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  1. We have had cove balconies on both the Breeze and the Magic. Loved them both. No, you don't get much sun but, you can't get a closer view of the water. Where else can you enjoy your morning coffee while watching flying fish and dolphins and the sounds of the big blue. We have never experienced odors of any kind but there has been a little salt spray, nothing objectionable. On the Breeze we were below the galley, that was really loud starting around 4:30am so beware of location. The extra feeling of privacy compared to other balconies makes these our favorites on the ships that have them.
  2. Sad to see her go. We sailed both, the Inspiration and the Imagination out of Long Beach. Imagination was one of our worst (if any are truly that bad) cruises and Inspiration was one of our favorites. Always enjoyed the Fantasy class and will mourn each one as they go. Memories live forever.
  3. Or there is my perennial favorite. "My significant other doesn't drink, is pregnant, has a medical condition. Can I get a waiver for cheers and only pay for myself in our cabin? I swear I won't share, all drinks will be for me alone!"
  4. If all else fails, I could be available to use it for you! 😉 Hope you find something that will work.
  5. I did. It made it easier to reserve in advance.
  6. We booked with Bernard's Tours in September and really enjoyed the tour of St. Maarten. We had an air conditioned van with a very knowledgeable driver and tour guide. She gave us the history of the island along with multiple stops for shopping, pictures and sightseeing. We would highly recommend them. They also were easy to find outside the port, just look for the large white tent and provided our own personal photographer! Rum punch, beer, soda and water were also complimentary.
  7. When we were on the Magic recently they had Woodford, Buffalo and Duke bourbon at Alchemy and Blanton's at the Steakhouse. They also have Templeton rye at Alchemy which is my bourbon alternate.
  8. We just recently had 2325 and noticed no noise or odors either. A few years ago we stayed further back on the Breeze and under the galley. There was considerable noise on that cruise starting around 3-4 in the morning. Hope this helps. Enjoy your cruise!
  9. I don't believe the Magic or any of the Dream class have a Havana area. I thought that was only on the Sunshine and maybe Vista classes?
  10. For our trip, the seas were some of the calmest we have ever experienced! Considering Dorian was in the Bahamas headed to Florida at the time we were expecting worse but the captain headed towards Cuba and the seas were like lake water.
  11. We sailed on the Magic recently out of Port Everglades and there was some country music referenced. They had 2 different country music trivia games, the one in the atrium was a lot of fun with dancing and group games. We also had the playlist production of Country Roads but I believe on that ship it is only performed on 8 day sailings. We remember a couple years ago there was a lot more country played on the Lido deck but not so much anymore. In the common areas there were just occasional country songs in the rotation of piped in music. We did not have any live country bands during our cruise.
  12. We also had it on the Magic last week and it was tender and delicious! We both ordered medium rare so YMMV. I love a good rib-eye but this was a worthwhile option.
  13. We were just on Magic last week and the gift was the lanyard. Lots of people were wearing them, unfortunately I am not a lanyard guy.
  14. The Miracle was one of our favorite ships so far! In my opinion, Spirit Class and Conquest Class offer a perfect balance of size, options and layout. We would not hesitate to sail her again!
  15. Just off the Magic and after the recent reviews and questions I have read here, I thought I would share my observations. This won't be an in depth review and I have no pictures so just a 10,000 foot view. Some quick info about me so you know where my views come from. This was my 14th cruise, 13th with Carnival and my 11th different Carnival ship. It was just me and my angel, no kids or friends joining us. We had a cove balcony, mid-ship on the starboard side. Our favorite room type! I reached Platinum (finally!) on this sailing and so we had the benefits that come with that. Here are the top 1
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