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  1. emdia43

    Early Flight from Ft.Lauderdale

    There will be dozens of taxis outside, you should not need to book a car. We did the self assist off Allure. You could leave starting at 0630. We had breakfast in the Windjammer, walked off at 0730 and were at the airport before 0800. We had a 1010 flight..
  2. emdia43

    New Program called "The Key"

    No way. It just means more amenities are going to exclude us peasants, more of the time...
  3. emdia43

    Mike's solo Norway adventure!

    Oh, I thought it was 21 everywhere...... Good to know.
  4. emdia43

    Mike's solo Norway adventure!

    Can I ask, how did you manage to book a room alone if you were only 20?
  5. Any photos of the swimming pools? Thanks
  6. emdia43

    Soda = $$$ OUCH

    Just don't order any pop with your room service, they wanted to charge me $4 a can for Sprite. Is that gouging or what? .
  7. emdia43

    "pure chaos" as Sunshine lists

    It sounds like the Crown Princess "technical error" listing in 2006. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crown_Princess_(ship)
  8. I was trying to find the price of your zipline/slides excursion but as usual the RCCL site is down...... can you tell me what you paid and what rides/pools were there.
  9. Not sure if Cosol tours are still operating. https://www.stlucianewsonline.com/added-breaking-news-three-arrested-in-connection-with-murder-of-cosol/ He always had rave reviews.....
  10. emdia43

    Well, this is unfortunate

    S.N.A.F. U.
  11. We were just on the Allure and I never saw so many scooters and there were several parked outside rooms every night as I made my way down the hallway. You need to book them at least 3 weeks ahead.
  12. We just did the self assist disembarkation on Allure and it was the best one yet. They gave 0630-0830 as the time you could leave and we went down about 0730 expecting ( based on past experiences) to be standing in a very long line, shuffling slowly out. But the exit point was via the dining room off the Promenade and we walked straight out. At the airport (FLL) in a 15 minutes. We had booked a flight at 10.10am, the only other choice was 4.30 PM so we hoped for the best. MIA is about 20 mins from the port so you should be fine...
  13. emdia43

    diamond and gold boarding

    We boarded Allure on 9/16 and it took about an hour after checking in for us to get onboard, but our family that are Gold were another 1 1/2 hours getting on. They segregated everyone, could not go outside your level. Worst boarding ever, VERY slow.
  14. emdia43

    How does my time dining work?

    First time we have had MTD and none of the times we wanted were available for booking, so we just showed up and waited 5 minutes at the most.