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  1. I had the soda package last year on the escape you just show them the card DO NOT hand them the card you will get charged for the soda that happened to me at o'sheehan's had to go to gust services to get it taken off.
  2. I am going on the bliss on march 15th checked ncl this morning my studio went down $100 to $899!!! can't wait till march!!!
  3. Going on the bliss in march my question is do they have regular milkshakes at cocoa's? I don't need a milkshake with a piece of cake on top. Just a plane vanilla or chocolate shake
  4. I am going on the bliss on march 15 2020 i checked the price today and saw that the studios went down in price by $100.01 so happy!!!
  5. The breakaway is delayed till the 4th
  6. I booked a cruise on the bliss for march 15 2020 i did a mock booking today and saw the price went down by $46 is there anything i can do?
  7. We are going on the bliss on march 15th 2020 my question does the starbucks on board accept starbucks gift cards?
  8. I just looked on ptztv webcam ncl escape just pulled into nassau always skips the private island LOL going on the escape in october hope we make it to the private island LOL
  9. We went on the gem in 2016 and had a family suite and got upgraded at no charge to the yellow diamond suite owner's suite i have a video of the suite on my youtube page which is stevenwar30
  10. I was watching the map on ptztv and it shows the escape going past great stirrup cay it skips it so much they should take it off the itinerary and replace it with a overnight in nassau
  11. I am watching the cam on ptz and it shows the gem going away from nyc it's suppose dock today maybe it's to windy?
  12. I went on the escape in june 2018 i went to the welcome abroad show it's a preview of the shows that they offer during the cruise
  13. Yep going on october 27th 7 day florida bahamas cruise on the escape can't wait!
  14. I think it is but not till late like 10pm
  15. I just looked at the nassau webcam looks like the escape is comming into nassau tonight accoring to the map the pilot boat is by the escape wonder why the early arrival maybe they skipped the pirvate island again ?
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