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  1. Another amazing post that makes we want to visit Antigua!!! Thank you, Cherie
  2. I've been following this thread and wondering if renting a motorcycle on the big island of Hawaii wouldn't be better. There is less traffic. Riding a "bike" through the lava fields to Mauna Kea Beach and Waimea and/or along the Hamakua Coast would be wonderful. Even riding through VNP would be fun. Just a thought. The only issue would be that if you want to keep the motorcycle for two nights and the ship is only in Kona and Hilo for one night each it doesn't work. JMO Cherie
  3. Are you wanting to ship fresh or smoked salmon? Cherie
  4. I think I would love Corinto. A walk through town and then spending the day swimming and eating sounds fabulous to me. Your photos are wonderful. Also, thank you for the photo inside The Pinnacle, I haven't seen one in a long time. Luckily when you arrive in SF you don't have to have everything packed for an airplane. Thank you again for letting us cruise with you, Cherie
  5. I apologize that you took my post as a response to your post. Your post #8 was honest and said you would like to give it another try rather than criticizing the restaurant and/or stating that you had made a complaint and not received any compensation. I am happy to hear that HAL responded in a positive way to the OP. Others have valid complaints but that should not impact the OP's compliment. And, as you say, food is subjective. Sorry if I offended you. Cherie
  6. Your reports and photos are amazing. In my mind I think I am on the cruise!!!!! In reading your reports for several years I have always thought that a final night at HMC with a big bash would be such a fun end to the WC, of course only if coming from Europe. But, I am a warm weather, beach person so relaxing in a warm climate with old and new friends would be my choice. Which direction of the WC do you prefer? Thank you so much for including us on your voyage. Cherie
  7. That's awesome. Good for you for sending them a compliment rather than just another complaint. And why others need to diminish your gift from HAL is beyond me. Have a great dinner at Tamarind on your next cruise. I've seen so many good reviews and photos of Tamarind on CC. Cherie
  8. cccole

    taxi at Hilo port

    You might try posting this on the NCL forum and on the roll call for your cruise. The airport is really close to the port but I understand you not wanting to arrive at the rental car counter with a zillion others. If you join the loyalty program for the rental car company it will expedite the pick-up and return of your car. Cherie
  9. At first I thought this was going to be a comical thread on how to make bacon jerky on your veranda. It appears that this bacon is served with lemon, dill pickle, and mustard. Do you eat it with fingers or cut into pieces with knife and fork? I've had candied bacon from the oven but not from a "clothesline." Maybe you can request it extra crispy. Cherie
  10. Any recommendations for diving and snorkeling in Cuba? We have not yet decided on where we want to do this and are open to options within about 3 hours of Havana. Thank you, cherie
  11. As someone else suggested...unless you are within the final payment period, choose your cruise, then keep an eye on air fares, and if you don't like the cost of the airfares, cancel the cruise without penalty. If there are a zillion cruises leaving Yokohama in August then look for airfares first and find a cruise that would work with possible airfares. Skyscanner is also a good site for checking airfares. Cherie
  12. There is Uber and Lyft on the island of Hawaii. I just used it to get from Mauna Kea to the airport. You are unable to pre-schedule your ride but if you put your "trip" into your phone you can get an idea of cost. Cherie
  13. Your description of your day in Normandy brought tears to my eyes. I have visited the Normandy beaches and American Cemetery and your post brought back the emotions of my visit. Thank you for letting all of us join you on this WC. Cherie
  14. If you feel you need to have confirmation of the perks you might contact Expedia and ask them to confirm, and also confirm your dining. Nothing wrong with booking a cruise the way you have. Possibly after final payment all of your perks will be reflected on the HAL sight. I think that Expedia is happy to have your business and will be happy to help with any questions you may have, just give them a call. Have a great cruise, Cherie
  15. Your experience in Agra sounds pretty perfect. I have read horror stories on CC of visits to the Taj Mahal. The right TA seems to be the the key. Looks wonderful. And, when visiting friends at a resort in Newport, CA we learned to play pickleball. We had soooooo much fun. As always, thank you for including us in your WC. Cherie
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