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  1. They are on here if you use the search near the top right of the main board and in the drop down select in this forum. The last one I saw was a live review in September titled Watch me Sip watch me lay lay
  2. I agree with you. I have two little ones at home and have been on many cruises before I had kids with them running around, but its usually in the area like pool, putt putt and maybe in the halls. They aren't harming anyone, they are just kids and having fun. If you want to avoid them there are many ways and area's to do that. The elevator thing is just impatient people. You are on vacation in the middle of the ocean, where are you in a rush to go? Take a walk/detour and find another elevator.
  3. A few things from sailing over year that I have learned especially on the bigger ships. If the elevators are a issue for waiting for them, could be after a show or dinner time is that if you are try to get back to you cabin or another part of the ship, say you are at the front, just walk to the middle to the next set of elevators and it should be less wait/crowded. You are on vacation and on a cruise, you shouldn't be in a rush to get somewhere. I get some people are older and don't want to walk out of their way to get some where. Another tip if you get out of a show just hang out in the theater for a while and let people clear out and then check out the elevators, like I said, you shouldn't be in a rush. As far as smoke goes in the casino, I am not a big gambler, but I do like to play a little and also watch people play other games I might want to try to learn, but smoke is a little frustrating. My mom is a pretty big smoker, but she is pretty considerate and doesn't smoke as much on a cruise and I just wish sometimes others would think the same and just not smoke in the casino, but I know it is allowed so I don't spend much time in there so I don't get really worked up about it. But I have also found if you go in the early hours of it opening and not late at night you can avoid the heavy smoke times. It's been 7 years since I have been on a cruise and can't wait to get on the Symphony in April!!! The last one I went on was the Allure and thought that the big ship was amazing and I didn't feel like it was ever crowded. Maybe I've never had a bad cruise experience yet, but to me on a cruise for a week, don't have to work, don't have to cook, don't have to make my bed, there isn't much I can complain about. Happy cruising, because I know I will be in April!!!!
  4. Ok that's what I thought when I inquired about it a while back
  5. So does the Refreshment Package no longer come with a cup to use at the free style machines?
  6. From reading other post some people did say if you had the other person's sail card they would give you the drink. So one of you could go up there with all the cards ask for 6 with a bucket and then just take turns going up there. Or if you go to the same person they might remember you and just need one card for him to go off of.
  7. It just went back into my account today! Yay. It on;y took calling them 3 times. I think if I never called them they would of never processed it because they said there wasn't even a active ticket on it and had to create one.
  8. Im sure they get home sick and they do work long hours. If they seem a little try to do something nice for them. Either slip them some cash so they can send more money home, or ask their coworkers if they know if there is something and buy them a little gift. If you have followed Chris's post that works for RCCL he mentions that in his post. All those crew members work hard and it is always a quick turn around for them every week.
  9. I called them Wednesday and they had to manually run my ticket cause they said no one had a ticket in for the refund. They said it would take 3-5 days. If I don't see it by Monday I am going to call them back. It shouldn't be that hard I would think. They know who all cancelled, it shouldn't take a company this large to refund the money to all.
  10. I called them yesterday and they didn't have a answer really for me and were suppose to call me back, but never did. This is the only thing I paid for extra and my parents paid for the cruise and some excursions and got their full refund already. Kind of annoyed it would take them this long.
  11. I just don't know why it would take this long to get my refreshment package back. My TA said maybe not till mid to end of Oct. That sounds a little slow
  12. Yea, I am still waiting on my refreshment package refund from the Harmony..My TA said around October I should get it back
  13. I was suppose to be on the Harmony for September 1st, but do to Dorian they were cutting it short, so we chose to get a refund for the cruise and will be going on the Symphony in April. I bought the refreshment package for the Harmony, but didn't use it, so how would I get it to transfer over to the new cruise because I didn't get a refund back on my card when the cruise was fully refunded with our cruise insurance.
  14. Monday. And I also read that they will decide if the HOS will be late getting back into PC because the storm will be right over the port on Sunday afternoon, so they might extend it getting back 😞
  15. I will be on the Harmony on Sunday and got the email as well and it stated that they will have a update tomorrow by 3 if they will make a new stop
  16. As soon as your on the ship can you connect to WiFi or is it not till you leave port?
  17. Do they have a omelet station in the solarium? Or do you have to out to go out to mini bites?
  18. I’m cruising with my parents soon and they are diamond plus members. Do they get free/discount on dress clothes to be ironed or pressed? My mom used to bring a travel iron but now they are banned
  19. Maybe it will pop up soon. Was just curious, thanks
  20. How far out will the menu for the ship pop up on the app? I am 5 weeks from sail and the menu comes up blank
  21. Staying on the ship when it port can be nice. Don’t fight crowds at the pools, elevator, food areas, etc. If you google cruise compass Harmony you can see current ones for itinerary. 7 weeks till I go on and can’t wait! It’s been 7 years since I’ve been on a ship. The Oasis class ships are awesome. Tons to see on the ship
  22. I have my fingers crossed. I will be on the HOS
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