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  1. My opinion is that food and service is better on Celebrity. Entertainment is slightly better on Royal. Activities and nightlife better on Royal. Cabins are about the same. Celebrity has more inovative itineraries. We like both lines and will continue to base our choice on price, itinerary and perks being offered.
  2. Thanks for the responses. I think you just confirmed what I thought. I probably won't use this credit until next April or October but it would be nice to make sure it is the amount I expect. Yesterday I messaged Royal Caribbean on social media about the FCC and they said "we will get back to you". Not holding my breath!
  3. We cancelled a cruise scheduled to depart April 11th on March 11th using the "Cruise with Confidence" program. At that point the cruise had not been cancelled yet. We eventually received back 25% of the cruise fare (more than 30 days before sailing) and all of our taxes and fees back as refunds. We were supposed to get the remaining 75% of our cruise fare as a future cruise credit. We never received anything about the FCC. Our TA (big box warehouse store) assured us that the FCC would be accessible through our original booking number and we could use it for any cruise we take in the future up to it's expiration date. Has anyone else had this happen with an FCC? Any suggestions on how to verify that my FCC is the correct amount and that indeed it was applied? I could call my TA again but trying to avoid that!
  4. Bummer! The indoor pool was one of my favorite features on Quantum class ships! 😟
  5. We had a one month land trip to New Zealand all planned out for March. Cancelled two days before we were going to leave! Would schedule that again in a heartbeat. I already have it all planned out. Maybe 2022. Other places: Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Greece, Israel, Bora Bora (in an over the water hut), Sweden, Spain. We have already done a lot of land travel in Italy and Australia but would go back to either again in a heartbeat!
  6. I tried signing up to get these Power Point offers but have not received anything. Is there a link to sign up?
  7. A shield is a good option if you are unable to wear a mask for medical reasons. Otherwise, a mask is better.
  8. They use dogs all the time in airport customs to sniff drugs. Maybe wishful thinking but not crazy.
  9. There are some interesting, out of the box ways to screen for COVID-19 that are quicker than conventional tests. There is a COVID-19 breathalyzer under development that gives results in 20 seconds that is supposedly 95% accurate. Dogs have been trained to detect COVID-19 in humans by smell. Some dogs are 100% accurate and they even were able to detect the virus in people that were pre-symptomatic. Showing proof of a positive antibody test may become useful if they ever get the accuracy of those tests under control. They could use methods like these in conjunction with traditional PCR testing for those that fail the screening. Nothing will be 100% fool-proof. It will be a combination of things including changes to ventilation systems, temperature checks, implementing some level of social distancing where practical and enhanced cleaning that will allow cruising to come back. And hopefully, deploying an effective vaccine sooner rather than later.
  10. They are having pretty good success training dogs to detect humans infected with COVID-19 by smell. There is a group of dogs in France that are about 95% accurate (some dogs are 100%) and they even detected it in two people that thought they were negative but subsequently tested positive. They is also a group in the UK working on this that believe they can detect it in asymptomatic people. https://www.sciencetimes.com/articles/25979/20200608/belgian-shepherds-tell-coronavirus-smelling-armpit.htm Someone is working to train a group of 50 dogs in Florida right now. I wonder if the cruise lines are funding this? https://www.wfla.com/community/health/coronavirus/florida-dogs-being-trained-to-sniff-out-coronavirus/
  11. If you had an elevated temperature I bet they would test you again to verify and may do some additional screening before they deny boarding.
  12. If they can't enforce some degree of social distancing, then they can't safely reopen until there is a widely vaccine or herd immunity. No solution will be 100% safe. That is just reality.
  13. Apparently there is effort underway to train dogs to detect the presence of COVID-19 in humans. Dogs have been very adept at detecting malaria in humans so there is a good chance this may work. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-tyne-52057543 If it is succesful and fairly accurate, I could see dogs being part of pre-screening at the dock. If the dog flags someone as infected, they would have take one of those fast turnaround tests to confirm that they are either positive or negative.
  14. No way that they could test everyone at the pier! They probably need an Abbott test setup for anyone that may be borderline on the screening.
  15. Another good video about how COVID-19 will change cruising. Pretty much agrees with most of what I have said from the beginning. Only one person's opinion so it will be interesting what actually happens.
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