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  1. Go to the "on demand" movies channel. They have a few freebies. We watched Pacific Rim 2 and Ready Player One at least 3 times on the Horizon last week LOL We love those movies... the other one was a love story which we didn't watch. If you want to rent a movie they're 4.99, we didn't rent any so I don't know how long the rental is good for.
  2. I disembarked the morning of the 23rd and it wasn't delayed. Self assist were leaving at 645am and tag 1 (us) left at 730. We were on the road north by 815am. They sent this email to about 90% of the members of our "other website" group before we embarked also.
  3. I've booked a transatlantic cruise (Carnival NY to Dover Jun 2020) but I'm stumped about the insurance. I have to purchase the insurance within 14 days to get the pre-existing coverage, which is fine BUT how do I factor in the flight back to NY and all the hotel costs? We plan on staying in England for 3 days after the ship docks. Should I estimate what I think they might be? I've search for fares for Jun 2019 to get an idea what they "might" be, but I don't normally fly. Do fares change a lot year to year? Will my insurance (I normally use travelguard) allow me to add the flight and hotels in Sept 2019?
  4. It's probably their first cruise and they're covering all the bases by asking. I remember how confused I was those many years ago... and scared someone from my party wouldn't be allowed on-board. On a side note I think if they had left out Bahamas someone would have asked where they were going. :cool:
  5. Thank you for all the replies!! I'm going to budget $30 + 15% + $2 tip. $36.50 per bucket max We love getting buckets of beer during the movies. They stay iced down and we don't have to keep searching for a server when we're done with the first.
  6. I'm heading out next Friday and I'm trying to get an idea of how much money I need to bring for my S&S (I secure with a credit card but put money on it to cover almost all). Does anyone know the recent price for a bucket of beer? It was $26 last time I drank on board, just want to make sure it didn't go up much more then $30. The wine I normally get went up from $26 to $32. I know $6 isn't much but my OCD and "list o' money" get uncomfy when it's off by more then a few bucks. Thanks in advance!!
  7. The reason I got a passport is because I have a German birth cert and consulate papers. It took forever (well maybe like 15 minutes) to get cleared. I've never cruised out of Galveston, just Florida, SC, Mobile and NOLA, they don't have a separate line for passport or birth certs (or didn't last time I went.. things change over night with Carnival)
  8. I've never typed it all in and check in has always been quick. They swipe my passport in their machine so I assume that's how they get the info I didn't provide. I leave next Friday on the Sunshine and actually typed all the info in before commenting....... so I'll see if it makes a difference. I'm thinking the US Customs doesn't check the passenger list until it comes back, which is why people with warrants get a free shuttle to the local jail compliments of the police. If they checked BEFORE it left the info would be required. Who knows LOL Maybe I'll ask
  9. Yes they do. If you're in the lido buffet and you don't see it sitting out just ask for it.
  10. You can check in online stating you'll be using a birth cert and then present the passport at the terminal. I do that every time... I'm lazy and don't feel like typing in all the info that's required with the passport online check in :cool: I cruise Carnival at least 4 times a years and it's never been an issue. My last cruise was Nov 2017
  11. That won't be released until mid to late Feb. They don't change the movies often so chances of seeing one on the Feb list are very high :)
  12. I searched the themed cruises website and there aren't any scheduled for 2020, but that's just one site. The Feb 15th voyage is an 8 day cruise, as is the Feb 29th cruise. It's possible someone has chartered it for that week in between, a corporation or something like that. Oh forgot to add the Feb 15th voyage doesn't dock back in Ft Lauderdale until Feb 23rd.
  13. That depends. If it's the one you're heading on in 15 days it could be on hold for an entertainer, VIP, or Carnival beard that "may" come onboard. If it's for a cruise later in the year it might be in a block reserved by a travel group. Edited: I see your next cruise is on Princess.. so I'd go with the travel agent reason
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