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  1. This recent thread would be a good place to start... https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2774708-thinking-about-msc-only-cruised-holland-princess/
  2. I haven't cruised with HA but we've been on Princess once with my parents and sailed twice with MSC (and have a third cruise on the books for this fall). We really enjoyed Princess but it's definitely geared toward an older, more reserved, crowd. With that said we wouldn't hesitate to sail with them again. For the price we still enjoy MSC more. Like "shipgeeks" said, you'll be the minority onboard which we really liked. We felt like we could go for days without hearing other guests speaking English which was really nice since we didn't feel like we heard as much complaining from the "Ugly Americans" lol. We've never had a bad meal or an unfriendly encounter with a member of the crew. Portion sizes might be a little smaller than many cruisers will be used to with other American lines but it's not like you couldn't ask for more (which I have). We've loved the thermal spa, the theme nights and the theater entertainment. My biggest complaint with MSC is about the Easy Drink Package which is offered with a lot of their promos. It's just isn't very good compared to what a lot of other lines offer but we're not big enough drinkers to think spending the money on the upgrade is worth it. I just wish their basic drink package included a few more beer and daquiri options, nothing major.
  3. I doubt, unless MSC really restricts the capacity, that a lot of these smaller islands could handle 2000+ passengers easily if they're mostly used to handling yacht sized ships.
  4. MSC may have moved a lot of bookings to that itinerary from previously canceled trips or they're holding a lot of cabins back until they know a bit more about what the future holds.
  5. If you've already booked, click on "Manage Booking." There should be at least a partial list including prices on the "SPA & BEAUTY" tab.
  6. Glad hear that no one was injured. Hopefully she wont' be laid up for too long.
  7. Any changes to what's being offered in the packages? I.E., Is there more than one beer (Heineken) offered with the Easy Package?
  8. Unfortunately I'm not sure. MSC did just add quite a few Northern European cruises for 2022 just in the past few weeks so at least they're still working on scheduling. I'm really hopeful that they become a little more adventurous with their Caribbean schedules. The current Caribbean schedules are so dull; I'd much rather see them head further south (i.e. A, B, C islands) instead of just sailing in the immediate vicinity of Ocean Cay.
  9. Do you recall your cabin number on the Seaside? We had a shower only bathroom on the Divina but enjoyed the tub on the Meraviglia.
  10. Is there anyway to find out which balcony cabins have a bathtub versus a shower on the Seaside? I was able to find one cabin review on YouTube showing a Fantastica class balcony with a tub. I found that cabin on MSC's website ship map but there wasn't any identifiable markings showing that it had a tub and not a shower. We're trying to find an Aurea balcony with a tub but we haven't been able to find one yet or determine how they're identified on the deck plan map.
  11. We love the Aurea experience. With that said I don't think the value of the package is as good now as it was on our first MSC cruise (2017 versus 2020). On the first cruise we had a very good drink package that included gelato and all the specialty coffees, the second cruise we only got the Easy package which is really worthless for us considering what we typically enjoy drinking. We both enjoy the spa area, we both enjoy our included massage and my wife loves the private deck area so that aspect of the package is totally worth it for us. I also really like the included room diffuser which saves me couple dollars versus buying it in the gift shop. We won't book any experience lower than Aurea; we do like it a lot since it includes services we always pay extra for when cruising. Unfortunately it's not the amazing value it once was.
  12. We've cruised twice with MSC (Divina and Meraviglia), both with the Aurea experience. I don't recall any wait times for the MDR with Anytime Time Dining. On the Meraviglia last fall there was hostess out in front of the MDR that would check one of our cruise cards and send us ahead to be seated even if there were other guests waiting (which wasn't often).
  13. This is the page I keep getting hung up on since the update when I try to search for the additional Voyager Club discount sailings. I can log into to my account, I can search for the additional VC discounts but then the site asks me to select my VC membership number which I can do. There's no where to click inside the MSC Club Member box and if I click anywhere outside of the box I'm taken back to the MSC Homepage and have to star the process all over again. Anyone else having similar issues?
  14. Thank you for posting the menu. Perhaps this should be pinned to the main page along with the other Menu threads. Is the OC YC restaurant open in the evenings as well or is it only open for lunch?
  15. Lol at MSC improving the look of the website but completely failing at making it any easier to use. I was hoping that they'd make it possible to make smaller payments online since it only allows you to pay the entire balance online. I guess we'll keep calling to make payments on payday. Since the update I've been routed to a page saying my email hasn't been validated and that I can't access certain pages from my country (USA). I also get hung up on the Voyagers Club additional discount pages when it asks me to select my Voyagers Club number. No matter what browser I use I can't access the page with the discounted prices despite it showing my Voyagers Club number in the pop-up box. Maybe more improvements will be released soon but after three plus years of this substandard website I'm not expecting much.
  16. I don't recall all of the specialty dining options on the Seaside but if we did YC we would likely not buy the 3 or 4 Specialty Dining Package like we've done on the Mera and Divina. We'd probably only visit one or two and perhaps only go if they were open for lunch. For instance, we thought the Japanese Steakhouse on the Mera was nice but we have those at home and we wouldn't feel like we were missing out if we skipped it on the Seaside. The seafood options offered in YC look decent so we could probably skip the seafood specialty restaurant since we dined there previously primarily because the MDR didn't offer much in terms of premium seafood.
  17. The idea of a Whirlpool sounds nice but the room design seems really poor. We don't go on a cruise to watch TV but we still watch it before bed (etc) and the placement of the TV in relation to the bed appears to be terrible. The Grand Suite looks nice but videos on YT haven't blown me away versus a standard Aurea balcony. My wife really enjoys the private pool areas so I think she'd really get a lot of use out of that. The Easy Drink Package was pretty worthless to us last year on the Mera versus the drink package we had in 2017 on the Divina. I think we'd get a lot more use out of the YC drink package. Again we're not heavy drinkers but I'm about as likely to drink sea water as I am Miller Lite.
  18. The Thermal Spa is nice but we'd actually lose getting the two included massages going with YC instead of Aurea. Obviously we could just pay for the massages since we usually add in and extra couple of treatments each depending on the length of the cruise.
  19. My wife and I are trying to decide between booking a Grand Suite or Whirlpool Suite (Aurea Experience) on the Seaside or a Yacht Club Deluxe Suite. Our biggest apprehension is that we're going to have a hard time going back to the Aurea Experience after Yacht Club on our following cruise (already scheduled for October 2021). Our first two MSC cruises were both Aurea Experience and we enjoyed them immensely. We'd like to try Yacht Club but we never felt we were missing anything with Aurea. Anyone have any experiences going back and forth between these two "classes?" Yacht Club is about $1000 more than the Aurea cabins. Just a little more background; we are not heavy drinkers but we do enjoy sampling a few drinks (3-5 per day each). We have dined at at least three specialty restaurants per cruise with MSC otherwise we have dinner in the MDR. We only visit the buffet at breakfast or lunch but never dinner. We take full advantage of the Thermal Spa include with the Aurea Package.
  20. Does anyone know if MSC has contracted an art dealer for the Meraviglia's US sailings this fall and winter? I called Park West last week and they didn't think they were going to be onboard for the 10/28/19 repositioning cruise from NYC to Miami. I don't recall which company held the auctions onboard the Divina in 2017 but I remember them saying that MSC didn't do much with art auctions since that's an "American tradition." Park West is the auction company onboard the Seaside and I don't think they're on the Divina right now either. Park West emails me weekly about registering for our next cruise to get a "free art work" and a bonus bid credit which I can't take advantage of since it doesn't sound like the Meraviglia will be hosting them. We look forward to the auctions even though we rarely go home with any art over $100 but it's still a bit of extra culture... and no, it's not about the free champagne.
  21. I had asked a similar question about Halloween on the Meraviglia. Not much information was available. Glad to hear that at least some ships celebrate the holiday.
  22. I'm sure this is a turn off to some cruisers but honestly I prefer this type of policy. MSC is also the only cruise line I've been on that has asked parents to take their crying/screaming child from the MDR. Again, I'm sure some people will find that appalling but I find it refreshing. If you want to wear what you wore to the beach to lunch or dinner you're free to do so... at the buffet. It's not asking a lot that you wear sleeves to dinner, etc.
  23. So there really isn't a distinct Italian restaurant on board anymore? That's a little disappointing. We enjoyed Eataly when we were on the Divina in 2017.
  24. I need to get a call from MSC offering me a free upgrade to YC lol. When recently called to rebook our next sailing for a lower price the CSR asked us where we got our $100 OBC since it was in our booking notes. We had put money down for a future cruise while on the Divina that was supposed to come off of our bill at the end of the cruise but that didn't happen despite several calls before the cruise ending. I ended up having to call Customer Service after the cruise to have the $100 applied to our future cruise which wasn't very easy either and required a Supervisor to review.
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