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  1. LaHas2016

    Pixels Plus & Pixels Max discontinued

    First off, I'm glad I jumped on board and bought our package when I did. I don't need every single one in print, but I love having digital images available. Like a previous poster mentioned - making a calendar with my cruise memories is a wonderful idea! That being said, I know Carnival was hoping for great things with these packages. Unfortunately it got a little bigger than initially anticipated and ended up collapsing in on itself. I would love to see an all digital package available in the future for all ships. After purchasing the rights to the photos I can print them however I want, from whomever I want. I am a fan of that option.
  2. LaHas2016

    Photo packages!

    Thanks for the responses, Johnny60 and attran99! We sail in 25 days on the Breeze and I can't wait! I'm off to buy our photo package now! :D
  3. LaHas2016

    Bath robes

    Wait, what?! How cool is that! Is this listed in the daily itinerary they leave in the rooms? I've never seen it before! Refresh my memory... what level is blue? You start as red, right? I can't keep all this business straight. lol
  4. LaHas2016

    Photo packages!

    I'm considering buying a package, but I'm not 100% sure which one yet. We cruise on Breeze May 6, and I'd love to get all the pictures, but I'm curious if it's only the "professional" ones they do on formal nights, or if it includes the candid shots they do around the ship and/or the ones they take in the dining room. Does anyone know if these images are included in the packages? Has anyone already cruised and experienced the process first hand?
  5. LaHas2016

    3 Card Poker Tournament

    So what I'm gathering is that buy in is $2k, right?
  6. LaHas2016

    3 Card Poker Tournament

    The Finale Tournament May 6 on the Breeze. Someone gave me their certificates and I'm trying to figure all this out.
  7. LaHas2016

    3 Card Poker Tournament

    I'm curious. How do the 3 card poker tournaments work? Does anyone know the minimum starting bet per hand? I'll admit - I don't know how to play poker, but my husband is looking to play on our next cruise and I'm trying to figure out how it all works. lol Any help or input is appreciated! *I won't be playing, just spectating. I know I'd lose since I don't know what I'm doing.*
  8. I think I found one for Progreso, but I'm nervous to book through Carnival when I know I can get the EXACT same thing for over $100 cheaper (there are 4 of us) by going direct. I'd love the OBC, but ultimately it's only like $20 over the cash I'd have in hand to spend ANYWHERE, not just onboard.
  9. Thanks so much for your response! I'll definitely take that information into account!
  10. Were you happy with the tour? I'm considering the Adventure tour with my family, but not sure if I can justify the cost. With the Exploration Tour were you able to handle the turtles at all or just look at them? Thank you!
  11. LaHas2016

    Progreso - Uxmal ruins excursion

    We homeschool and I'm building a unit about the Mayan culture as we speak! :) We can look at all the things online, but nothing compares to seeing things first hand for yourself. I'm torn between Uxmal and Dzibilchaltun, but I'll be researching that on my own before we go to decide which would be a better fit for us. Hopefully they'll be excited to see the ruins in person. Thank you for your suggestions!
  12. LaHas2016

    Progreso - Uxmal ruins excursion

    That looks fantastic! I did notice, however, that there weren't many/any kids around. Is this something that would be better suited to adults? I'd hate for them to be super bored, but I'd also like for them to be exposed to this beautiful historical site. (They'll be 7 and 11 when we go in October '17)
  13. Unfortunately I was told you can only book onboard. We cruised in Oct 2016 and went straight to guest serves upon boarding and had no problem. I was nervous we wouldn't be able to book since I felt it was last minute, but it was fine. If it's something you definitely want to do, go sign up first thing. Good luck, and enjoy your cruise!
  14. I love your reviews! I just saw this one today, but I'm about to leave work so I'll pick back up tomorrow to read all about your adventures!
  15. LaHas2016

    Doctor's Cave Montego Bay

    Has anyone been lately? Any idea how much the taxi van ride would be? There are 6 that will be in our group so if we're to ride together we'll need a van.