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  1. I was on that cruise…I'll never forget how we were treated on the last 2 days of the cruise….
  2. My plane leaves at 12:25 from FFL. What do you suggest?
  3. ++++ I just found the answer...please forget this post...sorry Sorry if the question has been asked before but I cannot find the answer. Does MSC still offer transfers to Fort Lauderdale airport?
  4. Thank you for your suggestion. I sent Stacey and email yesterday and now my status has been elevated to Gold
  5. I did and even spoke to them….still no results
  6. No, I haven't used a TA in years....
  7. no, they gave me a new membership number so I could then register to the MSC match program. I did what did agent told me to do
  8. She replied to one of my emails in August. If you think she can help, I'll send her an email. Thanks
  9. I knew that .... Just trying to register to the MSC match program...
  10. I contacted the Canadian office because I live in Canada
  11. The agent I spoke with told me that they do. Because of their new 3 year policy, they had also cancelled my old MSC Voyagers Club's number and they had to create a new one. The same agent saw my online request and my Princess cruise card showing my platinum level and she told me that everything looked fine. An agent was also rude.... she sighed... twice... when I asked her to repeat a telephone number.... I also contacted the Canadian office and they told me that they do not know about the status match program and that I had to contact the US office.....I told her that the Canadian website let's you apply online but she told me that I still had to contact the US office....
  12. Hello, I've been trying to register to the MSC match program since August...yes, August ...and I can tell you that no one at MSC is there to help you. At first I had problems by registering online so, as suggested by MSC, I sent an email with all the required information... they replied by telling me that I had to register online!!! I called them and their answer was....Sorry I cannot help you with the website. They told me to send an email, which I did and they never replied. A 4 or 5 weeks ago, I was finally able to register online because I received an online confirmation that they had received my appliaction. After 3 weeks without any news, I called again... the lady told me she saw my application and it would be process in a few days... Guess what? Nothing... Does anybody have an email address or a telephone number to get things moving? P.S. Yes, I have cruised with MSC before... I just lost my 69 days at sea with them because I have not cruised with them for 3 years in a row.... will not book with them unless they match my Princess Platimum level....
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