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  1. Good afternoon everyone. Hope everyone is having a good week (it's only Monday as I type this lol). I was down two pounds this week for my Saturday weigh which was nice to see. Still another 17.4 to reach my goal. I think I finally admitted to myself that losing that 17.4 pounds might be obtainable but my imagined result of being "gut free" probably would require a lot more weight loss. It has been nice seeing my stomach shrink some the past few months but I don't think I was really being honest with myself about how much weight I'd have to lose to have a flat stomach. With tha
  2. I'd be open to a later sailing but the cost would have to be a lot cheaper to offset the $750+ FCC that MSC won't let us use beyond September 2022. When I called today I was trying to book for 10/29/22 and they wouldn't let me change the booking to that date and still apply the FCC. I'll check it out though, if the savings are good enough I'd let the FCC expire.
  3. Never received a call from MSC, something they wanted to do, and they haven't sent any additional emails to me. I finally gave up since our final payment was due in four days and I didn't want to shell out an extra $5,000 and hope that MSC gave it back to me (lol). I was chatting with my folks recently and mentioned our issues with our upcoming cruise and they mentioned that if we couldn't work it out they'd be happy to schedule a cruise with us (they prefer Princess and Celebrity). My Dad is finally retiring and they usually take us on a cruise every five years for our wedding anniversary
  4. I was completely ready for a gain this week despite a lot of hard work which was going to be disheartening. After spending about fifteen hours in the gym this week cycling (47+ miles) and lifting weights I lost a whopping 1.4 pounds. I’m 19.4 pounds away from my goal, which is still a long way from a “healthy” weight but I honestly think I’d look unhealthy at that weight (another thirty pounds). In other news, we are canceling our October MSC cruise and rebooking for late 2022. I’ve been trying for more than a month to get our booking fixed after they screwed it up and am getting no
  5. Only down 0.03 pounds this week sadly but it's still a loss. I didn't make it into the gym as much last week since work was a bit crazy and I wasn't as motivated as I should have been to go prior to work. Still hit the gym everyday but there were no morning and evening visits like in previous weeks. Goal this week will be to make at least nine visits to the gym in seven days. Possible moderate gains in my bicep circumference measured by my wife. We're not sure when we should be measuring that honestly. I feel more "muscles" right after a gym visit but I'm not sure if that stays or
  6. My unofficial daily weigh-ins show me up about two pounds the last few days. I'm hoping it will drop back down by the time my official Saturday weigh-in gets here. My wife and I are doing some reorganization of our clothes and getting some things together for donation. I ran across a button up shirt I had never been able to wear. I wrote the reason why on the tag years ago. Now that problem is fixed and it's too loose and too long in the sleeves. It's a good problem to have I guess. Good luck and great work everyone!
  7. I've never felt the need to use a TA, my parents regularly do, but my patience is running really thin right now. Sent an email as requested by the phone agent on 06/15/21. Received the following response on 06/22/21: Dear Mr Prime Booking No. XXXXXXXX We recently received a request to help with changes on your booking. We would like to help but need further clarification on what is needed to be adjusted. Can you kindly provide a number and time when we can call you to discuss the changes. We appreciate your patience B
  8. Had a pretty good workout yesterday. Currently cycling right now, then weights. This afternoon we’re heading to movies for a 70s double feature of Jaws and Taxi Driver. Need to be careful not to blow my diet while at the theater lol.
  9. Down 1.6 pounds this week. Not super happy, seems the losses are getting smaller and smaller but maybe next week will be better. From my 06/05/21 weigh-in to today (07/03/21) I'm down 6.5 pounds. I didn't even start unofficially checking my weight for the first two months of working out since I wanted to focus on the routine, not the weight. I'll never know with certainty how much I've lost since I started. My goal right now is to lose another 21.1 pounds before our 10/23/21 cruise. That number will put me into a different "century" weight class if you get my meaning. I've got six
  10. Our fourteen night cruise on the Meraviglia is a mess now. We have two separate bookings now, in two different cabins. Sent an email to the Existing Reservations email address per the suggestion of the phone rep that was assisting us in mid-June. Heard back within a week acknowledging that some work needed to be done on to correct our booking and MSC requested a good contact number and time to call me. Replied the same day and have emailed two more times since but no one has ever called me. Their email asking for a good contact number and time to call was received ten days ago. Not really sure
  11. Haven’t weighed in yet, tomorrow (Saturday) for me. I’m a bit worried, I feel like I slacked off after two good weeks. Hopefully I’m just being hard on myself. We’ll know more tomorrow I guess lol.
  12. Keep up the hard work everyone else. Went to the gym ten times in seven days. Ended up losing 1.9 pounds. Not as big of a loss as last week but at least the scale moved in the right direction. I tried on a black/red sequined blazer I picked up a few years ago that I’ve never been able to button up, let alone wear out. I originally thought it would be fun to wear on MSC’s Italian night or something to wear for a fun photo on the Swarovski staircase. I tried it on Friday night and was able to button both buttons. It’s still tight (slim fit) but that’s pretty exciting progress
  13. Still trending up on my "unofficial" morning weigh-ins, about a two pound increase from Saturday. Hit the gym twice on Sunday (once in the morning, then hung out at the pool, and then went back to gym in the evening). Then visited the gym after work on Monday and Tuesday. I'd like to hit the gym twice more often but I'm not much of a morning person like my wife is so I don't join her very often for her 6am workouts lol. If the weather is nice on Friday I might get up early with her, hit the gym at the crack of dawn then work until noon at home, hang out at the pool and work in the afternoon an
  14. Trying not to beat myself up, I don’t think I’ve been very good this weekend (food wise). Back in the gym for the second time today, cycling as I type, trying to work off today’s cookout at my in-laws. At least Arby’s was closed so I avoided the $1 Root Beer float I was craving on this hot and humid day lol.
  15. Great work everyone. Down 2.2 pounds from last Saturday’s weigh in. I was concerned I was going to gain based on my “unofficial” weigh in on Thursday. Went to the gym eight times in seven days, cycled almost thirty miles and increased my weights on several machines. Would love to lose another five pounds by July 4th weekend. Might not be a realistic goal but it’s worth trying for.
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