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  1. As a human being id hope that the management of the lines would take care of their workers, I'm not close enough to that industry to know for certain, but I'll be naive enough to assume there's teams of people in corporate offices trying to get those who want to go home, home. However, I can feel empathy for the workers on board who are scared, lonely and miss their families, many of whom are not making any money for being there, some who are quarantined in their windowless rooms. Can you imagine being stuck inside a windowless room 24 hours a day? Here in Canada a few years ago t
  2. I just went in and cancelled mine for my now cancelled march 30th sailing, feel more at ease doing it myself.
  3. I think I got my levels mixed up, what ever the next one after gold is is what I meant.
  4. On board today, sailing 5 days.... so far quite an experience... our youngest son (4 years old) came down with a mighty bad fever about an our after boarding so rushed him down to the ship doctor... no word yet on cost but they were phenomenal, luckily I have pretty good health benefits at work and through my Visa that should cover it, just glad hes doing better (and not contagious so not confined to our cabin). This is our 5th cruise on Royal and our Emerald promotion cruise, still a long ways off from Pinnacle but slowly but surely. Our oceanviewroom was a GTY cabin,
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