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  1. All passengers in a stateroom have to purchase the drinks package if one does unless things have changed again…
  2. I would definitely post all of that on their Facebook page. Social media criticism can often generate a better response.
  3. JoJo’s world and Kyle Pallo. They are new cruisers and very entertaining. It is refreshing to see a cruise from a newbie point of view. From experienced cruisers ‘Our two suitcases’ videos are fun and very professionally done.
  4. So vaccinated parents with an unvaccinated child all have to use unvaccinated areas ?
  5. He could sign a note to attest to your state of health at the moment that he examined you, but RCCL is asking him to look into the future too and assure them you won't have any problems once onboard! This requirement had nothing to do with keeping you or the crew safe, it was purely to shift liability from them if you did get ill.
  6. We haven't seen multiple post from people explaining how difficult it was to make a reservation, or pay them money though, the problems only arise when you want a refund .
  7. It's not that they will mind you dying on their ship, as long as your lawyer blames your Dr and not them.
  8. I think he will have to obtain medical clearance before he gets back on a cruise ship....
  9. If you are healthy and over 70 it should be no problem. MD is just stating you have no chronic health condition or immunodeficiency . He may require you to have a complete physical . It is just a statement of fact at the time you were examined. It's just those with disability and chronic conditions the cruiselines are refusing to carry
  10. Yes, cruise ships are public accommodations.
  11. No but they are not denying based on age- (if you are 70 and healthy you can cruise) they are going to deny for health reasons - any chronic condition that would predispose you to complications from Covid 19 infection. It is very selective. If you have heard the latest demographic reports, African Americans are disproportionately affected by Covid19- and in younger age group- and are suffering many more serious complications and death. Are they going to exclude for reasons of race too or just those who have disabilities or chronic conditions? I don't see how you can apply this rule outside of a pandemic. IMO
  12. It's all about shifting liability from the cruiseline to the poor Physician. This policy was developed in a time of crisis and national emergency. It is not going to survive once this pandemic is over. You cannot deny public accommodations to people because of disability.
  13. I am sure this rule will be challenged in court as soon as practical.
  14. Yes they do. https://www.vaxvacationaccess.com/the-compass/cruise-lines-and-accessibility-what-you-should-know/
  15. I cannot imagine how they could enforce these requirements and still comply with ADA regulations. If someone is disabled by cardiac or pulmonary disease, uses a w/c and oxygen but is otherwise stable, how are they going to deny boarding? I guess the way around it would be to claim limited mobility, and all of us with chronic conditions should roll up in a w/c !!
  16. Really not much to do with protecting passengers and crew - these are CYA maneuvers, meant to shift liability from cruiseline to Physician.
  17. You will probably need to go in for a complete physical ahead of time.
  18. The note just addresses whether you have any chronic health condition such as heart lung liver or kidney disease or immunodefficiency status due to HIV/AIDS or diabetes, which would make this person susceptible to complications arising from infection with Covid19. I attest that this person is fit to travel on cruise vacation. It is not asking for a statement certifying you are currently free of infection. This is going to bar an awful lot of people from cruising, isn't it? If you have hypertension stay home....
  19. I imagine that once this pandemic is over and cruising returns to a semblance of normal, cruise lines will again be required to comply with ADA regulations.
  20. That is the best explanation and the best advice I have seen yet.
  21. Since he has excluded the UK from this ban, does this mean anyone in Europe can just travel to the US via London ?
  22. So anyone from Europe wishing to come to the US can just come via the UK ?
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