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  1. Ok, here’s my question… I have a current passport book and I want to get a passbook card to use as back up and additional ID. Working on the application for the card, they say I have to send in my current book with the application. I have upcoming travel that I need my book for and to be honest, I really don’t want to put my passport book in the mail. Anyway I can get a card without sending in my book? I’ve searched the gov website with no clear answer.
  2. I agree...do not rent a scooter. Roads are very narrow, hilly and winding. Traffic very heavy with lots of buses, trucks and drivers who will ride on your bumper. As mentioned, they also drive on the wrong side of the road. Even riding the bus is scary. Get a daily transportation pass that covers buses and ferries...best way to get around the island. To give you an idea of how narrow the roads are...buses do not have mirrors on the left side. Reason why, the would be knocked off in the first five minutes of driving. They drive that close to walls, posts, signs, etc. mirrors don't stand a chance of surviving
  3. Get the daily bus/ferry pass to get around the island. Do NOT, unless you are an experienced biker, rent a motorcycle. Roads are hilly, narrow and winding. Traffic is very heavy and loaded with big trucks and buses. It is not a fun ride. You are also driving on the wrong side of the road. Wife and I did rent one, got about 3 miles before we almost lost it. Turned around and returned it and got the bus pass. Even riding the buses is scary.
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