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  1. It's not particularly Choice Air. Welcome to air travel on any major carrier (other than Southwest Airlines.) They have all moved to selling a bare bones economy class (where bags and seat assignments are considered luxuries and paid separately) or an upcharged regular economy (not even referring to "premium economy" here) where you pay for these basics. I booked United flights on Choice Air for an upcoming Miami sailing. Never had the option to select a more inclusive fare, so I'll get stuck with bag fees. Choice Air is just passing on the lowest fare offered by the airline. Those typically do not include bag fees. This is the state of air travel these days.
  2. You are correct that this will never happen. Not if they are "Revolutionizing" the entire fleet for a budget of $500M. Also, of all the love-it-or-have-it aspects of Edge, I think the "wildly popular" infinite format is the most reviled. I haven't read any review from a long term Celebrity cruiser who actually likes the infinite veranda. I showed videos of these to a friend who travels regularly on balconies or suites on Royal. She said, "Ewwwww, that's horrible! I'd never book that." Another friend who is a travel agent and cruises Celebrity frequently said, "If you gave me a free cruise right now on either Edge or any other X ship, I would not choose Edge. There's no feeling of being outside. You're inside your cabin, staring out a window. It's like an Oceanview room with an opening window. And forget about allowing 1 person to sleep late in a darkened room while the other enjoys the morning outside." I do wonder if they will quit this aspect of the Edge design after Apex is rolled out. As for the OP who hates the neutral decor tones of Edge cabins... I really like the aesthetic. It's clean and bright and breezy...until 2 years of cruisers have left their mark. A dry dock may come sooner than later.
  3. My favorite excursion while on Solstice a few years ago was a combination White Pass Rail with Bike tour from Skagway. We took White Pass on the gorgeous ride up to the Canadian border, then were picked up by a separate tour company that equipped us with rain gear and well maintained mountain bikes. We rode downhill the entire mountain, through twists and turns, with photo stops at many scenic areas, and then finally Mendenhall glacier. While there were a handful of very short uphill segments (like a minute or 2 each,) the ride was mostly just coasting down the mountain back to Skagway. It was a super fun way to see a lot of scenery and stay a little bit active. But honestly, any person who is out of shape but comfortable steering/braking a bike would be fine.)
  4. As other power said, for Southwest, there is never any risk in just buying it. If fares go down you rebook, then the overpayment becomes a credit for future travel. While you don't get a refund, you at least recoup the $ for other travel, which I believe is good for 12 months,. If you rarely travel, and you won't use the SW credit in the next 12 months, then you're gambling a bit. No way to know if fares will drop, and if so, whether they will drop for the dates of your choice. I always have a few trips on SW every year so I don't mind it at all. Once I was planning a trip to Disney in Orlando and didn't know which of 2 different weeks I could get off work. Since their were great $120 round trip fares, I bought them for BOTH weeks, knowing that I'd just cancel the flights for the week we didn't end up using, then spend those $ for a different trip in the future.
  5. We cruised on an end-of-season Solstice cruise that started in Seattle, ended in Vancouver, so we tacked a couple days on each end to explore both. Vancouver is a lovely town to visit, highly recommended. As for which ship...Solstice was dry-docked in late 2017, so while it's a slightly older ship than Eclipse, it may actually have been updated more recently. The whole Celebrity fleet (other than Edge) are undergoing "revolution" over the next 3 years, starting with the older ships in the fleet. However, Solstice was fairly recently freshened up. Not sure about Eclipse. Pick your preferred trip, rather than the ship. All the Celebrity ships, regardless of age, are well kept and with outstanding service.
  6. And for the record...I have attempted a dozen times to rotate our pic right-side-up! Also attempted to replace the pic. No luck. (Disclaimer added to mitigate judgey thoughts.)
  7. Celebrity cruises (as you have discovered) are the most likely to have the social mix you are looking for. Like most people (gays included,) the 40+ set is more likely to have the resources for higher priced cruising. Celebrity does a good job of balancing price with some luxury touches, while hitting the "premium" market (not luxury.) Obviously a generality, not a rule as you are seeking this kind of vacation, but I'd be curious if you find what you are seeking on the luxury lines.
  8. Say hello, fellow cruisers! Joel and Cory from Houston, TX. We had such a nice time on Solstice in Alaska a couple years ago, met sooooo many nice gay folk which really made the trip even more fun than we had imagined. We are ready for another one. Seems like it’s a known thing that everyone finds the others at the Martini bar around 7 pm each evening. Looking forward to making some new friends.
  9. Clearly my husband and I are on the wrong sailing, Equinox on 4/13. Roll call is silent. We met so many nice guys on Solstice a couple years ago. Hope to meet fun people on our cruise.
  10. Looking to connect with other LGBT cruisers on this sailing.
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