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  1. Sorry if this has been asked before but just looking for clarification. Email from Princess states the questionnaire must be completed at least 24hrs before cruise, is there a timescale of how far in advance it can be completed? I am sure I read somewhere it had to be completed before starting journey …we are travelling the day before but can’t remember where I saw that
  2. When I booked the first night speciality restaurant I got charged so cancelled the reservation and will book onboard
  3. Thanks ..we’re on board in 21 days not that I am counting
  4. Wondering if anyone knows what the entertainment is on Sky for the UK Seacations
  5. I totally get why your thinking like that …so many hiccups but hopefully all will be well and cruise will go as planned
  6. Refunds received thankfully ….we’ve booked return BA flight to London and transfers to and from Southampton ….received email yesterday stating time of flight changed🤣….just as well we booked to go the day before cruise so not an issue with time…what is going on with the airlines just now
  7. We got the train from beside port then walked..quite easy, the Vasser museum is not far from it. The ABBA Museum is great if your a fan …leave plenty time from train back to port
  8. Have done club class a couple of t8mes and loved it
  9. We received a refund today …cancelled shore excursion when Princess announced we were allowed to go ashore independently
  10. Great video ……nice to see what the actual process involves
  11. We’re on a 7 day UK sailing on Sky Princess 28 Sept…2 formal evenings …any ideas of which days these will be
  12. Our room has been allocated today….sailing 28/9 on Sky
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