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  1. We kept all of the coins from a 4 cruise run in 2018 and used them all at once. 24 coins and all we won were useless raffle tickets. I agree the coins are better than any prizes they give out!
  2. Thanks for the quick response. Is there a list of ships that support messaging or is it still just Allure as of now?
  3. Does the app support messaging on Symphony? Last I heard messaging only worked on Allure but that was a year ago.
  4. I do like the diverse collection of ports and cruise durations. The itineraries lean pretty heavily on Coco Cay and Labadee. It looks like the TA will be a no-go for us. Hopefully they will send her back to Europe for the summer of 2021 so we can do a TA back in the fall of that year.
  5. We are doing a family cruise in February on Harmony but that is a bit too early for an October Birthday celebration! We also don’t have a TA this fall but are doing an 11 night Equinox cruise, a week in the Florida Keys followed by Symphony. That will have to do!
  6. Karen, you are not the only one! We do have a bit of a conundrum though. Our DIL has her 40th B’day on Oct. 28 and we promised we would be in town. We have been cruising the last four years for her B’day so we need to honor the commitment. If the October 22 date holds it will be a No-Go. But if it pushes to Nov. 1 or later we will probably make it happen! Otherwise, it will be nice to spend the fall in Tucson for a change!
  7. Thee are two cruise ports in Sydney. Smaller cruise ships that can sail underneath Sydney Harbour Bridge dock at the White Bay Cruise Terminal. Larger ships dock at the Overseas Passenger Cruise Terminal (OPT) at Circular Quay. I believe that the dock or facilities at Circular Quay may be too small for an Oasis Class ship. It can handle Ovation which is pretty long at 1,142 feet. Oasis is only slightly longer at 1,186 feet so it may be an issue with the width. Oasis is 208 feet wide while Ovation is only 136 feet wide. It also could be an issue with the size of the terminal and the number of passengers it can handle. As I recall, the Overseas Passenger Terminal building was not all that big. Note that Sydney Harbour is one of the busiest in the world. There are so many boats in there all the time. Perhaps it is a traffic safety issue? Also I have seen references that claimed the Sydney cruise port was operating at full capacity and no net new cruises could be added. At one time they talked about putting a new passenger terminal outside of Sydney proper to handle the very large ships. As far as I know, nothing ever came of it. I think sailing out of Sydney Harbour is such an iconic experience, it would be a shame to leave from some remote cruise terminal. I did a Google search and found an article saying that a new cruise terminal in Sydney is now an "infrastructure priority" for 2019. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/news-headlines/new-cruise-terminal-for-sydney-on-2019-infrastructure-priority-list/
  8. Someone posted a brochure from a UK TA that listed the Odyssey TA as beginning either Oct. 22 or Dec. 22 (2020) from Southampton. Both dates were on the flyer so we suspect one was a typo. I would suspect Oct. 22 is the correct date. However, nothing has been "officially released yet and you can't book anything.
  9. The brochure says Dec. 22 in one place and Oct. 22 in another. I am pretty suspicious about it’s veracity.
  10. He does not have to sail alone. You can change one of the names on the reservation and he can bring along a friend. It could be a fun "guys trip" if he has a friend that could make it.
  11. Most recently, my go-to drink in the DL has been a Moskow Mule (Ginger Beer and Vodka with some lime juice). Vodka & Cranberry is a good option as are Gin & Tonic. They can also make you a rum punch or a Bellini (using their sparkling wine, not actual Prosecco) or a Mimosa.
  12. eel


    I looked at the Edge deck plans and no sport court is to be found. Seems like Celebrity is moving away from that concept.
  13. eel


    Guys, listen to yourselves. Oh, the noise of people having fun and getting exercise. How horrible! To each their own. They have it on Royal Caribbean and people love it. They have a sports court on Celebrity so there will be noise if people use it. If you don’t like the noise, stay away from the area. It does not matter. I measured the sports court on Eclipse and it is too small for Pickleball. So it is a no-go on S-Class at least. Should make some of you happy.
  14. eel


    Lacrosse is the fastest growing team sport in the US although some would argue Rugby is growing faster. Pickleball is the fastest growing individual sport. It has grown over 650% in the last 6 years in terms of participation. I think Lacrosse has grown about 150% over that time.
  15. If you decide to stick with this flight I would purchase 3rd party trip insurance. Two good online consolidators are insuremytrip.com and squaremouth.com. You may already have coverage through your credit card so check that out. But first I would make a strong effort to get Hopper to change the flight. Ask American to send you an email documenting that the connection is too tight and then you won't be playing "he said, she said" with the TA.
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