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  1. We have received our refund for the fare (one refund for the deposit and one for the balance), but have not received it for the shore ex or other purchases (internet, bevs, etc). We were supposed to sail on March 16th and we received the fare refunds on May 5th (after an intial Canadian refund glitch).
  2. As an update, I spoke with Carnival today. They said that they had incorrectly processed all refunds for Canadians. So all Canadians who have received a refund, it will be reversed and they will see the refund correctly posted in the next week or so.
  3. They were posted as refunds on April 15th and then reversed this week.
  4. I have emailed their customer care team and will try calling them tomorrow when they re-open. No, we didn’t previously dispute the charge with our credit card company. I can’t think of why they would reverse the refund.
  5. Carnival has now reversed all of the refunds that had been posted to our credit card. Anyone else have this issue? We had two cabins booked for a March 16th sailing. We cancelled on March 13th pursuant to the policy and asked for a full refund.
  6. Completely agree with the previous poster. We love this itinerary, the size of the ship and the aminities, etc. The balconies are limited and brutal due to the weight of the door.
  7. So apparently I spoke to soon. Today our Visa posted a backdated charge that reversed the refund I had received for one of the balance payments. So now we only have 2 refunds (one for each of the deposits) and no refunds for either of the balance payments. I am not sure why Carnival would have reversed a refund, but I am not a happy.
  8. We received part of our refund. Posted to the credit card on Wednesday April 15th. We had two cabins booked for a March 16th sailing. We cancelled on March 13th pursuant to the policy and asked for a full refund. So far, we have had 3 refunds: 2 refunds for each of the deposits and 1 refund for one of the balance payments. We are still owed 1 refund for one of the balance payments (the larger one), the refund for the excursions, and the refund for the internet/bevs. The credit card had been replaced with a different type and account number (same bank though), but the refund still went through. Hope this info helps.
  9. Did you cancel it using the med reason or request form? Or just a traditional cancel?
  10. We are on the same cruise. It is cancelled. You’ll be getting an email. You will get to select refund.
  11. We are supposed to cruise from San Juan on Sunday and were just noticed via an automated telephone message that our cruise is cancelled.
  12. So sad. We were still willing to cruise and were all packed for this weekend. Now because of this fairly wide net, no cruise for us. It is probably for the best, but still hard. We submitted the form and did a refund request, but no confirmation email yet. Anyone get anything confirming yet? For those wondering why the refund - we already have our next cruise booked and due to the early bird deal and CDN dollar tanking, rebooking doesn’t make sense.
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