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  1. Another Princess problem off Fort Lauderdale just been announced.https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/tourism-cruises/article241008101.html
  2. The latest person in the U.K. to have passed away is said that have returned from a Caribbean cruise. The news article I have read doesn’t say which ship or cruise line however.
  3. I am not expecting to win if it’s sold out, just seems a bit silly offering the option to bid.
  4. I have just put in my bid and had an email confirming bid, which they will let me know if accepted nearer the time, but when I have gone on to the website it shows as being fully booked!
  5. Thank you for this. We were originally booked in YC on MSC in Asia for these dates but cruise got changed because of the corona virus. It looks as though the perks for Haven are not as good as YC but I have put in a silly bid if we get the upgrade good if not que sera!
  6. Thank you have put in minimum bid, it’s not the jacuzzi but that would be nice it’s the bath in the bathroom.
  7. We have just received an upgrade bid email. We are currently in a balcony cabin on the Getaway. The email shows we can Bid for a penthouse balcony from £310 per person. 1. How does the Haven compare to Yacht Club on MSC? 2. We have the drink and dining packages already as a perk do we get any other drinks eg champagne in the Haven included? 3. Do any of these cabins have a bath as opposed to a shower? Thanks!
  8. Where do you go on the Getaway?
  9. Reply from our TA re 11th April cruise.
  10. Owner and his dog in Beijing, this is from a Chinese newspaper.
  11. From the Guardian.
  12. We are still waiting for news of our HK to Japan in April, would like to get it cancelled or confirmed as want to make alternate plans as is over Easter.Air China who we are travelling with are still selling the flights we are booked on, and MSC is still selling the cruise on their website.
  13. Daily Mail is a source of Fake news!
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