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  1. Chances of a Carnival ship sailing this year 100% Chances of a Carnival ship sailing with passengers this year <25%
  2. I just logged in and check and my Baltic Sea cruise on the Legend in July 2021 and the booking is still showing on my profile(at least they are still willing to take my money). I'm wondering if they pulled some of them to give people who where booked on the magic priority to rebook. I know when the first of the two Baltic Sea cruises became available they had so much demand it nearly sold out with in a week. That is why they added a second. From what I understand they haven't done a Baltic Sea cruise in a couple of decades.
  3. I'm not saying there isn't an environmental impact, I just think its not as great as people think. Having been a diver for over 20 years, I have dove many wrecks, some where intentional sinking while other where accidents, but they all have one thing in common. Marine life always flourishes around them. That is what makes them popular diving attractions. A while back I dove an small oil tanker(see two attached pictures from the dive) that went down in the last 10-15 years ago, yet with all that oil and everything else onboard, marine life in exploding around it.
  4. You beat me too it. A while back I looked at what I thought was a cheap cruise partial transit from New Orleans (that has now been canceled). When I did a mock booking I was amazing how much they charged in port fees and taxes that were not included in the listed price. It Actually made it a little more pricey than what I was looking for. That is one advantage to docking on colon. If I have to pay the fee, I think I would rather do a full transit so I can experience the entire thing. There is one on the Freedom going from Galveston to Seattle that I would love to do, but instead my wife has all my 2021 vacation time tied up for a 12 day July 2021 Baltic Sea cruise on the Legend out of Dover, England. I can't be too disappointed about that as its an itinerary they haven't done in a few decades 🙂
  5. A friend and I are looking at the Oct 22, 2022 cruise cruise on the Dream. Its listed as a "Panama Canal Cruise", but one thing is clearly missing. It doesn't mention actually transiting the Canal. instead it say the port of call is "Colon (Panama canal)" from 8am - 6pm. Is the port where we dock inside or outside the Canal? I see you can do a Panama Canal shore excursion, but I think that would imply it doesn't. Any thought?
  6. I have thought about this before COVID-19 happened. To me I always thought it would be better to do it before your boarded. The Costa Concordia showed us what happens when you delay holding your muster drill. I know things would be different docked, but what happens if an abandon ship happened during or towards the end the boarding process. Getting everyone off the using the gangway in quick succession isn't going to be possible. Why not have a video specific to your muster station tied to your booking. I do think this is a good idea, but there also need to be something in place to show that you know where exactly where your muster station is.
  7. Galveston is important. The Radiance was going to be Galveston's 4'th Carnival ship, so for now we are suck at 3. I remember when we just had 1. My guess in they have been looking at the demand in Galveston and removing the Radiance balanced things out and keep prices reasonable. Carnival is already losing a lot of money it would only make things worse if they had too much capacity in one port with week demand. I still think we will get a 4'th ship and I still think it may be an XL ship, even though there is no evidence of it yet. The Galveston port has invested a lot in CNG and Texas is the CNG capital of the world. The new president of the port authority(who came from Port Canaveral) was brought on to attract an Oasis class ship to Galveston and has set a goal of making it the 2nd or 3'rd largest cruise port in the US. This is probably a set back, but I think Galveston will get more ships over time. So don't worry just yet. Times have changed Galveston, I remember when there was a debate they brought the first ship if it would be good for the Galveston. Now Cruise traffic accounts for the largest portion of the port authority revenue(at least until this mess happened).
  8. I figure the Carnival Fascination and Carnival Imagination are done as well. I suspect the only reason they are not being scraped is that the scrapers are at full capacity. Anyone else get that impression? I am really disappointed that Galveston lost the Radiance. I was thinking abut booking at 14 day cruise on her, but looks like Carnival made my mind up for me
  9. Maybe, but another thing I have been wondering is about the reduced capacity they have been promising. There are a few cruises coming up that either completely sold out or nearly sold out before the outbreak happened. They could be announcing they canceling some of those say 25%-50% of the of bookings.
  10. True , but how many people have moved on. After the fiasco of being stuck on a ship and the fear of COVID-19 how many will want to return? I don't think they will have a problem with staffing, but I think a lot of the people will be new and it will take a cruise or two before they get into a grove.
  11. This has also crossed my mind. Lets say they do start back in October. It going to be impossible to get everyone back. Most of the crew probably couldn't just sit around for a couple of months. I bet most have moved on and found employment in other places. This isn't going to be like other times when they launch a new ship. At least then they can pull experience from other ships. I don't see how they are going to be able to start back up without hiring a lot a new people Your going to have a lot very green employees across the fleet and it will take them time to get back to the level of efficiently they had prior to the shutdown.
  12. Not really, lets assume both the Fantasy and Inspiration sold for scarp and I think they probably are. The Fantasy holds 2,675 (max)/2052(double) and the Inspiration holds 2,610(max)/2,056(double) . Together that is 6285(max)/4108 (Double) When the Mardi Gras comes online it will have a total Capacity 6500(max)/5282(double) passengers. That is a increase of 215 passengers than the max occupancy and 1,174 passengers at a double occupancy. Since two Mardi Gras ships are in the works, I would require more than 4 fantasy ships to result a net loss in passengers. Yes I know the Mardi Gras is not service yet, but I think it quite possible it will be finished before any of the ships are allowed to sail. A side note, has anyone notice the official name of the Mardi Gras is just that and NOT Carnival Mardi Gras???
  13. Add this one to the rumor pile(or not), my co-worker’s Brother’s Friend’s Sister has family that lives in Curacao and her uncle’s brother in-laws neighbor’s nephew helped unload the Fantasy. According to him only older equipment unloaded to make way from newer(used) equipment from other Carnival Corp ship’s schedules to be scraped at that location. Reliable???
  14. Not, true. All of the newer ships are actually financed in addition as other have pointed out they have accumulated a lot of other debt. Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows them to renegotiate with creditors and in some cases pause payments until they emerge from bankruptcy. Why would a creditor what to do this? Well the other option is Chapter 7, where all the assets are essentially auctioned off. Since nobody is buying cruise ships right now, the creditors would take a huge loss if Carnival went under. With that in mind its in the best interest of the creditor to renegotiate under Chapter 11.
  15. I think this was a smart move. A while back Carnival got a huge inflow of cash from Saudi Arabia. However that was before the shutdown was expanded to end of September. With the credit rating so low now any further assistance is unlikely. Some have said they think Carnival has enough cash on hand to make it to the end of the year, I'm not so sure. If the shutdown is extended much further, I expect Carnival to seriously look at bankruptcy protection. That's not to say they are going to go under. They will just use the bankruptcy laws to lessen the bleeding and hopefully emerge from it in much better shape. Right now, I think there is about a 40% chance of that happening and that chance increases the more cancellations they have. If you hold stock when bankruptcy happens, there is an extremely high probably that the stock will be canceled making it worthless.
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