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  1. I can understand wanting to be able see people faces. It certainly makes non-verbal communication easier especially when you smile at someone and then remember you have a mask on. With that said, I think it's a bit odd to say that you won't cruise anymore if you can't see people's mouths. You won't see the mouth of any cruise staff member if you refuse to cruise because of a mask policy. On the list of things that are important to me on a cruise seeing the mouth of a bartender, cabin steward or waiter is really, really, like scraping the bottom of the barrel low on the list. I think most of us are tired of wearing a mask but I'm not going let a masks ruin an otherwise enjoyable vacation. Edit: On the topic of "cruise normalcy," right now in the United States we're at 0% since we're not cruising. If we can get back on board in 2021 that going to increase dramatically even with vaccination or mask requirements. If me or the staff wearing a mask is the worst sacrifice we have to make I still think we'll have 90+ percent of the "cruise normalcy" that we had before.
  2. No one is forcing you to do anything lol. I encourage you to stop debating me whenever you feel that you can resist.
  3. A new "strain" or "mutation" that still required new vaccines. Split whatever hair you like. I haven't bought into "lies." I watched the news conference and heard what "leadership" said. Thank you for giving me permission to continue believing whatever I like. My beliefs by the way are based on scientific evidence, not vacation wishes and conspiracies. Sorry that you don't wish to continue debating an opinion that you willing shared on an internet forum. Sadly that's not how this works; you post an opinion, others are allowed to agree or challenge it.
  4. I think a lot of people are forgetting that Covid-19 isn't just a Salmonella outbreak, it was a new disease and the response to it was built from the ground up. I don't think anyone would dare say that it has been handled effectively from day 1, day 180, day 365 or day 486... it has been a work in progress the entire time. A year ago "leadership" in the United States was suggesting people inject bleach to kill Covid, six months ago we didn't have an approved vaccine, and three months ago we barely had anyone vaccinated. Getting the guidelines "right" and being "reasonable" are a moving target that I admit the CDC probably hasn't hit the bullseye on often enough. Ultimately they're still trying to protect people from a deadly disease that a lot of cruisers seem to think is a hoax despite the headstones to the contrary. That disdainful attitude is part of what has gotten the United States into trouble. Most scientists are fully aware that they "don't know it all" but they also know a hell of a lot more than most people about infectious diseases and how and to whom they spread. Many scientists are also more concerned with saving lives than pushing a business agenda. That does inconvenience those of us that enjoy going to restaurants, movie theaters, and... cruise ships but that doesn't mean they're wrong to prioritize human lives over the travel industry.
  5. I'm sorry but I think this is a super weird thought process to have. Why do you care if the crew are wearing a mask? Do you care if you see restaurant or bar staff wearing gloves too? You have a lot of control over how many guests and crew you encounter everyday. The crew doesn't have that option, many of them will interact with hundreds of guests a day and perhaps a mask will help them stay healthy from Covid or other airborne illnesses. Pretty much this... I've flown several times since Covid began and haven't gotten a cold after flying for the first time years. Maybe it's masks, maybe it's better air filtering or improved cleaning between flights but I'm going to continue to wear a mask and sanitize my own seat on a plane from now on. Huh? CDC stands for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Why wouldn't the CDC be involved in the cruise industry? If there's a disease that can spread to multiple ports of call, spread to a local population, and then spread to other ships that are going on to visit multiple ports themselves why wouldn't the CDC be involved in that? Controlling and preventing the spread of diseases is their job, not making vacation dreams come true. I can understand a certain amount of frustration with the process or lack of clarity between the CDC and the cruise lines. Bureaucracy is almost always frustrating but without oversight from organizations like the CDC consumers would be at much higher risk. Who do you think performs the kitchen inspections on cruise ships? That's right, the CDC. If oversight is needed to make sure that raw chicken is being kept at the right temperature it's a pretty safe bet that the cruise industry needs guidance when preventing the spread of a deadly disease.
  6. My wife and I got married in 2007 on the RC Adventure of the Seas sailing from Puerto Rico, it was lovely. That feels like a lifetime ago now and I honestly I would be wary of attempting to get married on a cruise in 2021 since we haven't seen the industry get going from US ports yet. Getting married on a cruise ship involves a lot of moving parts and currently thing are just really unstable. I'd hate for your daughter to get her heart set on a specific wedding/cruise date and then have that postponed due to Covid.
  7. Ugh, I wish this going into effect a little bit earlier for the Meraviglia. We're currently set to sail on 10/23/21 for 14 nights, the Easy Plus package goes into effect on 11/13/21. For an extra $11 per day that would be an easy decision to make since I don't drink Miller Lite or Heineken and I feel a little bit silly ordering a virgin daquiri and a shot of rum (to combine myself) to get around their silly alcoholic frozen drink policy.
  8. Fingers crossed that the 10/23/21 voyage on the Meraviglia actually sails. We're booked for a 14 day itinerary that isn't listed on the MSC website anymore except for when I login to review my booking. Originally it was supposed be a Divina repositioning cruise from NYC to Miami but after Covid hit it was automatically changed to a combined back-to-back Miami to Miami voyage on the Meraviglia in one of the Aurea suites with a whirlpool on the balcony.
  9. I've seen people doing yoga in the gym on the Merviglia. That gym had a dedicated area with mats where people would do certain floor exercises.
  10. The Meraviglia documentary from the same series is a good watch as well.
  11. They did in fall of 2017. No idea if they still do or how to check on that. Perhaps the most "recent" daily programs would shed some light on the topic.
  12. You can or if you book an Aurea cabin the thermal spa pass is included along with one sixty minute massage for each adult (2) in the cabin.
  13. We really enjoyed the cafe that was located near the theater (hopefully I'm remembering that correctly). They served coffee and gelato which often went well together after dinner but before a show. The drum music was sometimes a little overpowering but that wasn't a nightly issue. We also really enjoyed the theater. The shows were nice, but as a film buff I was overjoyed their weeklong Jake Nicholson showcase every night around 10pm or 1030pm. Honestly I was bit disappointed when were on the Meraviglia because they didn't do anything like that.
  14. On both our MSC cruises, and our upcoming third, we've booked the Aurea Experience. On other lines we pay extra for the thermal spa pass, usually book at least one massage each, my wife enjoys the private sundeck and the drink package is nice bonus. When we've done the math the additional Aurea cost seems like good value for money for us but your mileage may vary depending on what other things you usually book onboard.
  15. We have not experienced anything like that on the Divina or the Meraviglia. The MDR was always open for breakfast and lunch. There was never a buffet set up in the MDR and menus were always offered. On Norwegian we've seen staff members alerting people entering the MDR area of what the theme at the buffet was going to be but never vice versa.
  16. Jeez, that still not what she said. If you want to correctly paraphrase her then it would go something like this, "This is a joint problem, I can't speak for all parties involved in the decision." I'm ready to cruise too aside from the fact that I'm a week away from being eligible to be vaccinated. If a cruise line is ready to cruise with all guests being vaccinated I'm all for getting the ball moving on that. That's not what most people seem to be discussing though. A lot of cruise critic members don't seem to be interested in being vaccinated, nor have I heard much from the cruise companies that sail from US ports on what their preferred vaccination policy might be. Perhaps if Carnival, RC, MSC and others took a firm stand on the vaccination issue that would help grease the wheels on getting the "No Sail Order" lifted.
  17. I stand corrected with some of that information then. From what I'm seeing now, of the over 1,000 arrests, more than half were from out-of-state. I didn't see any information about the ages of those arrested. With that information in hand, if slightly less than half were Florida residents there's still going to be some college age people down there too. Regardless of the age and state of residence of those partying is that really going to improve the amount of Covid cases in the Miami area over the next few weeks? I guess that depends on who you talk to since there's a few on here that seem to think that this is just a bunch of hysteria whipped up to kill the cruise industry.
  18. Her answer? "I'm not going to make any decisions." What's strange is what she said and what you read don't seem to be lining up. She didn't say she's not going to make any decisions, she said it's not entirely up to the CDC to make the decisions that she's being asked about. I'd love to see cruising plans from the US start to be announced, I'm booked on the Meraviglia in October, but that doesn't mean that the US is ready yet. It's interesting that so many US citizens don't like to be compared to other countries or follow their example but in this instance because Italy, Germany and the UK are doing it, it's the right choice for the US.
  19. Please provide any evidence that the spring break issue is because of people coming in from outside of Florida. I'll wait as you prove that students from University of Miami, Central Florida, FIU, Boward, Valencia, UF, FSU or any of the other dozens of Florida colleges that might attract spring breakers aren't down there. 542,000 dead in the US alone, 32,741 dead in Florida alone. DeSantis' strategy hasn't worked, it continues to not work. Telling yourself that it has worked is just a lie that you want to believe like a kid that won't give up on believing in Santa Claus. Um, most diseases you have to be tested for so please don't act like that is a disqualification from it being dangerous. You continuing to focus on the survival rate instead of the amount that have died is a callous way to try and cover up the victims of Covid. The amount of people that have died in Florda alone is enough to fill the MSC Divina more than nine times, let that sink in for a moment. Nine Divinas, filled with 3,502 passengers each, sailing around the Caribbean filled with dead bodies despite the 99.97% survival rate (cite that source please) that you keep clinging to. Please stop claiming the this pandemic is over just because you're selfish and want to go on a cruise.
  20. To those that keep attacking the CDC, re-read that article. So you're mad that the CDC is stating that they don't have the final word on lifting the "Conditional Sailing Order?" "The CDC Director responded with the following the answer: This is an inter-agency decision, it is not a decision solely up to the CDC so I would be remiss if I would do that by myself because the decision is not solely up to us.” Just because you're tired Covid-19 doesn't mean that it will just disappear despite all your hopes and dreams.
  21. Knowing some people that live in Miami it sounds like it's a combination of out-of-towners for Spring Break mixed in with locals also wanting to party. There are a lot of schools in Florida and many of them have reputations for partying. I doubt there's a lot of senior citizens heading to South Beach this weekend to party but there are definitely a lot of 18-35 year old citizens that want to party because they think that Covid-19 can't/won't get them.
  22. Lol, are you really saying that you think Miami is ready when the Mayor just declared a state of emergency, issued a curfew and the police are clashing with crowds to get them to disperse less than seven miles from Miami cruise terminal? If people in Florida worked half as hard to stop the spread and get vaccinated as they do complaining about the pandemic and wanting to return to normal they'd be a lot closer to that goal.
  23. Cities like Miami can think they're ready for cruising to resume but events like this give me a lot of doubt about the feasibility. https://www.cnn.com/2021/03/20/us/miami-beach-crowds-clevelander-covid/index.html Why would the CDC think it was safe to have tens of thousands of travelers visit cities in Florida to then hop on board floating cities with destinations throughout the Caribbean? They might as well just load up the ships with plague rats and aim them at Nassau.
  24. I do think it's the CDC and I don't think they're wrong to have instituted the "No Sail Order." Other countries have done the same and I'd like to think that the CDC is considering lifting the order as we get more of the US population vaccinated. Last I heard we were at 12% being completely vaccinated. We're likely not going to see anywhere near 100% vaccination for several reasons (that I won't pollute CC Forums with) but as that number climbs the likelihood of US sailing will increase. The CDC isn't the only government agency that has stopped countries from cruising worldwide (i.e. Canada, Australia). Similar agencies around the world know that cruise ships are floating cities with closed "eco-systems" that any disease, Covid or otherwise, can quickly spread through (including the ports-of-call). The CDC, and other disease control/prevention agencies around the world are there to protect people's lives, not their vacations plans.
  25. I get that we all want to return to normal and get back to cruising but should "putting pressure on the CDC" really be a priority? Their role is to control and prevent disease, hence their name... "Centers for Disease Control and Prevention." More than 540,000 people have died in the US, including over 32,000 in Florida alone. Instead of putting pressure on the CDC maybe we should think about supporting the CDC so we can finish the vaccination process and enjoy cruising again. I'm not trying to be rude, I'm incredibly hopeful that my cruise this fall on the MSC Meraviglia from Miami actually sails with me onboard. With that said, I'm more worried about there being an outbreak that sets the cruise industry back if they jump the gun by cruising too early.
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