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  1. I've only done this twice and both times was just a selfie in front of a lightly colored wall. Accepted, no issues. At the pier, I just walk aboard the ship.
  2. NO. Playmakers is not covered by the Ultimate Dining Package. The explanation is the Playmakers is a Bar, not a Restaurant.
  3. A combination of different accounting methods and using a price-includes-tax paradigm. They're all for sure paying the tax, RCC just chooses to not break it out. Next time I'm on board or see a friend on the inside, maybe I'll ask. If you really press the issue, they should be able to show you the breakdown.
  4. On the Symphony TA, I got paper straws everywhere except in the shake at Johnny Rockets. Not sure why that was the exception. The paper straws are actually sturdier then the plastic ones and I much, much prefer them. You can see what they look like here: Outdoor Bars on Symphony of the Seas
  5. Choose MTD. When you show up, the hostess/host should ask if you mind sharing. Say no and you will be seated with other people. The best plan however is to meet people elsewhere and go to dinner together. Then you're not stuck with the MDR.
  6. Happened to me first time. Keep your arms and knees together and you'll be fine.
  7. On Symphony's TA, the clocks seem to be particularly challenging. One morning, 4 different clocks showed 4 different times. I'll show this in a video soon.
  8. I had one on the Symphony TA. They're great, worked everywhere I needed it to, but...it's no MagicBand. The bars or restaurants don't have wireless readers so you have to either take it off, or move to the register area. Even then, the wire is sometimes too short so both barkeep and guest have to reach to make the connection. It does not work with the photographers, they take your stateroom number, but it does work at the photo kiosks. It works at the shows but you have to tap so the crewmember can see your status. You can't use it on the gangway, which I can understand. You can use it at the Muster Drill. You can't use it for the Spa pass because you sill get a sticker. Disclaimer, I never asked if they could put a sticker on the WOW Band. The biggest fail? They're not allowed on the waterslides. Um.....ok....??? It is allowed on the zip line though.
  9. On my last 2 Sun sailings, staterooms were ready at ~1pm.
  10. If your ship is supported in the app (about half right now) you can complete check-in, including the photo, on your phone. It works and it works well. When boarding Symphony in BCN, the only time I stopped moving was when they scanned the barcode on the phone and verified my Passport. Same last year on Anthem, except check-in was available only on the web site.
  11. What information can you get by calling that isn't available at NCL.com?
  12. Getaway, Escape and Epic. Love the Studio experience. Especially having coffee in the Lounge. My only gripe is I think the bed is too big for the space. A foot narrower with a chair in the corner would be great. Based on pictures, it seems they fixed this on Bliss. Don't really use drawers but there is plenty of hanger and shelf space. The 'desk' is barely deep enough for a laptop and is already cluttered with stuff. So if you need to work, head to the Lounge.
  13. Stay topside. You'll want to view Manhattan from port side, then Statue of Liberty on starboard side. Finally, you'll look up under the Verrazano Narrows Bridge.
  14. I cancelled and re-purchased the DBP weeks after buying the first time. Saved ~$100. All online in the Cruise Planner. No problems at all.
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