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  1. Me too!! Oh well, might not be on the ship, but will definitely be following along. Sounds like you guys are going to have a great time with so much fun stuff planned. Can't wait! 😊
  2. Thanks for doing this semi-live review FionaMG. It's definitely harder when the internet is not cooperating, but I'm really looking forward to your impressions of Adventure when she's sailing full (over-full?). We are looking at a Spring sailing, but I'm a little worried about the possibility of much heavier crowds. P.S. - Love the pic at Labadee!
  3. We skipped Izumi Hibachi because two different people told us we couldn’t use the UDP with it. I thought you could (which is why I asked the 2nd person) but she also said No. Did you do it with the Unlimited Dining Package? You should definitely do a review if you are the least bit interested. You will need the internet package. But it’s fun to look back through your pictures a few months from now when YOU’RE ready for your next cruise! 😁 And flowrider pics would’ve been great! We watched, but I couldn’t bring myself to post photos of strangers. And you won’t find me tr
  4. Yeah, I started reading (it was really a rabbit-hole of information- in a good way) and saw there’s a lot there. I will look at the other link you provided as well. I know the camera can do a lot more than I have used it for. And I would love for it to become second-nature to use the controls and settings underwater. I definitely think the more I use it, the more comfortable it will get. And the better the pics will be. Thanks for your help!
  5. Thanks for this! I bookmarked the link. I would never remember to keep a printout with me, but I almost always have my phone. 👍😊
  6. We will have to make a point to find each other on a future cruise. But I loved following along with your thread at the same time as I was writing mine. It was great to see some of the things we missed! And you obviously had a wonderful cruise. I look forward to meeting you and LaLa sometime soon. 😊
  7. I agree about too much food. It was really nice to have the choices, but by Day 4 (on cruise #2 - so actually Day 11) we felt like we needed to just eat some salad or something. 😩 It’s funny you mention Jamie’s. That was where we skipped the apps and just ordered a plate of pasta and a dessert. Our waiter acted like we were ill or something. Made comments all night about how we were “on a diet.” Yes. That special pasta and cheesecake diet. I should be so lucky. 😑
  8. So happy you followed along! Would’ve been great to have met you. Something to look forward to on another cruise. 😊 We drove home. Not sure if that was better or worse. Better for my ears, worse for my anxiety. Pretty sure Mark looks at the Turnpike as a sort of competition. And yes. The laundry and yard work have begun. 😩 On a positive note, fall has officially started in Tampa. It was 58 degrees when I went outside this morning. Of course, it’s already back up to 74, but I take what I can get. 😊
  9. Thanks. Just walked in the front door a few minutes ago. Missing Symphony already. 😩
  10. I liked it for a hot day on the island, but definitely needs to be good and cold. And went well with the crispy chicken sandwich. All in all it’s a pretty light-drinking beer and the fruit flavors, while present, didn’t taste overpowering. Took this pic so you could see color. And, yes, they had the Floridian hefe and Top Gun IPA.
  11. And goodbye gifts in the cabin. YOU get a pin! And YOU get a pin! 😀😀
  12. Included. And definitely better than the buffet. Food tasted hot and fresh. 👍
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