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  1. Thanks for posting! Important information.
  2. I am a physician! 😂 I have no problems at home or when traveling, it was just the last cruise I’ve been on or when I used to live in the extreme cold up north that the extremely dry air bothers me. I will try contacting the cruise line directly tonight. Thanks for replies.
  3. I tried searching this forum and celebrity’s website and found the only restriction is against flammable objects. I have one of the newer humidifiers that is the ultrasonic type where no heat is generated at all to create the mist. I don’t see how it would fit any category on the prohibited items list but I also couldn’t find anyone confirming they have successfully brought one on. The reason I was to use the humidifier is because last time I sailed was on a balcony on the NCL Getaway and the room was always extremely dry to the point that I would wake up extremely uncomfortable and congested from the dry air. A few times we resorted to leaving the shower on hot to humidify the room but were uncomfortable by the heat and afraid the fire alarm would go off as we saw visible steam. We are staying on an infinite veranda very soon and are actively packing and thought my humidifier would be the perfect solution. Any advice/experience? Perhaps Celebrity might be able to lend us a humidifier in our room for our cruise? Perhaps the Edge rooms do not stay extremely dry? It was always my thought they did it to prevent any mold that could lead to odor and allergies for other guests that they kept the room so dry, however I don’t remember having a problem on the previous cruise I took on Celebrity Silhouette.
  4. Similar traveling dates to ours, looking forward to your review!
  5. Awesome! Do you know if that part of the spa, the SEA Thermal Suite you mention’s access included with Aquaclass?
  6. I have not been able to find any definitive answers, please forgive me if it’s been covered before. I will be sailing in Aquaclass on the edge so have no forward ship access apart from the gym and the spa. From the videos and photos I’ve seen there is clearly a deck out in front of the spa, as well as doors. I have not seen any photos/videos of anyone out there at all though! I love feeling the breeze in my hair as I look forward on the cruise ship. Any experiences/photos would be greatly appreciated.
  7. 🙌 Agreed. As long as technology use isn’t hurting anyone else like his creepy photo taking habits may be, let people do what they want on THEIR vacation.
  8. Thank you for this! I will be on the edge shortly and our last cruise on NCL they had banned straws. We are beginning the packing process and we’re considering whether we needed to pack our metal and/or rigid reusable plastic ones. I just searched the forum for “straw” and found this post. I have never had a problem with the paper straws as long as I get a fresh one with each drink. I hope this is the same on the edge that it was for you on the Reflection.
  9. Have an amazing trip! We board her in a few short weeks and cannot wait. Looking forward to more posts here.
  10. So basically it sounds like the deck plan is useless it for determining bed orientation. I guess it will be a surprise when we board. We will be happy either way! Thanks for the replies.
  11. Hello everyone, I will be returning to Celebrity once again after a few years (and am extremely excited to do so) but I can’t find the information I need. I was under the impression that my cabin on Edge had the bed by the bathroom based on these (http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/EDGE/17055722_CEL_Deck_Plans.pdf) floor plans but a family member who watched room reviews told me it’s opposite. If anyone can please clarify I would be thankful. I am booked in 10266, family are in 10264. EDIT: I checked the spreadsheet and found neither of these rooms.
  12. Cruising in about a month and it couldn’t come sooner. Following along for the photos!!!! Thanks for doing this.
  13. So included in my cruise booked through a TA is a 3-night dining package, beverage package, and OBC. I looked on the NCL website and the packages for 4 or 5 night cruises are not too much more than the 3 night package. Is there any way to upgrade the 3 night package to 4 or more nights and only pay the difference in price between the packages (plus the extra gratuity/service fee) once on board with OBC?
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