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  1. I think that the whale watching tours from Lahaina or Maalaea Harbor on Maui are the best. I have enjoyed boat tours from Maui and also enjoyed watching whales off the coast of Oahu and Hawaii. I think there is more of a chance to see whales on a boating tour from Maui during whale season. And, re a visit to VNP...last year I took two guests to VNP the day after the park reopened. I knew what was not open and available but they thoroughly enjoyed it. The rangers at the visitor's center are great and seeing the caldera from a couple vantage points was amazing. The steam vents are going strong. If possible take the time to walk behind the Volcano House, where I think one of the best views is available. This is easily comibined with lunch at the Kilauea Lodge and then a stop at one of the beaches for a swim and to see turtles. I don't visit the macadamia nut farms or orchid farms. I love the Hilo Farmer's Market for flowers and a couple of the waterfalls, but if this was my only visit to Hilo I wouldn't miss VNP. JMO Cherie
  2. There are just some threads when you shake your head, laugh, and hope OP is trying to be amusing. If you need to pee off the deck in the middle of the night...who cares? If you feel the need to pee in a grass box in the middle of the night... who cares? It seems that, as others have said, HAL has tried to minimize the inconvenience to the majority of passengers. You must regularly get up between 12:30 a.m. and 6 a.m. to use your toilet...but who cares? Use your toilet or one of the other options available to you. Thank you to kazu for a response that pretty much covers everything. I feel sorry for the staff on board this ship that has to deal with OP. JMO cherie
  3. Our favorite Hawaiian Islands travel books are by Richard Sullivan, Driving and Discovering Hawaii and all the other islands. You can view them on-line. We have used this to stop on the Road to Hana and pic nic and have the kids jump into natural pools, and many other things. Our 3 children started traveling to Hawaii when they were old enough to be on an aircraft. They learned to surf on Maui, loved hiking around VNP, loved sitting in the net of a catamaran looking for dolphins, doing a zodiac snorkel trip and seeing dolphins and turtles, doing an outrigger canoe ride in Waikiki, etc., etc., etc. Our children, now young adults, loved visiting Hawaii and one lives there now. We have photos of them even younger than your children doing what kids like to do...being adventurous and having fun. A visit/tour to the Iolani Palace in Honolulu was also enjoyed by them when they were young. You have a zillion things to choose from depending on what your children like to do. And, don't forget the shave ice. You can make a fun project of trying shave ice wherever you go and deciding where you had the best. We have had adult friends that do this. Have fun, Cherie
  4. Their gift shop is open to everyone. I assume you are planning to go visit the resort without staying there. If you were to try using the pools or chairs without a wristband you would most probably be approached by security. You may already know... but all beaches in Hawaii are public so you can use the beach at the resort if you are not staying there. There is a shopping area, Ko Olina Center, across the parkway from the Aulani where you can purchase pic nic items, pizza to go, and other many other things. The Monkeypod restaurant is wonderful. The Ko Olina Chapel is next to the Aulani and it's fun to watch the wedding parties take photos on the beach all day long. Cherie
  5. As the "Domestic Engineer" in our house I'm sure your Domestic Supervisor will be able to put these tiles to use!!! So many ways to use all of those "special" tiles. Cherie
  6. I have not been to a commercial luau in many years but always read the threads on this forum. Someone recently posted that they are going to the Diamond Head Luau which is on the grounds of the Waikiki Aquarium. It looks like a great venue and has all the bells and whistles. If you are active or retired U.S. military there is a luau at the Hale Koa. I believe that they open the luau to non-military but you can check their website. This would be my first choice on Oahu if I could get in. Chiefs also gets great reviews. When you look down this forum for Luau threads you will see many have favorites on Maui. I love the entertainment but am not fond of the food served at commercial luaus so if you are not looking for the entire experience (and price) you might check to see if any of the luau venues offer "show and cocktail" tickets. This would give you entrance to the luau for the entertainment and a couple cocktails. I know there are a couple of these venues on Maui. The Te Moana Nui luau at the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani in Waikiki offers this so you might call other venues if you are interested in "show only" tickets. Hope this helps and enjoy your visit to Hawaii. Cherie
  7. originolsin, I am sending this info to our group and I know that some will include a visit to the museum before or after our organized tours. Thank you soooooooo much, Cherie
  8. There are some wonderful luau's on Oahu that give you a taste of Polynesia and also give you the day free to enjoy other parts of the island. I realize that I will sound very negative on the PCC but it was a "once and done" for us and we never take guests there. If someone REALLY wants to visit the PCC we are happy to drop them off. The PCC is a very entertaining park but I hope you will find a luau for the evening which includes entertainment from around Polynesia and add something like the Iolani Palace for a beautiful history of Hawaii. This, of course, is just my opinion and I hope you have a great cruise around the Hawaiian Islands. Cherie
  9. cccole


    That is a great idea to have it waiting when you get home. I didn't know that Long's shipped. Also, there is a good Costco in Kona that sells coffee and other Hawaiian souvenirs and shirts. Cherie
  10. A couple things I love to do are...a tour of the Iolani Palace in Honolulu, and a visit to the Doris Duke home, Shangri La, at Black Rock. The Shangri La tour is done through the Honolulu Museum of Art. You need reservations and they take you in a van to Black Rock for the tour and then back to the museum. There is a great open air restaurant at the museum. It is also a good idea to make reservations for the tour at the Iolani Palace, is can be totally booked. And, as you did before, some good beach time. Evening music and drinks on the Banyan Court at the Moana Surfrider is a must for us. Have fun, Cherie
  11. Thank you sooooo much for this. I had not heard of the Revolution tour, it sounds very interesting. We have a walking tour and a classic car tour scheduled while in Havana and are then heading to Vinales for 2 days and then Playa Larga (Bay of Pigs) for 2 days. I am so happy to hear how much you enjoyed your visit!!! Cherie
  12. cccole

    Pre-cruise Hotel

    A couple suggestions for those looking for ocean front properties in Waikiki...not one of the hotels across the street. Join the loyalty programs for Marriott and Outrigger and see what their rates are. Check out the Waikiki Shore by Outrigger. Besides loyalty program discounts there are usually discounts for seniors and AAA. I am sort of a Waikiki snob and love being able to land at HNL, take a $35 taxi, and have sand between my toes within an hour. JMO Cherie p.s. In response to Cindy...we have stayed at both the Marriott and Hyatt across from the beach and I think the Hyatt is a nicer property.
  13. cccole

    POA $$$ ??

    AlohaCathy, I don't think you meant your posts (#6 & #8) to sound like Hawaii is not a state in the USA, but they sort of do. Hawaii is not a state in the 48 contiguous states but it is a U.S.A. state and has everything the other states have. I just want to make sure that anyone reading this does not confuse that, as sometimes happens with international visitors. So happy you enjoyed your trip to Hawaii. Cherie
  14. Nothing like a great beach day!!! Check out the beach rentals at www.kbhmaui.com, the Kaanapali Beach Hotel. If you click on "Area and Activities" and go down to "Beach Rentals" it will give you prices for hotel guests and non-guests. It appears that the rentals are handled by Hale Huaka'i Maui and it is first come first served but you might give them a call 808-667-0134. Have a fun time. Cherie
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