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  1. I live in Pennsylvania and I bought my policy through Allianz but I just thought I’d ask here because it probably would be a similar answer.
  2. Hi! I’ve purchased travel insurance already for a cruise booked for July. I called Royal Caribbean and found out the price of my cruise has dropped. Do I have to get my policy changed and will I lose the pre existing waiver if I call back and take the lower price? Thanks!
  3. Hi! Does everyone sharing a cabin have to purchase a refreshment package or is that just the rule for the deluxe package? Thanks!
  4. By any chance were you in cabin 7307? We just booked that cabin on the Indy and I’m hoping we don’t have that problem.
  5. Has anyone stayed on deck 2 midship on the Independence? Is it true it is very loud due to the waves. I was thinking of moving to deck 3 but deck 4 has a lot of bars, so wouldn't it be just as loud? I apologize if this is a stupid question, but I've never been on the Freedom class ships. Thank you for your help!!
  6. I just checked my account, and the $50 has not been added to my OBC yet either.
  7. We were original scheduled to go April 11, 2021. We just rebooked on the Symphony for the same week, just leaving a day earlier. I hope Cozumel, Roaton, Costa Maya and Coco Cay are good ports. I booked mainly for the ship since this will be our first cruise!
  8. Central Park was my first choice, but they didn’t have any available for 3 people😟
  9. Me too, but do you know if there is a lot of movement?
  10. Hi! I’m thinking of changing my cabin from an interior to either a boardwalk view or promenade view. I didn’t even know there were a couple of cabins available on deck 7 to view the boardwalk until a friend told me. Is there a lot of movement on the boardwalk? I would prefer an outside view on the boardwalk, but nervous about seasickness. Please give me your thoughts. Thanks!
  11. Thank you! I was wondering if the water would be warm enough!
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