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  1. It's about managing resources. There aren't enough hospital beds, ventilators, etc if everyone gets this at the same time. By using containment tactics, the number of people that may get infected may be the same but it won't be all at the same time, thus ensuring resources don't run out.
  2. My tour is not through NCL. But I will have to book the ferry to the mainland once onboard (cannot be done before), and that is through NCL. So it is a weird mix of NCL / non-NCL.
  3. How does the tendering affect the ferry to the main land? I just booked a snorkel excursion from Placencia, and need to get there as soon as possible when we get there. Are people that booked the first ferry tendered off the ship first?
  4. I like to book the mini-suites because we have 2 (nearly) teens in the room with us and the dividing curtain is a must. However, this will be our first NCL cruise and I didn't pay any attention to location when I selected our cabin and now have discovered it is under the kids club. Fingers crossed it isn't too noisy.
  5. It was intimidating! And it was the first time I ever booked a private tour, but it was easy. And the tour was so great! I can't recommend it enough. The St Petersburg board has a ton of great information.
  6. I don't know the specifics of NCL (we cruised the Baltic on Princess), but I highly recommend checking out the St Petersburg board here on CC. There are many other shore options other than through the cruise line that will take care of the visa requirements for you. We used a local (Russian) tour company and it was fantastic. We saw twice as many sites with 1/3 of the people for much less than the cost of the cruise line's excursion. We had no issues with visas.
  7. Thanks everyone. It seems it may or may not work to have a parent/child dinner date. It had never occurred to me to have all four of us go to the specialty dining. Our kids are 14 and 12, and I did not know about the kids eat free under age 13. I have made 3 reservations for 2 people each. My husband and I will go to the first one (the kids can eat at the buffet) and get a feel for if we think it will work for one of us to go with one of our kids to the next one (the other parent and kid will go to one of the MDRs).
  8. We got the Free Specialty Dining when we booked for guests 1 and 2. Guests 3 and 4 are our kids and do not receive the free dining. When we go to the specialty dining, how strict are they on which guests are being served? If I (guest 1) go with my son (guest 3), will they care? Or just bill it to guests 1 and 2?
  9. I am late to planning our shore excursions for our upcoming Western Caribbean trip in March and the Rio Secreto shore excursion through NCL is sold out. I kind of have my heart set on this one so I am looking at other tour companies. I have done non-cruiseline excursions in the past, but this is our first Caribbean cruise and I'm not sure of the reputable companies to look at. If you have done a non-cruiseline excursion, which company did you use and would you recommend them?
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