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  1. How much longer?

    Alaska Cruise on Bliss out of Seattle

    Our Sept 1 cruise has a Seattle city tour through the ship. However, if you have never been, stay another day and walk around. It is a very walkable downtown area. The space needle area has a lot to see (don't miss the Chihuly garden) or walk along the water front to Pikes Place, the aquarium down at that end of the city is nice too. Lots of places to eat. The Seattle Citipass is very worth it if you are there both before and after the cruise and have time to sight see, it is good for 9 consecutive days!
  2. How much longer?

    Help me understand Ocean Blue charge

    I guess I need to give them a call, I am still charged $36 on my account and it is supposed to be a freebie for being Platinum since they don't have the brazilian steakhouse on board. They said they would reverse the charge but haven't yet.
  3. How much longer?

    The First Voyage of the Norwegian Bliss to Alaska

    following. Bliss Sept 1 for us!
  4. How much longer?

    Everything.. Norwegian BLISS! - launch April 2018 -

    Hey Codex, we are on the sept 1 cruise too. This ship looks amazing, can't wait!
  5. How much longer?

    Eastern Caribbean itinerary cancelled Apr - Sept

    We just got back over a week ago from the Dawn out of San Juan, we went to St Thomas, St Kitts, Antigua, Martinique, St Lucia and Barbados, most were not impacted by the hurricanes and those that were we had a great time on, with the islands putting efforts into making sure tourists were coming back. I don't recall there being issues, but we did not do cruise sponsored excursions on the ship. Perhaps that is what is making the difference?
  6. How much longer?

    Dawn: what are your favorite things?

    I liked the coziness of the wine bar and try not to miss having a mojito at the mojito bar on deck 13 in the same place as Moderno. The margaritas and guacamole at Los Lobos were also good, that is located aft of the buffet. The best show was absolutely Elements, don't miss it. Gatsby's was popular, but you get the smoke from the casino and cigar bar if you sit to close to either.
  7. How much longer?

    NCL Newbies Cruise the Dawn to Bermuda 10/20-27

    Really nice review. Now I want to go to Bermuda, and Boston is only an hour away!
  8. How much longer?

    Great Stirrup Cay Questions

    We were just there a couple of weeks ago. UPB can be used there and there is a BBQ place. We had a large cabana for 4, which we enjoyed, but we could have gotten away with a small one. You book it as an excursion. The cabana comes with water (normally you have to pay for this) Fresh fruit Chips and three kinds of salsa, ask and they will refill $50 to spend on a provided menu, we had the shrimp cocktail and charcuturie tray which was tons of food. It also came with four floats (normally a fee for these) The large cabanas are slightly closer to the ship, but not a lot. Other things to rent were jet skis, snorkel gear, including the new full face snorkel or regular ones, paddle boards and there was also parasailing and a snorkel excursion to a small island next door.
  9. How much longer?

    Everything.. Norwegian BLISS! - launch April 2018 -

    trying to pick a cabin and I cannot tell from the photos or the plans what the white space means on the outside of a cabin. sometimes the cabin seems to go to the edge of a deck and sometimes there is white space beyond the deck, but when I look at the photos, railings go to the edge every time?
  10. How much longer?

    Sky lunch options

    Lonogboard was not serving food, but one of the main dining rooms was open.
  11. How much longer?

    Currency Exchange

    Do the US bills have to be pristine? We got money from the bank and some bills are not "perfect" with an ink smudge on the top edge.
  12. I am debating whether to drag along my snorkel gear. I won't bother if the hurricanes have messed things up in the water and the pretty fishies aren't around.
  13. How much longer?

    Havana confusion

    Hi Rose, We are going in two weeks, can't wait! How was the island? Did you see if anyone was touring with Blexie? Also, we are thinking of bringing toiletries and school supplies, do you know if people did that?
  14. How much longer?

    Due to hurricane damage where would you want to reroute?

    I see a few posts that NCL said all eastern will be switched to western until the end of Nov. I have only seen that this is for the Escape. Has anyone heard about other ships? It makes sense, but I have not see this in writing. I sail in Oct from Mia to Havana overnight then GSC. Not sure what will happen with that. A Cuba cruise is twice the price of a normal Caribbean cruise, so I would be very disappointed to just change to a western. I also sail in Jan out of San Juan. Originally going to St Maarten, Antigua, Martinique, Barbedos, St Kitts and St Thomas with three sea days at the end, so there is flexibility for changes. I would LOVE to see the changes include Bonnaire, possibly Aruba.
  15. Hi we arrive in Tampa on a Wednesday in January, schedule says 8am. If we do walk off, is that enough time to make it for an 11:10am flight?