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  1. Thank you so much for this photo and the info. 105x50 meters is also very impressive. Even better than taking a tour of the stadium would be enjoying a game in the stadium. Thanks again, Cherie p.s. I'm happy for you that Feyenoord won the October 2015 game.
  2. Thanks Copper 10-8 for the info on the hull colors. The seal of Rotterdam is indeed impressive. Hopefully it will be exhibited somewhere on the new ship. And I will be watchful for optical Aleutians! Thanks again, Cherie
  3. So interesting to see these ships without a dark blue hull. When did HAL adopt the dark blue hull as a signature feature? Also, even with the tugs these two ships seem awfully close together. Cherie
  4. Shetland is as previously described. A great mystery series but I sometimes am not sure they are speaking the same language I speak. The accents are, I'm sure, spot on but I really have to pay attention. The scenery is amazing. Cherie
  5. Whenever anyone uses the word "surely" in response to my husband he says the same thing. Funny how some things from movies are such a part of our lives. Cherie
  6. Thanks USN59-79 and Copper10-8 for the photos. I hope the fireplaces at least have something that resembles a fire when on a cold weather itinerary. I just thought the photo AMYR posted looked like a real burning fire. And, from what she said about the crossing it would have been a very welcome spot. We had a home that was built in the 30's with 3 fireplaces. All had beautiful mantles but none were up to building codes. We put electric fire logs in them and at least had the appearance of a fire. The luxury of a real fire on a transatlantic cruise or other cold weather itineraries is pro
  7. Copper 10-8, Thanks for posting the Jungle Cruise photo. One of the things that struck me in AMYR's original post was the fireplace in what appeared to be the lounge. I can't even imagine a working fireplace anywhere on a cruise ship, or any ship, today. Thanks again, Cherie
  8. This has to be one of my favorite posts. What fabulous photos of what must have been a fun adventure with your mom. My first cruise was on the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland in 1955. Not quite so elegant!!! But not much has changed, including the jokes. Cherie
  9. Copper10-8 - You can probably polish that halo a little and it will be back to normal!!!! Cherie
  10. All great memories. Sorry, I thought you had been on WC segments of more than one cruise line in 2020. You have certainly had amazing experiences. And, I'm sure, many more in the future. Cherie
  11. Wow. Thank you so much for this post. This type of behavior would make me want to put my finger down my throat and gag. There were several posts on 2020 HAL WC blogs where "entitled" behavior was observed and the observers burst out laughing. You seem to take segments of more than one WC voyage and that may be the "ticket." It's such a special experience and not everyone can repeat it. Thank you again for your post, Cherie
  12. REOVA and Cruise NH, Thank you for these posts. I am one, of possibly many, who follows the HAL WC and the WC of other lines. When we take our first WC I don't want to be treated like a second class passenger because we are not "known" to the crew. I think it wonderful that crew and passengers develop a relationship but not at the expense of "newbies." TheInsideCabin gave a wonderful live report from their first HAL WC and they have been on others. It was nice to see that they did not feel like fish out of water. Thanks again for your posts that welcome all crew. Cherie
  13. There is quite a difference between "enduring" and "endearing". I am using the word "hoodlums" as an endearing term which I use frequently. We all have our association with words. Cherie
  14. Actually, YES. I use hoodlums as an endearing term. Previous comments have been made that FO clientele may not welcome Americans because of their behavior. I find most Americans to be delightful and I use the word "hoodlums" as an endearing term which includes fun loving, adventuresome, and interesting. I do not consider "hoodlums" to be thugs or criminals. You, of course, are welcome to use the Webster Dictionary definition. I am not fond of stuffy individuals that consider themselves superior to anyone who is not like them. And, as I ended my last post JMO Cherie
  15. Possibly with the purchase of the HAL ships FO is expanding their marketing and welcoming hoodlums from the U.S.A. It seems like a win-win for FO. They are making many in their current market happy with the new ships and broadening their marketing horizons. Sounds like a profitable purchase to me. JMO Cherie
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