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  1. Thanks, although not all TAs are the same, my last 2 did not get the price adjustments for me... and one even got the price difference but tried to keep it. Until I found out.. than it was given to me. No extra perks. If I book it myself I have total control and have the ability to make changes without delay. thanks, I will message you if I have any TA questions!
  2. That’s kind of what I was thinking. I am fine with my current price, just thought I might be able to save a couple bucks. thanks
  3. My cruise is nearly a year away but I want to follow and watch for potential price drops. Is it possible to do this if you have a specific room type (aft wraparound balcony)? All those room types are already booked so I can’t mock book it.. assume no price drops would be available than? thanks all!
  4. I am on this cruise in March. Appreciate your review as I am new to NCL but not to cruising. Looking forward to it! thanks again!
  5. I have travel medical insurance - ALWAYS.. just not trip cancellation insurance.
  6. Just to be clear. I was not asking nor expecting a refund back for the cruise. My choice NOT to get insurance and I am okay with that. I was only seeking my drink package to be refunded, which in the end it was. Everyone has to decide for themselves if they want insurance or not. For this cruise I opted not to as it was a fairly inexpensive cruise and on the off chance (as was the case) that I couldn’t make the cruise I was fine being out the money for my husband and I. This may not be something others want to gamble with and that is fine too! Already booked a new cruise! And probably won’t insure it either. However this time I am brining my DD.
  7. Thanks I did call back and the first agent was misinformed. I got my taxes back (wasn’t expecting) and my drink package monies back. I am a happy camper now!
  8. No travel insurance- but not likely a qualified reason to cancel anyways. DD has mental health issues and she wasn’t doing well so we cut our losses and came home from Miami. I am fine with no refund on the cruise but thought drink package should be refunded at least but they said no refund on it. Only taxes could be refunded as per above answer.
  9. So I had to cancel my Cuba cruise the day of cruise on the Empress (cruise would end today) and I know I don’t get my money back. However I asked for my drink package to be refunded but they said they don’t refund drink packages. Wondering if anyone has been successful at getting their money back for the package? Also, since I paid for the cruise do I still earn my C&A points for it? 🙏 Thanks!
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