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    mexican riviera sapphire princess

    I'm not sure about which port is better, but especially since Cabo is a short day, I would book any excursions with Princess. That way you have a guarantee to get back on board before 2 p.m. PV is a much later departure. There probably is a difference in price of about 25%, which I usually weigh by deciding if I worried about being left behind or not. Have a great trip. It should be beautiful weather. best, Karen
  2. ksm91411

    Suite - minibar setup

    We always take our own bottle of Bailey's with us. But, now that I know this...I will be pre-ordering the Brogan's. I had never had it before going to Ireland last summer. It is the real, original deal, and tastes even better than Bailey's. I have been nursing the same bottle brought home with us! If you like Bailey's you will enjoy the Brogans. Have a great cruise! Karen
  3. ksm91411

    Chosing an Anytime Dining Room

    Because of the way the dining rooms are situated if you go to one, another is just a 1/2 ship's width away. The other two are directly above or below. They are closely situated, and all use the same kitchen. Sometimes you are redirected, others not. If they are very busy, on a formal night for instance, they may let you know if immediate seating is available in another room. Sapphire and Diamond make anytime dining very convenient, IMHO. have a great trip!
  4. ksm91411

    Captain Tony Yeomans - please read

    First of all, I am so sorry for your loss, and that there seems to have been such an unbelievable failure on the part of Princess to get in touch with you! I have often wondered what would happen if someone absolutely needed to get in contact with us, in similar dire circumstances. I will say that it is unsettling, especially since we are 35 days or so away from leaving on a cruise 1/2 way round the world. I sincerely hope that Princess addresses this issue, and responds to you in some way to make amends for their SNAFU! You deserve nothing less, than a full apology, and I think a replacement cruise since yours was absolutely ruined. And had you been able to return home, your insurance would have refunded you. But that is just my two cents. I hope you are doing well, and that your family is recovering from your tremendous loss. all the best, Karen
  5. ksm91411

    How Is Princess with Arranging Air?

    On our Holiday cruise from Auckland to Sydney we opted for Princess Air because I could not find flights at anything close to the same price. So, we are paying deviation to go earlier and stay longer. I am hoping for the best, but in reality there is no easy way to fly between LA and Auckland. I held the Princess flights as soon as we booked our cruise, and then kept shopping every day or so for better pricing. Made the final payment yesterday for the air, so its a done deal. I will let you all know how it goes, but it is over 1000 pp less than I could do on my own. I have never not booked our air on my own until now. fingers crossed. Karen
  6. Steven, I totally understand your frustration...on every single cruise we've been on, it has been a huge problem. And on longer trips moreso, because disconnecting completely just isn't a possibility for us. We have done as other posters suggest and found internet cafes near the ships, but I do hope that sooner rather than later the technology will get where it should be. And when you are spending a premium for a cruise, and then spending even more to use the internet, it would be nice if it worked! I think the worst we experienced was on our Mediterranean cruise with Oceania. I truly hope that your trip improves, and that you have a wonderful time on the Diamond otherwise. It is one of our favorite ships, and we'll be on her over Christmas in your neck of the woods. cheers, Karen
  7. ksm91411

    Do Cruises Always Run Full?

    I think that most ships sail full and in fact over sell in order to avoid this. There have been more and more "move over" offers as sailing dates come close. We received one for our May cruise from Hawaii to Vancouver... and it was too good to pass up, plus we had the flexibility at the time. That being said, it will be interesting to see how it all pans out with the economy right now, gas prices and the presidential election. For some reason though, they have found that they do better making "move over" offers, and sweetening the deal until enough people bite, than cruising at far less than capacity. The great thing is that on any Princess ship we've been on, and they've all been SOLD OUT, I never feel crowding. I think Princess handles it better than any other mass market cruise line, IMHO. have a great trip.
  8. ksm91411

    Crown Princess Dining

    I have to agree with most of the posts you've received. We LOVED the Crown Grill, and ate there 3 times...I can't remember his name, but the maitre d' in that venue had been on the Diamond before and he remembered us! So we were always able to get a reservation. If you can, book a table by the window, the view is gorgeous for an early dinner. The lobster cake is to die for, as well as the desserts. Sabatini on this class of ship is such a beautiful venue...even if you don't go for dinner, do drinks in Adagio after dinner one night. And we very much like the menu, although it is not typical "american" italian style cuisine, much more Northern Italian or Venetian style. Again the waitstaff was fabulous on our cruise. We generally dine here on the first night of the cruise since it tends to be the least busy, and we always get it complimentary when we book with our Platinum Amex--but it can only be used on the first night. We loved Vines, although I didn't eat much sushi, (DH) is not a big fan, and we usually went there for a wine flight right before dinner. I wish I would have discovered how awesome the international cafe was earlier in my cruise. I have two words for you: almond croissants!!To die for, but I was never there at a time convenient for gelato which I understand is fabulous. Maybe next time. Have a great cruise, she is a beautiful ship. Karen
  9. ksm91411

    whats your favourite Crown lounge?

    I ahve to agree with other posters and say that Adagio was by far our favorite evening bar on the Crown. We had dessert there a few times with after dinner drinks and met people there for drinks often. The service is excellent, and once they get to know you will bring you goodies from Sabatinis. It is so beautifully decorated, and the Sabatinis on the Crown is the most beautiful as far as I'm concerned. enjoy! Karen
  10. So, I am wondering if there have been any new roll outs of the chef's table. We are going to be on the Diamond for Christmas and are so hoping it will be there by then. After all we've read about it, like everyone else I so would like to experience it. thank you to everyone who has shared reviews and menus and their personal experiences. best, Karen
  11. ksm91411

    Crowned Elite - perks

    These are just my ideas, but there weren't too many things that jumped out at me as "I gotta have that." Things I'd like: complimentary corkage, priority upgrades (if one is available, you are first on the list to receive it, priority reservations in specialty restaurants, upgraded amenities in cabin. thats all I can think of for now...but I'm miles away from that type of upgrade but its nice to dream.
  12. ksm91411

    Now I know I'm crazy

    We accepted a move over for our cruise in May...we were able to because things were heating up at work and it just made sense for us. We received a new cruise worth 3 times the value, air changes (just under 1,000) and 1500.00 in OBC for our new cruise! They must have really needed our mini suite. And just to make it clear to anyone on the boards, since there has been much discussion about this, I called Princess customer service, and asked them to put me on the list if our cruise went to move over offers. I knew it had been sold out for quite some time. I was contacted by the inventory department a few hours later. (I called a week before our scheduled sailing, but we were ready to go if nothing came of it.) I know it isn't always practical to accept, and we were really sad not to go, but it really was too sweet a deal to pass up. best, Karen
  13. ksm91411

    ? for those who have cruised the Mexican Riveria

    The route into the Caribbean is much rougher than down to the Mexican Riviera. I found that in the Caribbean, it was more unpredictable. I have done the Mexican Riv 3 times, and never even in the roughest seas seen seasick bags around. There were 2 or 3 nights on our Crown Caribbean cruise when they were present. The bigger the ship you are on, the better. I am sure as long as you come prepared the trip will be fine. And other posters have said, the only time you will notice it is on the return trip. We just found it to be a bit chilly once we left Cabo. have a great trip, whereever you go.
  14. ksm91411


    IMHO, unless you have an overnight I would select either Pisa or Florence. If you have never been there, I'd do Florence, and believe me if you only have one day you will be wishing there was so much more. There may be a bus/driving excursion that would allow you to do both, but it would be a push. There is so much to do...the Duomo, the Ufizi, the food, the David, the Baptistry doors, shopping on the Ponte Vecchio. (I could go on and on.) And it is a good hour and a half into Florence from the port at Livorno. We opted to take our own excursion, and ride the train into Florence. I would not recommend that to anyone. The trains are not always on time. We barely made it back to the ship there and in Rome. So, do a Princess excursion, it will cost more but it is well worth the security of knowing the ship will wait for you. Have a Wonderful cruise!!! best, Karen
  15. ksm91411

    Music in a Mini

    We always travel with an Ipod docking station because we love music in our rooms. At this point they don't even offer DVD players in minis, but my guess is eventually they will. We tend to be the ones who bring all that goop with us, because it really personalizes it for us. And this sounds like a special enough occasion to bring a few CDs to enjoy and a portable player.