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  1. Humanity has used them...and will continue to use the materials they provide. Circle of Life.
  2. Well....this took an awfully long time to 'correct'. What they should do is award the points you paid for...as a good will gesture. Meaning, if you took the FCC you keep the points. But a future no-cash cruise wouldn't qualify for points. This is similar enough to how the airlines award miles now, based on revenue. With Award flights not earning miles or points. Yes, it's personal this time since this situation bumped me to Plat. I think I would have made it anyway on my next cruise with the double point promo but still.
  3. One way to think about is not from the 'safety' perspective. There are reasons all the measures are debated. Are you comfortable complying with the operators rules? If so, that's one hurdle. But, by far, the most important consideration is your personal risk factors and what you're comfortable sailing with. This is between you and your doctor. Happy cruising!
  4. No mention of severity or outcomes so if this wasn't related to cruising, not even worth reporting. Hurtigruten required a fit-to-sail certification so if everyone survives (which was likely the case anyway), no need to freak out and cancel any sailings. Half steam ahead.
  5. Wouldn't know a NIN lyric unless Kylie did a cover. 🙃 I'm thinking of Star Trek TNG Episode Time Squared where Capt. Picard realizes after many failed attempts to escape a vortex, the only way out is to fly into it. Also a bit of Hero Worship where we learn that sometimes the more you fight nature, the worse it gets.
  6. I still haven't received notification and it still shows in my Cruise Planner (Dec 12). Anyone else?
  7. The 7 cases is more plausible than lack of crew. What does this mean? It means that the 'success' in Europe is, well, not. Never was. It means that all these efforts to contain the situation have failed. Shouldn't surprise anyone. It means that cruising will be just as 'safe' in October, or December, or 2021 as it is now. Everyone needs to judge their own risk and make plans accordingly. No one should expect a virus free environment, anywhere, including cruising, even after a vaccine. The way out is through.
  8. It is highly unlikely that any private entity will require a vaccine, especially a new one. Too much liability. And an Influenza vaccination isn't required and that has lead to far more loss over time then C19. And a vaccination for measles isn't required, nor any other disease that has a CFR much higher then C19. I wouldn't even consider a first or second generation vaccine. Plenty of unsafe drugs have passed the FDA's bureaucracy.
  9. Let's clear this up. The cruise lines did not 'ignore' the CDC, they just chose a course of action that did not require compliance. Like tax avoidance instead of tax evasion. Yes, philosophically, I will happy comply with the guidance and rules of the property owner or proprietor. I do not wear a face covering because CDC, I do so because I respect the request of the property owner. So, hypothetically, if the cruise lines and the Commonwealth of the Bahamas came up with a deal to cruise with sensible guidance by embarking at Grand Bahama with an air bridge between FPO-MIA/FLL/MCO (like the Berlin Airlift), I'll be on the third flight out...no need to get up too early.
  10. Good on Carnival for cleaning up the mess created by the CDC. I'll feel much more comfortable with what the cruise lines implement than anything that bunch of credit hogs come up with.
  11. Oh boy, I though you had me there for a second, but no. Happy to see someone like Steve Geller disagrees with me...means I'm right. I've pointed out before, ICU capacity is not a crisis. "ICU bed capacity at Memorial West Hospital in Pembroke Pines is at 180 percent." They at 180% because they just assign more beds. There is also no equipment shortage. "vice mayor said people’s ignorance about the virus and insistence on not following the rules" He's just a politician having a fit because people don't agree with him. There's also other considerations. We're definitely not facing the devastation wrought upon New York. Sooner, not later, our Ports will be welcoming people again.
  12. And they should be suing the Japanese, US and Australian bureaucrats who kept everyone confined in close proximity on the ships.
  13. Um...no. The question is weather the cruise lines will require a vaccine and since they're never required one before, for much deadlier diseases, zealousness is the only reason to require one for the ccv. I can't count the number of vaccinations I've gotten because of national entry requirements, still completely different topic. And yes, that was my prediction. I can't be held responsible for bureaucrats too worried about their reputation.
  14. Ummm....exactly. It's less common on cruises ships because of protocols. The cruise line get the bad rap because only they are required to report it making it seem like noro is a cruise-only problem.
  15. Because only the cruise lines are required to report noro cases. There's no way to correlate the number of shore side cases, which is higher. Perhaps you missed previous conversations so, the number of reported positive test results is a meaningless measure as it does not indicate prevalence or outcomes. It's just a number of cases, not the number of cases. Flatten the Curve, not Prevent All Infections. The curve is under control. Yes, ICU utilization is increasing but...they can just designate more ICU beds. Despite being a 'hot spot', Florida's survivability rate is still top half among the states, ~24.
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