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  1. sorry had the wrong room number right room is 14300
  2. mine res. said the same thing i was also wondering about this not going till may 15th 2022 have room 14922
  3. Just booked my cruise for 2022 on the ncl joy from nyc to bermuda 7 day on may 15th 2022!! i was suppose to go to the bahamas back in march but it got cancelled because of the virus i have a angled balcony now the 700 something day wait LOL
  4. looking forward to spending time in the Observation Lounge!
  5. i am still going on the bliss this sunday going to have a great time!!!
  6. Watching the webcam it was suppose leave at 6pm has not left yet anyone know why?
  7. I am going on the bliss on march 15th i have a balcony on the 9th floor is it noisy being one level up from the waterfront?
  8. Going on the bliss on march 15th my question is can you use onboard credit at the starbucks?
  9. I upgraded from a studio to a balcony on deck 9 room 9732 did anyone have a room near there is it quiet or noisy? is cocos open good hours? can't wait 21 days to go!!
  10. I had the soda package last year on the escape you just show them the card DO NOT hand them the card you will get charged for the soda that happened to me at o'sheehan's had to go to gust services to get it taken off.
  11. I am going on the bliss on march 15th checked ncl this morning my studio went down $100 to $899!!! can't wait till march!!!
  12. Going on the bliss in march my question is do they have regular milkshakes at cocoa's? I don't need a milkshake with a piece of cake on top. Just a plane vanilla or chocolate shake
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