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  1. Thanks - I took your advice and emailed El Cid. They got back to me really quickly with the following. I confirmed afterwards that they do not have a pass for just beach access alone. ------- This is the day pass, that our beautiful hotel has: $49 USD Per Person (11:OO AM - 5:00 PM) CHILDS: 0 - 6 YEARS OLD FREE CHILDS: 7 - 11 YEARS OLD $28 USD CHILDS: 12- 17 YEARS OLD $49 USD INCLUDES: Meals & beverages unlimited All our facilities Towels Wi-Fi & Snorkel Equipment (90 minutes) The payment for the day pass is in the front desk at your arrival, no need reservation.
  2. I have an upcoming sailing on RCI's Independence of the Seas. We're taking our 1 year old, who will need a pack and play to sleep in. Is there any risk of these being unavailable? We will have one with us anyway to use the night before we set sail, but not sure if we should go through the hassle of bringing it on board or just leave it in the car. Thanks!
  3. I'm trying to find out if there's any beach access within walking distance of the International Terminal in Cozumel, that doesn't require an expensive day pass. We have little ones and no car seats, so we're only considering stuff within a mile or so. Last time, we went to Park Royal (?) and paid $50/person for the all-inclusive. But since we won't be staying more than a couple of hours this time, we don't think we'll get our money's worth this time. Do any of the resorts or restaurants offer beach access passes without springing for the food/drink? Or is there anything open to the public that I've somehow missed? Thanks in advance!
  4. Considering doing this on our next cruise. Silly questions but can you bring your own opener? And do you just ask any bar for a pair of wine glasses to take back to your room?
  5. As a backup plan, you can also make reservations in Cruise Planner for the earliest available My Time dining. This is available months in advance, but one of the more experienced members of this board can probably narrow down that timeframe better than I can. This needs to be done for each night of your cruise, but I've found that nearly every time outside of 6-7pm has been available for my upcoming cruise.
  6. Does it ever show up on 3-5 day cruises, or is this isolated to week-long+ voyages?
  7. Excellent ideas. I wouldn't have thought to do either of those.
  8. Does anyone know what kind of Dairy-free desserts Royal has to offer, at either the Windjammer or MDR? It's for a one year old, though I don't know that his age really rules anything out. Trying to figure out if we need to load up on Oreos ahead of time for him... Thanks in advance!
  9. I have an upcoming 4-night cruise on Independence of the Seas. I was looking around in Royal's app, and saw that the MDR menus are posted. It lists lobster tail on the menu for Night 4, though it also lists 5 nights of menus for this 4 night cruise. Can anyone confirm if lobster tail is actually served in the MDR on a 4-night Indy itinerary (out of FL, not the UK)? Or is this just another case of RCI not having accurate info on their online tools? Thanks in advance!
  10. @h20skibum Did you happen to notice if they served lobster tail in the MDR (possibly night 4) on the 4 night cruise? The app for a four night cruise on Indy lists five nights of MDR menus. Thanks for these compasses!
  11. I wasn't aware until reading this thread that OBC was awarded in the casino. I play exclusively table games, and almost always at the lowest minimums offered, but I'm in there for 2-3 hours a day. Might that warrant me a small bit of OBC? If so, who should I be talking to once on board?
  12. I wonder if it carries over from past cruises. I'll have to ask. Otherwise, even at a 90% payback machine (which seems generous), that's a $1,250 theoretical loss. I severely doubt I play that much at the tables to hit that kind of theoretical loss. Thank you for the insight!
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