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  1. offtopic

    SLO Live/SLO Jam 5/10/2018 Bliss

    Looks incredible, have an amazing trip!!
  2. offtopic

    Bliss - Live 4/21

    Thanks Doug for all the photos, have been following along and getting even more excited for my cruise in under 2 weeks!
  3. offtopic

    Live from the Bliss - TA 4/21/18

    Thanks for all the photos!!!
  4. offtopic

    Bliss - Live 4/21

    The menu actually lists sautéed mushrooms for this dish and not beans. Maybe he requested them as a substitution or maybe the chef made the change. Edit: Actually the beans are also mentioned as part of this dish.
  5. offtopic

    Bliss - Live 4/21

    OMG did a double take and you are right! I’m losing my mind haha. When I went to look at the photo again I noticed the poster above me seems to be correct in saying the last 2 are hidden behind the champagne bottles (under the mirror). This thread is cracking me up haha. I’m in my late 20’s and I swear my eyes are going 🧐😆
  6. offtopic

    Bliss - Live 4/21

    If you include the 2 at the top right of the photo which have similar looking caps, then yes there are 24!
  7. offtopic

    Bliss - Live 4/21

    Thank you two for uploading pictures during your vacation, I am living vicariously through you (albeit enviously lol)!
  8. offtopic

    Live from the Bliss - TA 4/21/18

    Thanks for taking the time out of your vacation for uploading so many pictures. Enjoying!!
  9. offtopic

    They’re Here! They’re Yellow and sticky!

    Ah ok, thanks for the information! We are in a mini-suite aka balcony with a nicer shower lol, so that makes sense.
  10. offtopic

    They’re Here! They’re Yellow and sticky!

    When I printed mine for a May 2018 Getaway trip the luggage tags are teal/aqua. Not sure how some people got them sent to them as I was told this cruise line you had to print them yourself.
  11. Oh crap you’re right I made a mistake. Thanks for correcting me and glad your vacation went well!! I hope to go on the MSC Seaside eventually out of Miami.
  12. Was it scary hitting the dock?!? Glad everyone (you included) made it back safely!!
  13. offtopic

    Apple products for sale vs. excursion?

    It was on a previous Celebrity sailing about 2 years ago. I was wishful thinking/hoping the duty free shop maybe?
  14. My partner and I have over $300 obc on our upcoming cruise and we don’t want to “waste” it on an excursion we can buy with our own money for half the price. On a previous cruise they had apple products, and I really want the new apple airpods which retail for $159 plus tax in the states. My question is, do I wait until I board to see if the airpods I want are on board and book the excursion then or should I book the excursion with our cruise credit in case it will be full by the time I find out what the deal is. EDIT: We are on the Getaway 7 day Western Carib. in May 2018.
  15. offtopic

    Just got a call from Norwegian Cruise line

    Wow, what a strange response. They're your suggestions and opinions that they solicited, she doesn't need to attack you like that!