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  1. "they keep sending" you "a list of free cruise"? Aren't you just supposed to get a free annual cruise as Prime member? And the free annual cruise cert can be used for any cruise up to 8 days. Do you mean that you got more than one free cert?
  2. Thanks for the response. "Any changes need to be made within the 30 days. " --- This is really a bad rule. As for the annual free cert, are there any limitation on when to make the changes? Thanks,
  3. Aiming to get 2500 points for my upcoming RCL cruise, which will be my first with RCL. My understanding is the I will be getting 1 free inside cert for reaching 2400 points, and 1 free inside annual cert for reaching Prime. My question is for the First cert, which needs to be booked within 30 days. Can I book it first and then change it to another sailing after the 30 days? Additionally, do you have any experience on upgrade from inside to balcony? usually, what i can expect to pay for the upgrade? Thanks,
  4. just off the phone..... making it over 40 minutes. I admit that this phone could be more complex than previous ones I made. But it is still surprised me the long time it take to change my stateroom from one category to another. (P.S. I have provided the room number I would like to be in at the very beginning of the call, and my credit card is on file. So the agent basically does not need much information from me.) Just curious if anyone know the casino pricing system. Why everytime the agent has to spend such a long time checking some basic information? Thanks,
  5. If I remember correctly, it almost always takes the Club Royale Call Center employee more than 15 minutes to check some prices for me. Currently I am on the phone with them checking a price for a ocean view balcony price. 22 minutes past already..... what is your experience? Thanks,
  6. thanks for the info. It seems that the list of cruises covers a fairly long period of time (9 months in your example). Good to know.
  7. Based on your past experience, do you remember how many months following the cruise which you earned 2400 pts provided on the free cert?
  8. It will be my first RCL cruise this Thanksgiving and I plan to get the 2500 points so that I can get PRIME and a free cruise cert (triggered by meeting 2400 pts on one sailing.) My question is what kind of cruise will be offered on the free cruise cert? I hope it will have some cruises sailing in late March and early April so that I can take advantage it. Other time might not work for my family's schedule. Any insights are greatly appreciated. Thanks,
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