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  1. https://www.nola.com/news/coronavirus/article_83d07a24-2b9e-11ec-b699-97307056c479.html Article in the New Orleans newspaper today.
  2. The American Duchess is in Memphis right now
  3. Just curious: What were the planned activities in Tunica? I continue to wonder about the reason the Queen stays in Tunica instead of going upriver to Memphis. For us, it seemed possible that mechanical issues were at least part of the reason. And you mentioned mechanical issues again this week. By the way, I see that the American Duchess is docked in Memphis right now.
  4. According to cruisemapper, the Queen is docked this morning in Tunica. I guess that’s where you’re boarding today. Tell us about your experience 🙂
  5. For our cruise, the Express Menu was the list of dishes available from the buffet line in the Main Dining Room. You could get up at breakfast and lunch and serve yourself if you didn’t want to order from your server. Front Porch May have been the same, but we didn’t use it much.
  6. Actually, we have communicated with them by email and in a lengthy telephone call. Their representative said they have received complaints from many of our fellow passengers. They’re building a lengthy file on our particular cruise, and it has gone up to the highest levels of the company. So they are taking these problems seriously, and I commend them for that.
  7. On our September cruise there were less than 300 passengers. Full capacity is something like 450. It’s probably just as well that there are fewer passengers, considering all the staffing and retention problems they have experienced lately.
  8. Indeed. I see from cruisemapper that you are at Nottoway. It sounds lovely. Enjoy! (Our cruise bypassed it in the middle of the night trying to make up time.)
  9. Please keep posting. We got off the Queen on the 27th in Tunica after an extremely difficult week featuring mechanical issues, COVID-19, missed ports, and extremely poor communication from the ship’s officers. Ironically, the one bright spot for us was the food. Looks like that is now messed up as well.
  10. Because our stops in Nottoway, Vicksburg, and Greenville were all cancelled. We did have one more stop that was a late addition, Terrene Landing. Some people went to the Grammy Museum there, and they said it was good. I skipped that one. So yes, only two times off the boat all week
  11. It seems as if our upstream trip got all the food, and your downstream trip got all the excursions. 🙄 Not necessarily an even trade, to be sure. I only got off the boat twice, in St.. Francisville and in Natchez. Tell us about your shore excursions.
  12. As we just disembarked in Tunica on Monday, I’m interested in reading your reports! Tunica was a mess for us too. Everyone was supposed to vacate their cabins by 7:30 AM and wait in the Saloon for their bus number to be called. We did so. Trouble was, the boat was late docking (again!), and even after they arrived they just couldn’t seem to maneuver into position so they could tie up properly. That took another hour or more, and they were finally able to unload the luggage, and then gradually the passengers, but the first buses didn’t leave the dock for Memphis until about 10:00 AM. It was another hour’s drive to the airport, and at least a couple dozen people missed their flights. I’m very surprised to hear about closing the Front Porch cafe on Deck 3. That was a very popular alternative for many, with the round-the-clock popcorn and ice cream. Perhaps the self-serve aspect was considered a no-no by the CDC. I hope the service in the dining room improves for you. I posted elsewhere about the 2 passengers with positive Covid-19 tests that were put off, along with their spouses and at least two crew members, in the middle of the night on Wednesday somewhere in northern Mississippi. Our butler Adam was one. This was finally explained by the Captain FOUR DAYS LATER in a 60-second announcement. In the interval, the crew started masking up, but the passengers were left completely in the dark. This demographic was definitely high-risk. Here’s a random question for you: Is the Rent-a-Generator still lashed to the deck on the bow? 😐
  13. I apologize. “Seedy” was probably an overstatement. We are still reeling. This was the Hilton Riverside. There are other Hilton properties in New Orleans, but the Riverside is where we spent two nights. The first night we booked independently through Priceline. The second night was part of the AQSC booking. As for the hotel itself, there were problems. There was one elevator where you could get in, push a button, the door closes, and nothing happens. It got to be a running joke. The only food service was an understocked Starbucks in the lobby. Housekeeping only if you request it (they do not tell you this when you check in). Our first room had an unbearable roaring noise coming from the bathroom fan that could not be turned off. They moved us. Our second room featured a domestic dispute in the room next door with yelling, pounding on the walls and doors, throwing furniture, etc. After several calls, hotel security finally showed up. I will say, however, that the AQSC breakfast buffet on Monday was outstanding. Too bad nothing like that was available the rest of the time. The other problem with the Hilton Riverside did not affect us, but we heard about it from numerous people on board the Queen later in the week. Multiple groups, including some as large as 24, were notified on very short notice that the reservations they had booked months earlier for Wednesday through Saturday were just abruptly cancelled. No reason given. No alternatives offered. The fact that our booking was through Priceline seems to have made the difference for us, but a lot of people were left scrambling at the last minute. Hopefully these problems are temporary. Good luck!
  14. I see from cruisemapper that the Queen is currently in Vicksburg. Good for them. On our northbound cruise last week, we had to skip Vicksburg, Nottoway, and Greenville due to a 28-hour delay departing New Orleans. Replacement portable generator finally allowed us to get started. Between the Covid-19 onboard, the missing ports, the seedy New Orleans hotel, the disastrous disembarkation in Tunica (a couple dozen people missed their flights due to hours-long delays), I would never dream of booking another cruise with this company, no matter where, when or how. (Edited to add: One more thing. They lied to us. They told us we could not dock in Vicksburg because of low water levels. Amazing how that water level could have improved so much in less than a week that they are docked there today! The communication on this trip was disgraceful. I wonder what else they lied about.) Everyone onboard the September 20 cruise should have gotten 100% refund.
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