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  1. Kibutzer - If you need it ASAP you can go into your passport office and it can be expedited in one day. If there are no appointments available you can call your Congressional Representative's office and they can assist. Worked for us recently. Otherwise expedited service is about 8 weeks. Hope this helps, Cherie
  2. Personally, If I were doing it on my own I would do umbrella and chaises in front of Outrigger Waikiki. I love it there and getting take out from Dukes is pretty nice. I don't know what the services are now, with Covid. And, I'd rather float in waikiki than the pool, but that's just me. Enjoy, Cherie
  3. chisoxfan, I think you made a great choice, especially since Greenland and Iceland were not on your bucket list. An aft balcony? My idea of heaven. If you decide you want to visit Greenland and Iceland you can use your savings to fly and really experience the islands. Have great cruises!!! Cherie
  4. I traveled to Hilo last October on the 1st day of the travel restrictions being lifted. Possibly because I was flying Hawaiian Airlines, they kept sending emails about making sure we opened a travel safe Hawaii account. I opened mine a few weeks before leaving and when I received my PCR results I downloaded them to my account and then printed a copy of the code sent by Hawaii Health Department. If you are flying into one island and transiting to another island you will need two codes, each flight needs a separate code. Luckily I had read the fine print. When I traveled to Oahu
  5. The farmers market is not near the port. You will need a taxi or uber. And, check the website for the farmers market to see what is available on Saturday. Not everything is re-opened. I was just there in April. I think there used to be a shuttle from the cruise ships to downtown, but I don't know if that is still available. Cherie
  6. lissie - I love the end of Waikiki where the Queen Kap is. The views over Kapiolani park and to Diamond Head are beautiful. Another hotel at that end is the Park Shore. It has basically the great views but is across the street from the beach. I think both hotels offer complimentary beach chairs. Lulu's is one of our favorite restaurants and connected to the Park Shore and 1 block from the Queen Kapiolani. I love Waikiki...have fun. Cherie sugcarol - How fun to have the cruise paid for and just looking forward to the adventure. Cherie
  7. Seacruise - Thank you for your post (#51). What an amazing report. When you are asked who you would invite to a small dinner I imagine that Captain Flath would be a person on the top of the list. Thanks again, Cherie
  8. Aloha Bill and Mary Ann, Thank you for the final report. I am disappointed not to be looking forward to your 2021 WC reports but am happy to hear that you are planning on 2022. After years of reading your WC reports I hope that one day we will be able to do all or segments of a WC. Wishing you a Happy Holiday and a Very Happy 2021!!!! Cherie
  9. Thank you so much for this photo and the info. 105x50 meters is also very impressive. Even better than taking a tour of the stadium would be enjoying a game in the stadium. Thanks again, Cherie p.s. I'm happy for you that Feyenoord won the October 2015 game.
  10. Thanks Copper 10-8 for the info on the hull colors. The seal of Rotterdam is indeed impressive. Hopefully it will be exhibited somewhere on the new ship. And I will be watchful for optical Aleutians! Thanks again, Cherie
  11. So interesting to see these ships without a dark blue hull. When did HAL adopt the dark blue hull as a signature feature? Also, even with the tugs these two ships seem awfully close together. Cherie
  12. Shetland is as previously described. A great mystery series but I sometimes am not sure they are speaking the same language I speak. The accents are, I'm sure, spot on but I really have to pay attention. The scenery is amazing. Cherie
  13. Whenever anyone uses the word "surely" in response to my husband he says the same thing. Funny how some things from movies are such a part of our lives. Cherie
  14. Thanks USN59-79 and Copper10-8 for the photos. I hope the fireplaces at least have something that resembles a fire when on a cold weather itinerary. I just thought the photo AMYR posted looked like a real burning fire. And, from what she said about the crossing it would have been a very welcome spot. We had a home that was built in the 30's with 3 fireplaces. All had beautiful mantles but none were up to building codes. We put electric fire logs in them and at least had the appearance of a fire. The luxury of a real fire on a transatlantic cruise or other cold weather itineraries is pro
  15. Copper 10-8, Thanks for posting the Jungle Cruise photo. One of the things that struck me in AMYR's original post was the fireplace in what appeared to be the lounge. I can't even imagine a working fireplace anywhere on a cruise ship, or any ship, today. Thanks again, Cherie
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