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  1. Are you sure re the bill in USA? When we have been in restaurants there is a charge for tax and then you add the service charge between 15 and 24%. In U.K. we usually add between 10 and 15%. In France and Greece service charge is already included in the price so we just leave few euros on the table as we leave.
  2. We had good service from all the Butlers we encountered. On the last day we gave our 2 room butlers €50 each and the ones in the top sail €20 each. Also in the restaurant €20 each at the end of the week as we were never on the same table. This was in addition to the daily service charge.
  3. Yes from the UK and we have nothing extra to pay as the grants are also included.
  4. Totally untrue, we booked through a travel agency in UK a few years ago and they said couldn’t be done. In end we did it on ship was an extra 15%. Our next one in October we called MSC and they did it for us. BTW if this is the Hong Kong to Japan in April we are also on that sailing. Our Japan guide book got delivered today coincidentally! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. We have a Canada out of New York October next year and have used 2 vouchers for that and we have the grats, drink package and 3 night dining package included and the price is not bad.
  6. We are going to use them as they have different itineraries I will just be wishing we that we were on MSC!
  7. We got 4 for $500 which is good value if you like the product!
  8. That’s who we got ours with and because it was the last day we bought them we got 4 for the price of 2 Instead of on board credit.
  9. Do you ever wish that you hadn’t been impulsive and bought future cruise vouchers for another company! And you have ended up with 4 that you obviously have to use and would really prefer to be on MSC!!! And because you have had to book a cruise to use some of them, you have no holiday allowance left for a couple of years so you can’t book another MSC until 2021... After the 2 that we already have booked that is...
  10. Those are the ones showing in the app available to book for the October Meraviglia Cruise.
  11. We had it on the Divina, we were left an invite in our cabin. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. This has been answered for me now on the book and it seems the answer is yes. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Is there drink service in this area? I can’t remember if I have already asked this question...
  14. Michael from Mexico in the Top Sail Lounge was lovely also a lady called Sodhevi she has a very serious face but is lovely and friendly! But be careful if she realises you drink whisky...
  15. We didn’t experience this at all on the Divina! The only time we saw anything relating to sales was a stall for Effy in the concierge area and that was only on 1 day for a few hours oh and a lady from the spa on the day we boarded for if we wanted to make any appointments.
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