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  1. Yes, I read "the restrictions". Depending on who is interpreting them, one could delete everything so I'll just ask anyway, I thought this site was supposed to be an information and ADVOCACY for cruisers site? What about the people who have already had Covid, so they no longer need to be vaccinated. Don't they matter? Right now, places, including yours, aren't even giving them a say. Imagine being someone who has had Covid, now has immunity, is going above and beyond by DONATING their blood so their immune cells can be harvested to help others, especially those that can't get the vaccine for other medical reasons? No one is speaking for them. Taking sides? I thought Cruise Critic was supposed to be on the side of the cruiser? Boy, was I wrong. If all you are going to do is repeat the CDC, stop wasting everyone's time. I read in your story that "the public" wants vaccinated cruising only. What public? I'd like to see the survey. More likely, that's a made up assertion, which is typical these days. Your position SHOULD BE, if you are afraid of catching something on a cruise, don't go. Fear is a lousy way to live your life.
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