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  1. Exactly. Vaccinated cruises aren’t afraid of getting sick. They are afraid of having their cruise ruined because of an outbreak among unvaccinated cruises. And angry they will have to deal with restrictions they wouldn’t have to if everyone was vaccinated
  2. Airlines often enforce entry requirements of the countries they are flying into. For example people now have to provide proof of a negative covid test before flying back to Canada. Airlines are responsible to enforce this will not allow people to board if they don’t have it. Airlines will start enforcing proof of vaccine once countries start requiring it. And that will happen. So these “vaccine passport” bans will either be ignored or will impact Americans ability to travel internationally.
  3. So what is everyone going to do when other countries start requiring proof of vaccination for people to enter? I guess stay home and go nowhere?
  4. Thanks! I just didn’t know if this would be frowned upon if my husband got the unlimited drink package.
  5. So I know Royal usually makes everyone in a cabin get the drink package if one person wants it. I’m now on a medication where I can’t really drink a lot. I have a question for if my husband would like to have the drink package, I know I could call in and get an exception and just have the refreshment package for myself (which is fine cause I love specialty coffees and other things). But does that mean I then can’t order any drinks for myself (and pay out of pocket)? I can have the occasional drink, so I may want to have like a single glass of wine or cocktail every once in a whil
  6. Why not? If a port is already able to handle that it wouldn’t be a big deal for one of the lines to put a ship there.
  7. Oh I would love that. I’ve done land vacations in Antigua and I love it there. I would love to do a cruise out of there with a few days in Antigua pre cruise.
  8. Actually other cruise lines that don’t cater to the US market already use some islands as home ports. MSC does this and several lines that cater to UK cruisers. So the facilities do exist.
  9. Agreed. Yes there are a lot of people who drive to ports. But there are also a lot of people who fly. For us it’s just the difference of an hour or two flight time. And possibly slightly more for flights, but sometimes flights to Florida can be pricey too. The cheaper cruise cancels that out. And you get the bonus of exploring more of the southern Caribbean on a 7 night cruise because you aren’t taking the time to get there and back. Also can I ask. Why do a lot of people in the US seem so hesitant to get a passport? I ask because as a Canadian it’s just normal for
  10. And this pretty much says it all lol. Some will only believe what they want to believe.
  11. No point arguing with this person. They are only going to believe what they want to. Facts mean nothing to them.
  12. Yep. We will have our shots and will feel way better if all adults are required to be vaccinated. I’m ok with kids not being vaccinated.
  13. You likely won’t need it if you are from the US. But I would say it’s a really good idea for everyone to have one. You never know what could happen that would cause you to have to leave the ship and fly home. Really there is no downside to getting one other then a bit of $. Which compares to how much you pay for the cruise is nothing.
  14. Yes it’s after CWC ends. And after having thousands of $$$ tied up in things like flight credits etc right now from cancelled vacations (not cruises) I would rather have the option of getting our money back right now.
  15. I think if the difference was higher I would be more worried about this. But i think we are just going to risk it. Knowing we could be stuck paying this amount.
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