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  1. Someone undressing and dressing at the pool area
  2. Please someone tell this nice lady that 1 adult is not enough supervision This ship is the size of a city and the most well behaved child can get into trouble. Just remember Natalie Holloway. It does happen. Not often but it could happen. I'd have 1 or 2 aduldts at least
  3. We used the future cruise desk once and the only thing he did was look up rooms over the internet, do the booking, and take your money. Nothing we couldn't do ourself and that area was swamped and he was beyond stressed with no time for anything extra. We wanted specific info on accessibility but he said he would have to connect with Miami which was no help.
  4. Valentine's Mom

    Wine in Carryon Does it have to be a Bottle?

    Yes as long as you stay on or under the 750 ml yes they do check
  5. Valentine's Mom

    Formal nights

    Thanks everyone for you very quick responses. I was hoping for full participation but I know that's asking a lot. Our last few cruises have been with Carnival and quite frankly you could go to the mdr in you pjs and flip flops. They have quite a few tables for 2 but they are so close to each other that you would wear a formal dress next to someone wearing the robe provided. We started to cruise back when taking a cruise meant something special and have lost some of that feeling while on Carnival and hope to recapture at least some of it with Princess. Thanks for the info and hope to see you soon Barbara
  6. Valentine's Mom

    Formal nights

    We are new to Princess and wondering if formal nigh dress codes are enforced? We are very hopeful! Thanks
  7. Valentine's Mom

    Is the American Table food THAT bad?

    Im not usually picky but when we had the American menu I usually found the appetizers good but for the main course I usually had to go to the everyday items. I tried but did not like the new menu
  8. Valentine's Mom

    Bringing water or soda onboard in Port

    No it's not allowed
  9. Valentine's Mom

    Curious about our cabin...

    Yes it is and it's very quiet
  10. Valentine's Mom

    music on my balcony

    Jonah Heald just posted on his FB page that they are taking speakers from p people if find them or are heard.
  11. Valentine's Mom

    Carnival's "Circle C" and "Club 02?"

    This being a Med cruise it will likely have only a few kids on board
  12. And the children could end up put in a room nowhere close to you. I'd do it all at once.
  13. Valentine's Mom

    Do the steward have a MASTER key?

    Someone has to have a way in. Just saying. People could be dead inside . I know the steward has to go in after a specific amount of time even with the the the do no disturbing on the door.
  14. Valentine's Mom

    What food/drinks can I carry off the ship?

    Anything that is processed prepackaged. No fruit no sandwiches no salads nothing fresh.
  15. Valentine's Mom

    What's up with the Splendor?

    Norfolk built built that brand new terminal to encourage these ships to come into this great city. I wish we could see Carnival and the others offer more cruises from here more often. They are truly unique to go over that great bay bay bridge tunnel. These cruises always go out full so why not offer at least 1 or 2 more?