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  1. - Cruiselines allow people at risk to cruise = "irresponsible" - Cruiselines don't allow people at risk to cruise = "discrimination" - Cruiselines don't refund money already promised & paid by customers to pay contracted employees who have families to feed (because people have to feed their families even if they are unable to work due to virus) = "selfish" - Cruiselines looking out for their employees + their business = "selfish" - Cruiselines NOT looking out for their employees + their business = "selfish" Bottom line: Cruiselines c
  2. This was my first thought. How can NCL keep their business on the "winning team?" They offer FCC "peace of mind" for those who want to cancel, but increase their cruise prices through the next year to either deter people from cancelling and rebooking (they don't lose the money either way) or force people to pay even more money to rebook cruises and make up some of their lost profit. Fewer people cruising over the next few months with cancellations and inflated current prices will keep ships to fewer passengers, which means less chance of spreading illness, less chance of quarantine, and less m
  3. Am I the only "More Musings from Ms. Mary" fan that has now looked up the details on this January 2021 Encore sailing and considered booking to cruise with Ms. Mary? Oh, my... I hope I am not being creepy! 🙈
  4. Which deck are the movies held on? Are they listed in the dailies? Thank you!
  5. Our first cruise was on the Dawn in 2016. NCL exceeded our expectations and went above and beyond to accommodate my 3 year old's multiple food allergies (including an anaphylactic peanut allergy and 6 other non-anaphylactic food allergens). We were not Haven guests... just booked in a regular ol' mini-suite. I went into the situation very nervous, but it only took a day or two for me to feel quite relaxed and confident in their ability to navigate allergy safety. This exceptional service is the main reason we have stayed brand loyal to the NCL cruise line.
  6. This is just the best! I'm a third of your age & having the most wonderful time reading your upbeat and light-hearted perspective of your cruise! Your sense of humor is fantastic! So very refreshing and I am so glad you are sharing with us!
  7. Thank you very much for all of your suggestions! So helpful!
  8. My family will be on a cruise that ports in Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan, and Victoria, B.C. in mid-May. We really enjoy walking and seeing sights. What would you recommend doing that is within walking distance of the ports (or a very short shuttle ride)? Bonus if it is budget friendly and/or would be interesting to small children. We have a 6 & 1 year old, but they are used to long walks and hikes as this is something we do frequently in our family leisure time (I backpack the toddler). We love nature, wildlife, and historical monuments. This is our first time to Alaska, so we are looking f
  9. My family of 4 (2 adults, an almost 7 year old & almost 2 year old) is cruising on the Bliss this spring. I am wondering if the current entertainment options (Six & Jersey Boys) would be appropriate and/or entertaining for my children. We cruised on the Dawn when my eldest was almost 3 and he enjoyed the shows (Elements & Showdown at the time, I believe), but those seemed family friendly with acrobats, magicians, etc. and by the descriptions, I cannot tell if Six & Jersey Boys would be boring to them. Both children sit in a movie theater just fine. If you have seen either of th
  10. Thank you SO much for taking your time to share this helpful information! I really appreciate it! 🙂
  11. Good luck starting your new job today, @shadowmeboy! I hope all is going well! When you have a moment to reply, do you remember approximately what time the ship entered Glacier Bay National Park and what time it departed? What times it passed some of the "must see" landmarks such as Margerie Glacier? I read another review where the author said she was unaware of what/when to be looking for the sights that day and pretty much missed them. I'd like to be able to have a tentative plan for when to be out on deck to soak up all the scenery. Thank you!
  12. Thank you for this helpful guide! My family will be cruising on the Bliss this spring, so I appreciate your insight. 🙂
  13. No experience with sand gunking up our stroller wheels, but I do know from experience that baby powder will soak up the moisture from sand on the skin and make it easy to brush the sand right off the skin. This might work on stroller wheels, too.
  14. I appreciate the helpful advice! Thank you for taking time to respond! To give a little more context, I am less concerned about packing diapers in our luggage and more trying to plan for the event that we run out and need to re-stock mid trip. Obviously, I would prefer not to fly with a massive box of diapers (haha), but we don't mind taking a reasonable amount on board in our luggage. Yes, roundtrip out of Seattle. The suggestion of picking them up in the Target near Pike Place before boarding ship is great! Speaking from previous experience, our last cruise was a 10 day with a toddl
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