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  1. December 2019, Explorer of the Seas, Southern Caribbean. Looks like my next will be on her youger sister, Adventure of the Seas, in June.
  2. Why are you always so mean? All I do is remind everyone how great things are in Florida because they are. And a lot of it is because we've ignored much if the bureaucratic nonsense/nonscience coming out of Atlanta. Instead of always coming across as bitter and jealous, tell us how great things are where you are and share some examples of things your State has done to achieve a better outcome than Florida. Brace yourself, many of the thousands and thousands of visitors to our parks are from...gasp!...other States, including yours. And we're happy for the business.
  3. We waited a year for...this? Just proves the CDCP is careless incompetent bureaucracy. An intern at the Forest Service could have come up with this. All of this will be accomplished with a 10 minute meeting among the line, the port and the State. On behalf of Florida, we're ready and have been since June. Remember, all the theme park plans were approved basically overnight and reportedly by email only. Oh, and sorry to break it to some people, 'recommend' means don't bother. I think the CDCP is in avoid-getting-sued mode right now.
  4. By the time the Federal bureaucrats get around to making this barely workable (2025-ish), it will be illegal to enforce this VaxPass nonsense in Florida and other States. In the meantime, I await the first lawsuit over Influenza complications due to cruising, or even HEP A/B.
  5. Freedom of movement is an absolute right. But it would have been fun to visit East Germany.
  6. Exactly. Reality. Good nurse friend of mine is raking on the OT. Never got the virus. Loving life.
  7. I hate to break it to you but reality will eventually catch up. People are not staying home. Vacation, including cruising, is an absolute right for everybody. Our parks are packed and I guarantee barely 15% would qualify for the vax right now. No one cares. No one is stopping you from taking care of yourself. Just like no one has the moral standing to make these decisions for me. If you have reason to worry, you can choose to stay home.
  8. OMG! Wrong! And not even close. Positivity rate is even more irrelevant for reasons everyone should know by now. Like worthlessly irrelevant. Good heavens. And it's 6.2%. Hasn't been over 10% in weeks, not that it matters. Seriously, stop believing the CDC. Their money train is the only thing they care about. We should have been cruising from Florida since June. We are conclusive proof of that.
  9. June would have been better, but now that Governor DeSantis is basically the most influential active politician in the country, results will be swift.
  10. In Florida, we've had 9 major theme parks running, packed by the way for months, and there is no zombie apocalypse. In fact, Florida is doing better than most states at this point. And don't try the 35% thing, I go pretty much every day and the parks are are allowing 35% of maximum capacity but operating at maybe 50% capacity. The midways, restaurants etc are just as crowded at any pre-nonsense day. The CDC's motivations are not the C & P. They're just incompetent cronies too afraid their reputation will be tarnished if someone gets the sniffles on a cruise ship.
  11. Well, we have lots and lots of very nice things in Florida like open theme parks, open resorts, open restaurants, open beaches, open bars, unrestricted travel, no mask mandate, low unemployment, a budget surplus. We would gladly be cruising right now if not for the complete and disgraceful incompetence at the CDCP. They alone are why we're not cruising. There is zero, none, zippo, nada scientific or rational justification for their costly inaction. They're just dumb cronies more concerned with protecting their power. FYI, Hong King Disneyland just reopened in Februar
  12. They haven't published the exact requirements so there may be exemptions one can qualify for. One can also wait until the last possible day, in case the Reavers attack by then. :)
  13. Hahahaha! Ok, i'm done laughing. Come to Florida and learn how responsible people handle situations. Please, please, try to prove me wrong, you'll either learn somthing or provide some more good laughs.
  14. The 64,000 gross ton question. Friends, co-workers. People on a cruise will be more than happy to talk about thier TA. I met my TA on a cruise.
  15. I use a semi-independent TA and he's been fantastic. Handles all the problems caused by the CDC. I just email what I want and it magically happens. You have to have a good TA. If you're not happy with one, just try another.
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