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  1. Regal March 22, 2020 Cxld by Princess during Pause 1 (March 12) Option 2 selected on March 12 FCC received mid-April Refund processed 5/29 and received 6/7
  2. Thanks for that clarification . . . I am happy to report that this morning, I received an alert on my CC that we had received our refunds. I just checked online and our 100% refunds have been posted. Now I just need to see if the remaining $227 we had as purchased onboard credit has been refunded to our gift cards. I tried to call, but their phone systems are not taking calls because they are closed on Sundays. However, at this point, I am just happy to have the cruise fare returned. This was a long and frustrating wait, but I am thankful Princess lived up to their promise.
  3. Still waiting to see the actual money hit our Bank of America cc. Princess told us on 5/29 that our refunds had been processed that day. Our TA followed up 6/1 and was told the same thing. Since I have been checking our cc account every day and have not seen the refunds, I called BOA yesterday to see if they could see that the refunds were at least pending and nope! But our cruise was on the Regal 3/22 and ppl on that same cruise had their refunds processed the same day as ours (5/29) and have already received the money! I have seen a few ppl say that their refunds which were sup
  4. Congrats! That was our cruise too (and we selected option 2 on March 12 like you did) and I think you responded to me last time I inquired about whether anyone from that cruise had received a refund yet. I called last Friday (5/29) and was told that our refunds had been processed that day too. However, as of this morning, nothing is showing on our cc. I'm hoping that maybe by Friday, we will see it in our account. But glad to see that someone from our cruise has actually received something!
  5. March 22 Regal Princess - anyone receive a refund from that one yet? I am wondering if they are processing by ship and then by sailing date specific to that ship? Princess has repeatedly told me they see us in their system for processing, but I have seen numerous reports now that people have been told by Princess that they are done processing March . . . which clearly isn't true. I even called my CC company to see if they could see on their end that we had a "pending" credit refund from Princess and NOPE.
  6. Just called Princess and inquired about the status of our refund. March 22 cruise. We picked option 2 on the day they announced pause 1. Still not showing as processed. But the rep gave me the standard "we are going by sailing date starting with earliest cruises first" and she me told ours was one of the earliest. I told her I had read that ppl with cruises after ours had already received refunds, but she couldn't explain it. To her credit, she was very sweet and took her time looking over everything and confirming the amount of FCC for our kids (as we can't see it since they don't have t
  7. What was the date of your cruise and did you cancel on your own or did Princess cancel it?
  8. Speculation would be based on an assumption that may or may not be true. But it isn't speculation when I was personally told by a Princess rep that they were processing refunds based on sailing date (and I believe this was posted on their website at some point too) and today we learn that people with sailing dates after ours already have their refunds, but we do not. Even if Princess isn't hiding anything or doing anything nefarious with customers' money, they certainly can't claim to be organized. Reading this entire thread proves that as everyone seems to get different answers depending o
  9. Did you file a dispute with Princess before getting the refund on your Princess Visa? If not, then it can be assumed that (1) there is no real order to how they are processing refunds and (2) they might be giving preference to customers who utilized credit cards affiliated with their brand. I have already downloaded all of my invoices for the purposes of filing a dispute with my CC company. I also contacted our TA (an online agency) to verify that our refund was not going to them first and then being distributed to us (we paid the TA's invoices but our payments on our cc always
  10. Happy that someone has gotten something! However, this also proves that Princess is NOT processing refunds in the order of the cancelled cruises. Our cruise was March 22, cancelled by Princess on March 12. We got the email a week ago that they were still working on our refunds (we had two cabins). After reading the note above, I just checked our cc, and nope, no indication that our refunds have been processed, i.e., no pending transactions. Curious if Princess is refunding those who have credit cards affiliated with them first . . . would not surprise me.
  11. We are the same. Got the email last week saying they were working on it, but did not receive this latest email. We did not cancel on our own prior to the mass cancellations.
  12. Just received this email. Unfortunately my husband, who has his own member number and was booked in a separate cabin (due to our kids) has not received the email. So that makes me worry he is not in their queue. I guess I will need to call...again.
  13. We had a March 22 cruise and selected option 2. We have not gotten any email, nor have we been refunded. However, our FCC is showing in my and my husband's accounts. The fact that people who selected the same option are being treated differently (i.e., some have gotten their FCC, some have not, at least one person has an email but most do not) is troublesome.
  14. Yes, the monies for the shore excursions and gratuities went back on the original gift card. Like you, we have over $1000 in gift cards at least partially tied up. I've gotten just over $800 of it back, and I really hope we can use it in the future at some point. But my first thought when all this started was that I wished I hadn't put all that money on gift cards because if Princess goes under, that money is gone with the wind.
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