houston were it flooded when the water ran out of places to go.
  15. wo5m

    Freedom Docking in Cozumel Downtown

    I almost forgot about that. We also have a late departure, it wasn't 10pm, but it was well past sunset. I wonder if that has anything to do with it. I will say I loved see all the island lights after dark.